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Which Bed is Best for Your Age?

Some people say age is just a number and whilst it might be, certain products are definitely catered to specific age groups. You wouldn’t see adults aged 40 playing with nerf guns for example. 

What we would like to know however is; does this apply to beds? From comfy day beds to luxury upholstered beds, are these beds meant to be for specific ages or can they be enjoyed by anyone?

Firstly, there are particular beds that are just impractical for certain age groups. If you are over the age of 65 you might not want to climb up a high rise bed. Similarly, if you have a 5 year old child you wouldn’t want to see them in a limited edition king size with a tailor made headboard. 

So, if you are thinking of making a bed purchase in early 2022 and are struggling to decide which is best for you and more specifically your age, we’ve got you covered. 

High Sleeper and Mid Sleeper Beds

These little gems are perfect for children but you might not know, high sleepers in particular are becoming increasingly popular with teenagers and even young professionals. 

Mid sleeper beds are very popular with younger children. The slightly elevated beds offer ample storage underneath for toys and smaller clothing making them perfect for children aged 4-12. In addition, the bed being slightly off the ground gives younger children an element of fun as they think the bed has a little bit of something special.  

High sleeper beds are again popular with younger children as they enjoy the novelty of being high up in their room. However, we have found these beds can be even more popular with teenagers and, rather surprisingly, young adults. 

This is because high rise beds provide a fantastic opportunity to install an office desk setup which is perfect for giving your bed a sense of functionality. Teenagers love spending hours gaming with their friends whilst young professionals love the practicality of being able to roll out of bed and log straight onto their work laptop. 

This is particularly beneficial for young professionals who live in a house share or in a city apartment where there is not an over abundance of space available. So if you are in these age categories and are looking for a new bed, high and mid sleeper beds might be ideal for you.

The Thuka Range

Whilst we are on the topic of beds for younger children, we would like to highlight our Thuka range. For many of your little ones, the joy of Christmas has now worn off. Their bedroom floors are being scattered with the toys they were looking forward to all year and their beds are being slowly filled with more and more blankets as the colder nights draw in. 

You might not be thinking it now but this is the perfect time to treat them to a new bed. This is where Thuka comes in. Thuka offers funky and vibrant beds ideally suited to younger children and teenagers. 

Thuka is a Danish brand that caters their beds specifically to children. They offer hip and trendy designs, a fantastic degree of flexibility and a brilliant opportunity for your young ones to grow with them. How the bed looks is very important to younger children. If they happen to be showcasing one of the many stylish Thuka designed beds when their friends come for a sleepover, there is no doubt they will be jealous. 

Adult Beds, Where to Start?

Whilst there are vast opportunities available for teenagers, kids and even young adults, this is nothing compared to options available for adults. 

To clarify, when I refer to adults, I am referring to 25-45 year olds. Adults want beds that can usually be described as sleek, homely and traditional. From faux leather beds to unique wooden bed frame beds to even coil memory foam mattresses, the possibilities are endless. 

If you have ever browsed our extensive catalogue, you might have garnered that beds tailored to adults are most of the beds we supply. We would like to take this opportunity to highlight a few stand outs. 


Even though beds catered to children offer fantastic customisation, this is nothing compared to what is on offer for adults. 

When you are thinking of constructing your bed, you might want to start with what frame you want. Do you want a metal frame? Do you need a double bed frame? Are you thinking of upgrading to a king size or is a single more than sufficient? 

Then, after you have decided on the best bed frame for you, you will need to make the decision on your mattress. 

Serene Furnishings 

Whilst on the topic of having a plethora of options, we would like to highlight serene furnishings. 

Founded back in 2005, Serene Furnishings have quickly become one of the UK’s leading brands for beds. They offer contemporary designs, sleek fittings and all of their products are of exceptional quality. 

Mattresses for Seniors 

Beds are important for seniors but arguably the more important aspect of your bed is the accompanying mattress. 

Although many of us love a comfy mattress. When seniors are enquiring about a new bed, they will want to pay particular attention to the mattress. The right mattress has to be comfy, help relieve stress and also be aesthetically pleasing. A fantastic example of a mattress that perfectly fits this criteria is one of our deluxe feather mattresses. Be sure to check out our full range of mattresses on our mattresses page. 

Contact Us for More Information

We hope you now have a better understanding of how even though any bed can be enjoyed by anyone. There are certain beds that might be better suited to you. 

