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Which Bed is Best for Your Age?

Some people say age is just a number and whilst it might be, certain products are definitely catered to specific age groups. You wouldn’t see adults aged 40 playing with nerf guns for example. 

What we would like to know however is; does this apply to beds? From comfy day beds to luxury upholstered beds, are these beds meant to be for specific ages or can they be enjoyed by anyone?

Firstly, there are particular beds that are just impractical for certain age groups. If you are over the age of 65 you might not want to climb up a high rise bed. Similarly, if you have a 5 year old child you wouldn’t want to see them in a limited edition king size with a tailor made headboard. 

So, if you are thinking of making a bed purchase in early 2022 and are struggling to decide which is best for you and more specifically your age, we’ve got you covered. 

High Sleeper and Mid Sleeper Beds

These little gems are perfect for children but you might not know, high sleepers in particular are becoming increasingly popular with teenagers and even young professionals. 

Mid sleeper beds are very popular with younger children. The slightly elevated beds offer ample storage underneath for toys and smaller clothing making them perfect for children aged 4-12. In addition, the bed being slightly off the ground gives younger children an element of fun as they think the bed has a little bit of something special.  

High sleeper beds are again popular with younger children as they enjoy the novelty of being high up in their room. However, we have found these beds can be even more popular with teenagers and, rather surprisingly, young adults. 

This is because high rise beds provide a fantastic opportunity to install an office desk setup which is perfect for giving your bed a sense of functionality. Teenagers love spending hours gaming with their friends whilst young professionals love the practicality of being able to roll out of bed and log straight onto their work laptop. 

This is particularly beneficial for young professionals who live in a house share or in a city apartment where there is not an over abundance of space available. So if you are in these age categories and are looking for a new bed, high and mid sleeper beds might be ideal for you.

The Thuka Range

Whilst we are on the topic of beds for younger children, we would like to highlight our Thuka range. For many of your little ones, the joy of Christmas has now worn off. Their bedroom floors are being scattered with the toys they were looking forward to all year and their beds are being slowly filled with more and more blankets as the colder nights draw in. 

You might not be thinking it now but this is the perfect time to treat them to a new bed. This is where Thuka comes in. Thuka offers funky and vibrant beds ideally suited to younger children and teenagers. 

Thuka is a Danish brand that caters their beds specifically to children. They offer hip and trendy designs, a fantastic degree of flexibility and a brilliant opportunity for your young ones to grow with them. How the bed looks is very important to younger children. If they happen to be showcasing one of the many stylish Thuka designed beds when their friends come for a sleepover, there is no doubt they will be jealous. 

Adult Beds, Where to Start?

Whilst there are vast opportunities available for teenagers, kids and even young adults, this is nothing compared to options available for adults. 

To clarify, when I refer to adults, I am referring to 25-45 year olds. Adults want beds that can usually be described as sleek, homely and traditional. From faux leather beds to unique wooden bed frame beds to even coil memory foam mattresses, the possibilities are endless. 

If you have ever browsed our extensive catalogue, you might have garnered that beds tailored to adults are most of the beds we supply. We would like to take this opportunity to highlight a few stand outs. 


Even though beds catered to children offer fantastic customisation, this is nothing compared to what is on offer for adults. 

When you are thinking of constructing your bed, you might want to start with what frame you want. Do you want a metal frame? Do you need a double bed frame? Are you thinking of upgrading to a king size or is a single more than sufficient? 

Then, after you have decided on the best bed frame for you, you will need to make the decision on your mattress. 

Serene Furnishings 

Whilst on the topic of having a plethora of options, we would like to highlight serene furnishings. 

Founded back in 2005, Serene Furnishings have quickly become one of the UK’s leading brands for beds. They offer contemporary designs, sleek fittings and all of their products are of exceptional quality. 

Mattresses for Seniors 

Beds are important for seniors but arguably the more important aspect of your bed is the accompanying mattress. 

Although many of us love a comfy mattress. When seniors are enquiring about a new bed, they will want to pay particular attention to the mattress. The right mattress has to be comfy, help relieve stress and also be aesthetically pleasing. A fantastic example of a mattress that perfectly fits this criteria is one of our deluxe feather mattresses. Be sure to check out our full range of mattresses on our mattresses page. 

Contact Us for More Information

We hope you now have a better understanding of how even though any bed can be enjoyed by anyone. There are certain beds that might be better suited to you. 

So why don’t you contact us for more information today regarding beds for all ages today!

Faux leather beds

Freshen up for Spring with Faux Leather Beds

Faux Leather Beds from UK Bed Store are the perfect addition to your bedroom if it’s ready for an update this Spring.
For those beginning a full refurbishment of their home the best place to start is in the bedroom because let’s face it – you spend the most time in this room!
Having a tranquil and luxurious bedroom is the best way to guarantee a good night’s sleep and all the benefits that brings.