So why don’t you contact us for more information today regarding beds for all ages today!


The Best In Double Bed Frames

The double bed is one of the most common sizes found in UK homes with more adults opting for a double than any other size. So finding the perfect double bed frame can sometimes be a bit of a minefield. The team here at UK Bed Store have pulled together a collection of their favourites. From the one they have at home, to the ones they wish they had at home.

For The Ladies

Ladies who are picking out a double bed for themselves are more likely to seek out something eye-catching at stylish. After all, if you can’t have style in your bedroom where can you!
Birlea Canterbury – This Victorian-inspired frame offers an air of elegance, with a touch of feeling like a princess.
LPD Florence – This double bed frame increases on the elegance of the Canterbury and includes scrolls featured in the frame, not to mention the large round crystals in pace to complete the look.
Birlea Hannover – Crushed velvet is back in style! It might not be to everyone’s taste, but many of the ladies out there love it! This Birlea Hannover frame offers a stunning space, covered in a steel crushed velvet, perfect to suit any bedroom.

Calling All Bachelors

Some men will seek out the manliest frame they can as a show of masculinity, while others will look for something nice and simple that does the job.
LPD Milton – You cannot get much more simple than the LPD Milton black metal bed frame. Simple shapes and lines keep the frame minimal enough to suit any room and style.
GFW Bed In a Box– This simple leather bed frame encompasses the mattress to give you a completely boxed in finish on every side. Simple yet masculine.
Pippa – The Pippa bed frame boasts an appearance not far dissimilar to pipework. Taking a look at this black metal frame is a must for all bachelors.

A Bed To Share

While many will think that the biggest choice when sharing a bed is the mattress, you also need to consider the bed frame itself. Finding one that both of you like the look and feel of can go a long way.
LPD Prado Plus – When sharing a room (or a bed) space is always key. Our ottoman beds have increased in popularity for this reason. That’s why the Prado Plus is the perfect choice for couples.
Birlea Corona – Many couples sharing a bed look for a sturdy structure that won’t wake the other if you get up in the night. What is better than a high-quality chunky pine bed frame?

A Teenage Touch

Many teenagers are being treated to a double bed as they get older (space permitting) as they no longer need floor space, and some tend to spend a lot of time in bed too! So why not find them a double bed frame they like?
Time Living Waverly – This simple frame boasts a wavey headboard made from simple silver effect metal. Keeping the design simple with a hint of style. Not too much for a teenage room.
GFW Side Lift – All teenagers need that extra storage space, no matter how big their room or wardrobe is. That’s why we have added the ottoman bed to the list. In this can the side lift as we know that there will be a high chance that only one side is accessible.

For more information on finding the perfect double bed frame for you, please get in touch with a member of our team today who will be happy to assist you. You can also head over to our blogs for a range of information and ideas. The majority of our beds are available in multiple sizes to suit your home and space.


Birlea, Designed With Style In Mind

Midlands-based furniture designers Birlea pride themselves on offering a vast collection of furniture based on styles from around the world. The family-run business incorporates both classic and contemporary designs, offering something for everyone. That’s why the team here at UK Bed Store consider them a fantastic brand to offer through our online store!

Birlea Beds

The Birlea collection of beds is so vast that no shortlist can ever do it justice. However, our team have tried their best to pull together a collection of both our favourites and our customer’s favourites across a couple of the different styles that we offer.
Birlea Loxley – A nod to the art deco era (we hear it’s making a comeback!) the Birlea Loxley is a stunning coloured fabric frame. Available in green, blue, mustard and grey the frame includes a diamond-patterned headboard as the central focus.
Birlea Berlin – Ottoman beds are increasing in popularity, this means that the Birlea Berlin has been too. Unlike many ottoman beds, this one boasts a crushed velvet finish.
Birlea Urban – The name gives away the style of this frame. The Birlea Urban is surely for the more modern, urban of interior designs. The black metal framework is completed with rustic looking wood panels for both the head and footboards.
Birlea Bronte – The Birlea Bronte is a classic and elegant metal bed frame that can comfortably suit any style of bedroom and is available in black or cream.

Children’s Beds

Children love fun beds! There’s no need for in-depth science as to why fun beds draw their attention more, so we’ll go straight in with our three favourites from the Birlea Children’s bed range.
Birlea House – The Birlea House is a children’s 3ft bed frame, which is low to the ground, with a house-shaped canopy over the bed. They can play house, hang toys from the rafters and even throw a sheet over to make a little hideaway den!
Birlea Home – The Birlea Home is very much similar to the house, however, this option is raised slightly off the floor and includes a headboard, footboard and a sideboard allowing it to turn into more of a daybed.
Birlea Teepee – A little more on the fun side, the Birlea Teepee is similar to the last two, but in the shape of a teepee! We know a few little ones who much prefer to sleep in a teepee!

Birlea Mattresses

No bed is complete without a mattress, so Birlea has included a collection of mattresses in their range too.
Birlea Sleepsoul Cloud – The Birlea Sleepsoul is a firm favourite from the collection. This mattress offers a combination of pocket spring and memory foam to offer the sleeper the highest level of comfort possible.
Birlea Sleepsoul Paradise – Similar to the cloud the Birlea Sleepsoul Paradise has an underlayer of pocket springs but is then topped with pressure relieving cooling gel. Offering the sleeper comfort and cooling in one space. Great for those who have back or joint issues.

Each of the beds and mattresses in the collection are available in a range of sizes to suit your space and needs.

Birlea offers a range of furniture to both compliment your bedroom, but also to dress up your lounge, dining room and other areas in the house. We highly recommend taking a look at the complete collection. Their eye-catching pieces will have guests asking who the design is.

For more information on any of the Birlea products or on delivery, please get in touch with our team today who will be happy to assist you. Check back to our blogs regularly for more great style ideas for your home.


The Very Best Of Serene Furnishings

Here at UK Bed Store one of our favourite brands is the wonderful Serene Furnishings. We have a vast collection of their products available right the way across our website. With such a wide variety of products, we’ve pulled together some of the team’s favourites, a few of us even have these at home!

Serene Clara

We have started our list with a sense of stylish luxury! The Serene Clara in black nickel comes complete with large round crystals throughout the frame. The design of this bed lends itself well to many different styles of decor, from traditional to modern.
The Serene Clara is available from a small double right up to super kingsize, meaning the more space you have, the grander the bed can be!

Serene Maiden

The Serene Maiden is a firm favourite for those in the team here who love wooden beds. The stunning oak frame boasts a handcrafted cross over pattern that can be viewed as both a classical design and a contemporary design depending upon how you dress the rest of the room. This solid frame includes a sprung base to add extra comfort for the sleeper.
The Serene Maiden is available in double, king and super-king size, perfect for larger rooms.

Serene Latino

This leather framed bed is the perfect choice for the smaller rooms. Available in black or white leather the Serene Latino offers just as much design as you see in double leather beds, but on a much smaller scale. The addition of built-in drawers helps to increase the functionality of the bed.

Serene Oslo

We wouldn’t be branching across the whole Serene bed range if we didn’t include everyone’s favourite bunk beds. When you have children sharing a room, you always have the option of taking up more floor space with beds or moving them onto bunk beds. The Serene Oslo is the perfect option for bunks. The metal frames are available in either black or silver, and are hardwearing, allowing your children to grow with the same beds. The range also includes the triple sleeper, which boasts a double bottom bunk rather than a single.

Serene Paris Guest

The Serene Paris is the perfect bed for children, teenagers, or even as a guest bed, thanks to its fold away extra bed. So whether the kids are having sleepovers or you have more guests staying than beds, this is a great addition for occasional use. Available in white or black.

For more information on the Serene Furnishings range please get in touch with a member of our friendly team today who will be happy to assist you. You can also browse the Serene Furnishings Complete Range.


A TV In The Bed? Why Not!

Over the last 18 months, you may have spent an increased amount of time watching TV from your bed. So have you considered swapping out your current bed for one with a TV built-in?

What Is A TV Bed?

A TV bed is one of the more modern styles of bed on the market. Designed like a sleigh bed, the TV mechanism is then built into the footboard of the bed. The TV mechanism will be movable via remote control and will be able to withstand a number of TVs providing they meet the specifications of the frame.


The collection of TV beds that we offer here at UK Bed Store do not include the TV. We have chosen to offer beds without the TV as this means that you can opt to use your existing bedroom TV (without the expense of paying for a new TV and providing it fits), it also means that you can upgrade to the latest smart TV as and when you like without having to change your bed too. We appreciate that technology changes far more often than you change your bed, and do not want you to feel like you have to keep your current TV.
When it comes to selecting a TV to fit into your bed, you will need to consult the specification of that specific frame as they can vary slightly between different brands and bed sizes.