Spring Colour Schemes to Complement Faux Leather Beds

Spring colour schemes will sweep away any lingering winter blues and fit perfectly with your brand new faux leather bed.

Here’s some suggestions to suit your style –

  • An easy way to add some vibrant colours to your bedroom is with natural foliage and greenery. Keep the furniture look light and fluid with a white colour scheme (including a white faux leather bed) which is timeless and elegant.
  • Create a romantic vibe with a floral design scheme which offers a calming feel when complemented with aqua coloured accessories for a great contrast.
  • A pastel blue hue colour scheme is reminiscent of warm blue skies with countless soothing properties.
  • If you’re going for a sophisticated country bedroom look, we would recommend a mix of strong patterns with plenty of floral features.

Value for Money Faux Leather Beds

UK Bed Store has been providing the finest range of faux leather beds since 1975 from our base in Leek, Staffordshire.
We don’t just provide faux leather beds, we also stock well know brands such as Silentnight, Sweet Dreams, La Romantica and Kayflex.

From single beds to king size, for children right through to adults, plus adjustable beds, headboards and a host of accessories – we’ve got you covered!
If you’d like to find out more about our complete range of products, please contact us today and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

faux leather beds

Why Faux Leather Beds are a stylish choice for your home

Faux leather beds are becoming an increasingly popular choice for homeowners looking to add a touch of class to their bedrooms.

Faux leather beds to fit every style

Here at UK Bed Store boasts a wide variety of faux leather beds that can suit every style, so here’s some great reasons this kind of bed is for you.

  • Affordability – When comparing the price of faux leather beds to wooden beds there’s no real comparison. So if you are looking for a quality bed on a budget, this could be the one.
  • Clever Storage Solutions – Faux leather and leather beds can be perfect for storage too, such as the GFW End Lift Ottoman, which provides a storage space underneath the mattress where you can store gifts, extra pillows or seasonal clothes.
  • Easy to clean – Faux leather beds have a treated surface, making them easy to clean and maintain. A good tip from the UK Bed Store team is to keep your bed out of direct sunlight to avoid fading. To clean your bed, you simply need to use warm soapy water with a lint free cloth or use specialist cleaners and polishes.
  • Lack of imperfections – Because they use a manufactured material, faux leather beds are much more uniform in texture and colour, making the chances of imperfections small.

Here at the UK Bed Store we sell an unmatched variety of faux leather beds, so whether you need a single, double or king size we’ve got loads of colours and styles to choose from.

Get in touch to find your faux leather beds today

So now we’ve told you all the great reasons to buy faux leather beds from UK Bed Store, why not contact our team?

Our friendly team have been helping customers get the perfect bedroom furniture since 1975, plus we offer honest advice and honest prices, making sure you get value for money.

If you’d like to see our range in person, you can always pop into our store in Leek, Staffordshire; we always enjoy visits from customers.

Faux leather beds

Faux Leather Beds – Better Than the Real Thing!

Do you like the look of real leather beds however want to avoid using animal skin and the huge price tag? We have the perfect solution for you at the UK Bed StoreFaux Leather Beds!

Great for added a unique and stylish element to your bedroom, along with a quality product that’s built to last for many years, these bed frames are a great way to highlight your unique style at affordable prices.

With so much to choose from at the UK Bed Store, you simply cant go wrong, and we guaranteed to have the right faux leather bed for you…

Beautifully Designed Faux Leather Beds

One thing that makes our faux leather beds stand out from all the others on the market, is our highly valued brands who use quality and durable materials in each bed frame. By choosing us for your bedroom furniture, you’re sure to get a long-lasting product that’s better than all the rest, and considerably cheaper than the real leather – there’s truly nothing not to love about these incredible bed frames!

If you want to make a statement in your bedroom, our faux leather beds are a great place to start and look particularly great in modern homes. The trends that you can achieve this year by choosing faux leather are endless, and what’s special about this unique material is that you don’t have to worry about animals being included in the process…

A trend that has been popular this year includes one of our Limelight Pulsar brown bed frame (also available in other colours) teamed with Lynx white and grey gloss furniture for a modern yet traditional feel.

All Faux Leather Beds Delivered Straight to Your Door

There’s nothing quiet like ordering new faux leather beds and feeling the excitement before it arrives… With our fast and reliable delivery service, you wont have to wait long – our team can even fit your bed for you at a small fee if you wish!

To see our beds frames before you purchase, visit our showroom in Leek and we can show you what suitable for you, or contact us today for more information!

faux leather beds

Real Versus Faux Leather Beds Revisited

A few years ago, we published a blog about real versus faux leather beds which saw a lot of response, so we thought we’d revisit this topic and see if anything has changed and if we can add any more to the debate in 2018.