An increasing interior design trend is minimalism. From fewer ornaments on display, to fewer pieces of furniture in the room and even completely clear surfaces. A great way to continue this into your bedroom, but still have the option for a TV is to invest in a TV bed. This means that you can remove the TV from the wall or unit and have it safely tucked away in the footer of your bed until you want to use it. These beds also come with ample space to have your entertainment system tucked away underneath, meaning there is no need for unsightly wires to be on show.


A number of the TV beds that we have to offer are also ottoman beds, like the stunning Kaydian Barnard range. Along with saving space where you would usually keep your TV, you can also save storage space around your room by simply lifting your mattress (which is on an easy move base) and revealing ample storage space, great for bedding, clothes, kids toys and even hiding those Christmas and birthday presents!

For more information n the range of TV bed that we have in stock, please get in touch with a member of our team today. Remember to head over to our mattresses to find the best one to suit you and your sleep habits.

Double bed frames

King Size vs Double Bed Frames: Which Do We Need?

When purchasing a new bed for you and your partner, it’s often difficult to decide on a size. According to Which?, Double beds are the second most popular mattress size in the UK. Double bed frames tend to be a perfect fit for most couples and would certainly be more than ample for someone sleeping on their own. However, we can probably all admit to being tempted by the thought of a King Size bed.

In order to decide between the two, we’ve put together a guide of what to consider. Hopefully, it will help make your choice a little easier.

How Much Space Do You Have?

The first consideration to make is to see what your room can actually house. If the room simply isn’t big enough for a King Size bed, then your options are limited to a double bed frame. Double bed frames are traditionally 4’ 6” x 6’3” whereas King Size bed frames are traditionally 5’ x 6’6”.

It’s important to put the tape measure to work and assess what’s possible before even considering the other factors.

Is a Double Bed Frame Tall Enough?

Once you’ve considered the size of the room, it’s time to assess the size of you and your partner.If you often find yourselves with your feet hanging over the edge of the bed, you’ll probably be keen to scale up.

Thanks to King Size models traditionally boasting an extra three inches in height over the double bed frames, they allow those up to 6’6” to fully stretch out. However, we’ll next be considering how the way you sleep can affect your decision. For example, if you find that you often curl up to sleep anyway, that extra height might not seem worth the money.

How Do You Sleep?

One of the most important factors that people don’t often consider until it’s too late is how you sleep. Double beds are designed to fit two people, but don’t offer a great deal of wiggle room. Therefore, if one of you or your partner is a restless sleeper, a double bed frame may not provide ample space.

Getting this wrong could see you both knocking into each other and disturbing a good night’s sleep. Comfort is key and so if you find yourself tossing and turning, we recommend going King Size.

How Much Would You Like to Spend?

Our final consideration is to consider the cost. Naturally, whether you’re purchasing a metal or wooden bed frame, the larger the size, the bigger the cost. This is simply because of the extra materials required in the manufacturing process. You should set out a budget based on the prices that you’ve seen. That way, it will help you to filter results on our online shop.

Here at UK Bed Store, we’re focused on delivering the best products at the lowest prices to our customers. That’s why we’ve introduced a Price Promise Guarantee. This means that if you find any of our products elsewhere at a cheaper price, you can tell our team and we’ll do our very best to beat it.

Browse King Size and Double Bed Frames at UK Bed Store

We hope that this guide has helped you to make a decision. If you’re ready to start looking at options, you can find our full range of King Size and Double bed frames on our online store. These come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials, with metal and wooden options.

If you still have any questions, please contact us. Our experienced and friendly team will be happy to assist you with any queries and find the perfect fit for your room. We are constantly adding ranges to our online store, but if there’s something in particular you’re looking for, just get in touch and we’ll endeavor to find it for you.

We’re incredibly proud of the service that we provide to our customers, which has been reflected in our reviews. To see what our customers had to say about us, you can take a look at our testimonials. More information, tips, tricks and guides can also be found in our blog.

Metal bed frames

Wooden vs Metal Bed Frames: Which is right for you?

When searching for a new bed, one of the most common sticking points that we see is whether to get wooden or metal bed frames. In order to make the best decision and find the right bed the first time around, it’s important to fully understand the differences. To help you out, we’re going to use our latest blog to explain the benefits of each type of bed frame.

Benefits of a Metal Bed Frame

Metal bed frames are a popular option for a lot of families, particularly those with children. Due to their versatility, durability and customisation, there are endless possibilities when it comes to designing a bedroom. However, what are the key benefits for those interested? Allow us to explore each in more detail:

More Durable and Easier to Clean

Thanks to the easy to maintain nature and durability of a metal bed frame, this makes them a perfect choice for those with children. Offering the ability to be wiped clean makes for an easy clean up in any messy situation. Not only that, but should your child happen to enjoy jumping on the bed, a metal bed frame can be more adept at handling that pressure.

More Design Variety

Metal bed frames are renowned for being a more versatile option if you’re after a certain look for your room. This is because they can come in a variety of different colours, or even be painted by yourself. Again, this is something that can appeal to someone giving their child a themed room. However, it also offers adults a variety of options when redesigning their bedroom.

Cost Differentiation

The general rule of thumb with metal bed frames is that the smaller beds tend to be cheaper than those of a wooden variety. This can change as the size increases or depending on the brand. However, traditionally a metal frame can often be the more economical option.

Benefits of a Wooden Bed Frame

From bringing an elegant aesthetic to your bedroom to reducing noise, wooden bed frames carry a variety of benefits not found in their metal counterparts. Wooden bed frames have held their own in the market as the more traditional style to acquire a homely feel and this comes with good reason.


Less Squeaking, More Sleeping

We’ve all been in that annoying situation where you’re trying to get comfortable only to be frustrated with a barrage of squeaks. The benefit of wooden bed frames is that they’re much less prone to squeaking than the metal alternative. Although squeaking after a long period of time might be inevitable, you’re giving yourself the best chance of a long zero squeak policy with a wooden bed frame.

Bring Elegance to Your Bedroom

One of the factors that tends to sway customers in the direction of a wooden bed frame is the elegance that it can bring to a room. Due to its traditional, homely aesthetic, people tend to associate these types of furniture with cosy and welcoming feelings. A wooden bed frame can get you well on your way to transforming your bedroom into a haven of cosiness.

Recycle Friendly

Due to the materials used in a wooden bed frame being recycle friendly, it can also be a great option for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint. In addition to this, a lot of the materials involved come from sustainable sources.

Wooden or Metal Bed Frame? You Decide

After reading all about the benefits that come with each material, it’s now time for you to make your decision. If you have any further questions regarding either option or any of our range, please contact us. Here at UK Bed Store, we take great pride in maintaining our reputation as one of the UK’s leading suppliers of wooden and metal bed frames. In order to guarantee a comfortable, stylish and durable bed, we carefully source our frames from some of the UK’s leading brands.

Our customers mean the world to us and so we’re always striving to provide them with the best deal possible. That’s why we also offer a Price Match Promise. If you find the same product elsewhere at a better price, please let us know and we’ll try our best to beat it.

To view our full range, take advantage of our online store which is built to provide you with the expert advice and support needed to find your perfect bed.

Why Day Beds Are The Perfect Spare Room Space Saver

Flexa Nordic Day Bed With StorageMaybe you’re looking into decorating your new spare room and are wondering how to get the most out of your space. If you find yourself without much space to work with, but want to maximise the opportunities for what it could be, look no further. Our selection of day beds with storage options and pull out underbeds offer a variety of benefits to help unlock your spare room’s potential. Read our guide below to find out more.

Five Reasons A Day Bed Might Be Perfect For You

The Size

The first thing that you take into account when decorating any room should be the space and how to use it. Does your spare room have a lot of space? Would anything more than a single bed frame take up too much space? Day beds are a really versatile bed that can in some models, offer up to two single beds for the size of just one. Its ability to transform into a stylish seating area also saves you from committing to using the spare room solely as a bedroom.

The Functionality

Developing more upon that, one of the day bed’s real strengths is in it’s functionality. If you want a practical, cosy and versatile spare room that can transition easily from a man cave or dressing room to a guest bedroom, look no further. With the ability to be used for seating during the day, our day beds will make you the ultimate host whether it’s for your next family gathering or your kid’s next sleepover.