Before we get into how leather and faux leather beds differ, we’ll start with common features across the range. Whether you are looking for strong rich colours, such as browns or black, or a creamier white or beige. A leather bed is a stylish focal point and great for injecting colour into your bedroom. They fit seamlessly with modern or minimalist decor. Some have built in ottoman storage, perfect for when space is limited, or a television for when you want to snuggle up watching your favourite films or TV shows.

A Complete Guide to Real and Faux Leather Beds

Both genuine leather and faux leather beds have their own merits. Below is a guide to both types:


Being man made, faux leather has more subcategories than real leather

Colour & Style


Faux leather can be dyed to any colour



Both look great, but the touch and smell of real leather just edges it over faux



Whilst faux leather can be treated in order to fight against fading the points go to real for its all-natural defence



Real leather has pores which soaks up spillages. Faux leather has undergone protective treatments to layer against staining



Real leather has the natural shine that faux can’t match without the use of treatment



Faux leather also doesn’t crack or fade like real leather

Real Versus Faux Leather Beds: The Conclusion

With any debate it all comes down to personal preference, luckily the UK Bed Store has a huge choice of both real and faux leather beds. Browse our website to find the right bed for your home. Or visit our showroom in Stoke on Trent and see first-hand our amazing bedroom furnishings.

For further information, please get in touch with one of our team today. We’ve an abundance of experience and expertise to help you find a fantastic bed. You could also benefit from our price match guarantee .

upholstered beds or faux leather beds

Upholstered Beds Or Faux Leather Beds

Upholstered beds are structured with frames and headboards which are covered and padded in fantastic fabrics that make a stunning centrepiece for any bedroom… Our upholstered beds come in a wide range of sizes, styles and colour, including: blue, white, brown, grey, chocolate, wheat, caramel, charcoal, and plum – so from single all the way to super king size, we have a fabric upholstered bed to suit any budget and taste.

Faux leather beds are similar to upholstered beds but are crafted and styled using leather rather than fabric. The bed frame is usually structures out of hardwood – which is durable, fashionable and adds a touch of class to your bedroom.

A lot like our upholstered beds, faux leather beds are available in a range of traditional and fun colours so we guarantee to have something for you at the UK Bed Store!

What are the Advantages of Upholstered Beds vs. Faux Leather Beds

Upholstered Beds Advantages

Faux Leather Beds Advantages
Low Cost but make a big statementA leather bed gives ambiance in your room, with a touch of luxuriousness
Luxurious and Versatile styling which can seamlessly blend with your bedroom furnitureVersatile styling – no matter what colour or style you choose it will go with your bedroom decor
Easy to maintain and cleanBeautiful and functional – with a comfy headboard you can sit back and relax
Comfy headboard is perfect for sitting back and relaxing, read a book, watch TV or chat to your partner.Easy to maintain and longevity due to the high quality of materials used to create leather beds

Plus, many more

Speak to our team for Upholstered Beds or Faux Leather Beds

Ultimately there is no right answer as two which is better, upholstered beds or faux leather beds – the choice comes down to your personal preference!  To make sure we cater for both of these preferred styles, we offer a comprehensive range of of these fantastic beds… For more information, speak to one of our team today!

Faux leather beds

Create the Bedroom You’ve Always Wanted with Faux Leather Beds

Revamp your bedroom this year with our faux leather beds and have a great night’s sleep. If you are thinking of treating yourself to a change in your home this year, what better way to do it than with a brand new comfortable bed from UK Bed Store?

We stock the most well-loved brands in the country who use first class materials to design quality stylish beds.

Luxury Faux Leather Beds at Amazing Prices

There are many benefits of having a faux leather bed. They are an environmentally friendly alternative to real leather beds. Secondly, faux leather can be fashioned into many sizes and designs to suit any interior, not to mention the amazing quality that looks and feels like real leather.

Whether you need a simple and stylish bed such as the Limelight Pulsar available in elegant white and black colours, or you require a Serene Verona king-size bed with intricate details to make a statement, we have many products to choose from.

Maybe you have a modern and unique style? The Sleep Design Madrid is an eye-catching bed that will fit in perfectly with any contemporary interior.

So, whatever you are looking for at UK Bed Store, we promise to have something for you that will be cosy, look great and fit into your budget.

Visit our Showroom to see Faux Leather Beds and More!

Our faux leather beds are extremely popular, and stock sells quickly. We highly recommend that you contact us to chat about what you need or visit our showroom in person. Our expert team can help you decide and make your purchase an easy and enjoyable experience. We even deliver beds to your home and build it for free if you live locally.

To discover more about any of our products, such as metal beds, wooden beds and more. Our team will love to hear from you, please contact us today!

Faux leather beds

Luxury faux leather beds to suit every home

Are you looking for a stylish bed without the huge price tag? If so, you’re in luck as the UK Bed Store has a fantastic range of faux leather beds that will create a statement in any bedroom. We think it is important that beds are comfortable and durable to maintain their quality, because of this we only stock beds from the best UK manufactures. Our faux leather beds are the perfect alternative to real leather beds a reduce the cost whilst remaining a high-quality finish!

Add some sophistication into your bedroom with faux leather beds

Here at the UK Bed Store, we have an impressive 50 years’ experience in providing the finest faux leather beds to our customers such as Julian Bowen and Limelight. These are without a doubt two of our most popular brands!

Whether you want a bed to add style, comfort or both, our beds will give you all of this with numerous benefits. Unlike real leather beds, faux leather is specially designed so that it is environmentally safe, without using animal skin, therefore you can feel at ease knowing that you have chosen the friendly option.

If you have a modern interior, our Birlea Berlin beds are a great option. These beds are very trendy at the moment and are available with a snowy white finish or cosy brown finish. They also feature a low foot end to create the illusion of more space, making them perfect for smaller rooms. Not to mention the price is also incredibly cheap, so you will be getting wonderful value for your money!

Faux leather beds delivered straight to your door

Our aim is to supply faux leather beds that are affordable to suit everyone. Why not take a trip to our showroom to see our products? We guarantee you will be spoilt for choice and our team will be on hand to help you to find your ideal bed, we can even deliver it to you home for free! If you would like to find out more about our products, then please do not hesitate to get in touch!

faux leather beds

Amazing Faux leather beds at affordable prices


Faux leather beds at UK Bed Store are an affordable alternative to purchasing a leather bed without sacrificing on quality. Whether you refuse to buy animal products or want a stylish yet cost friendly product then we can offer you an impressive range of beds to suit your needs. Some of our faux leather beds come equipped with clever storage space helping you maximise the space in your bedroom without compromising on quality or style.

Faux Leather Beds

Discover an extensive range of faux leather beds

Having become increasingly popular in recent years, faux leather beds are perfect for adding character and substance to your bedroom and décor as well as being environmentally friendly. You get all the features of a leather looking luxurious bed but at an affordable price. All of our faux leather beds also feature padded headboards giving you the optimum chance of a comfortable and peaceful night’s sleep. Many of our beds are also great for saving space as we stock and supply both lift-up ottoman beds and beds with interior storage drawers.

The quality of your bed doesn’t dwindle with price as all of our beds are manufactured using only the finest materials and we stock big names such as Birlea, Julian Bowen, Limelight and Serene.

We currently offer faux leather beds in a range of styles and colours as well as size. Ranging from single to super king, we are sure that you will find the bed of your dreams without breaking the bank.

Enjoy a price match promise on all our faux leather beds!

Here at the UK Bed Store we want you to get the best possible deal on your new bed, that’s why we offer a fantastic price match promise on all products as well as offering free delivery where eligible. To find out more about our products and services and to see if you are eligible for free delivery, please do not hesitate to contact us, a member of our friendly team will be more than happy to help! You can also browse our extensive range of beds online.

Leather Beds – Real vs. Faux:

The issues surrounding the use of real leather products are genuine and diverse, too much so for one blog post to capture. In the interest of humanity, we only stock faux leather beds in our collection. To broach the issue is tricky, but when it comes to aesthetic issues, there are clear positives and negatives.

Real vs. Faux – The Differences for Leather Beds:

Leather Beds in Staffordshire from UK Bed Store

Firstly, let’s consider the merits of using real leather. It possess an unmistakable smell and touch that’s evocative of its luxurious appearance. Not only that, but it wears with age, often giving it a more distinguished and mature look as time passes. These traits simply can’t be replicated. However, leather is also high maintenance. To keep it looking its best, it require regular waxing. It also tends to stretch with use, not a positive trait when used for a leather bed.

On the other hand, there is faux leather. Faux leather is very low cost and is produced to order. It’s shape and colour aren’t defined by the hide of the right beast. It involves less overall waste, both in terms of material and in terms of wildlife. Faux leather is much lower maintenance. If anything is spilled on the body of a leather bed, it can easily be wiped clean – and waterproof options are available. Faux leather also doesn’t crack or fade like real leather – associated positives and negatives as they are, depending on whether you want to keep the look or let it mature. Faux leather does come in a wide range of finishes and colours and, as such, can emulate the look of a mature leather bed right from day one.

The choice of which materials to use is always up the designers, and of course up to you the customer as to which products you want to support. Let us know which type of leather you prefer in the comments bellow!

At UK Bed Store we stock a wide range of leather beds in our Staffordshire store. You can click to view our full range of leather beds. Or, for a personal enquiry, contact us! We’re open from 9am to 5:30pm and are available via e-mail, telephone, post, or in person – get in touch!