The Style

With our wide range of day beds here at the UK Bed Store, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. We have day beds in a variety of colours, wood and metal. With collaborations from brands including Julian Bowen, Flintshire Furniture and GFW, we’re sure that we’ll have a style to fit your room. With both a headboard and a footboard, these are distinct from sofa beds, offering a contemporary and stylish fit for any lounge or spare room.

The Storage

Especially handy in the season of post-Christmas clutter, we have a selection of kids day beds with storage options available. Tired of throwing things under the bed to get dusty and hard to find? We’ve got the bed to keep you organised. Our Flexa Nordic Day Beds for kids not only provide you with a trundle mattress that can be pulled out for an extra sleeper, but they also provide you with two storage drawers for any leftover Lego, untidy toys or anything else that you may need to pack away tidily.

The Extra Bed

As mentioned when discussing our day beds with storage, we also have models that offer you two beds for the size of one. With a lot of our range, you can also get a pull out bed in the form of a pull-out trundle or an under bed frame. With detailing to disguise the underbeds in the form of anything from wooden drawers to fabric button detailing, you can stylishly double the sleeping capacity of your spare room to become the ultimate house guest.

Could A Day Bed Be For You? Get In Touch

If you feel like a day bed could be for you, why not treat yourself and browse our range? If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our expert team will be on hand to guide you through your purchase.

metal bed frames

Sleep in style tonight with our collection of metal bed frames

UK Bed Store have been established for over 40 years! Our knowledge and expertise in supplying metal bed frames is continuously shown as we only supply the most beautiful and durable metal bed frames around. They are all made with the finest quality metals and can come in any size or colour. Our bed frames at the UK Bed Store come with affordable prices therefore we promise we will have something for you.

Traditional and Modern metal bed frames

It is important to us that all our customers are satisfied with our metal bed frames therefore we want to provide you with anything that you fancy.

Are you looking for something traditional? Our Bentley Design metal bed frames are made with traditional metal cut outs and come in any colour you could possibly image such as black, white, brass or pink! Just take your pick and we guarantee that our metal bed frames will look stunning in your home. Do you have a modern taste? Our Time Living range are a contemporary and elegant selection of metal bed frames that will give the ultimate statement in your bedroom.

Not only do we have the best brands and styles, we also have a selection of sizes to choose from such as small single which would be perfect for your little ones to snuggle up in. Or you could choose our super king size metal bed frames. These beds will make you feel like royalty and will provide you with absolute comfort and security.

Finding your perfect metal bed frame just got easier

We now have the largest showroom in the area due to our large stock range of metal bed frames! Take a trip to us and we will give you a professional face-to-face consultation where we will help you find the most suitable metal bed frame within your budget. To make life a little easier, we can even deliver to any part of the United Kingdom and we will assemble the bed frame straight away for you to enjoy in no time. Contact us for more information and our friendly staff will be happy to help you with any enquires.

Day Beds

Day Beds – The Alternative Furnishing Choice

The Many Advantages of Day Beds

Day beds are often overlooked during the decorating and furnishing stages, with customers automatically making a beeline for regular beds – sometimes having never heard of day beds at all. The beauty of the day bed design is in its duality; it can act as both a bed and a lounger, completely transforming a guest room into a place to relax and spend time in during the day, not just a place to retire to at nighttime.

Metal or Wooden Day Beds

As well as being incredibly practical, day beds are also stylish and versatile; they can be dressed with throws and cushions during the day, and with bedding at night. Choose from either metal or wooden day beds, which ever best suits the décor of your room.

Our Birlea Milano day bed is perfect for those looking to add a little sophistication to the room – its black metal finish is chic and elegant, and its size enables you to make better use of the space around it.

Alternatively, the Thuka Trendy 7 day bed is available in five different colours, with optional extras such as clip on shelves and bendy lights. This is ideal for you child’s bedroom; choosing a day bed frees up space for toys and allows children more room to play.

Are you looking for a larger day bed?

Whilst day beds are usually sold as single beds, a number of models have the option of a trundle, which can be pulled out from underneath the bed to offer more sleeping space. This is ideal if more than one person will be using the day bed, and it still allows you to save space in the room as the trundle is tucked away beneath the day bed.

Our Sleep Design Versailles day bed and trundle is a convenient option with a sprung slatted base and French design. The trundle raises to the height of the day bed, making for a much more comfortable night’s sleep for your guests.

If you love the idea of furnishing your room with a day bed, take a look at the huge selection we have for sale.