Mid sleeper beds

Make bedtime enjoyable with our mid sleeper beds

Is your child having trouble sleeping in their own bed? The UK Bed Store have the solution for you with cool and creative mid sleeper beds! We have been established since 1975 and have over 40 years’ experience in supplying the best quality beds to our customers. Due to our expertise and knowledge, we know what kind of beds that children want nowadays therefore we have plenty of mid sleeper beds to choose from with excellent price tags!

Fun mid sleeper beds that are practical

With Christmas quickly approaching, we understand that children will be having a lot of new toys that need to be stored away. All our mid sleeper beds come in styles for both boys and girls and are designed to maximise storage space by featuring draws, cupboards, and desks.
Our Thuka range is a very popular brand for children due to their unique and fun designs. Let your child’s imagination run wild with these mid sleeper beds as they come in colours and themes such as castles, and they can even have their own slides or over bed caves to make going to bed exciting!

If you are looking for something a little more contemporary and stylish for your child’s bedroom, then the Flintshire Furniture range will be perfect for you! These mid sleeper beds have excellent storage space and are available in high quality oak to add a warm and cosy feel for your child’s bedroom. They can also be finished in white oak for an elegant look or with oak panelling so that your child will feel safe and secure.

Let your child have sweet dreams with our mid sleeper beds

Here at the UK Bed Store, we want to give all our customers a pleasant experience, therefore by coming to our store based in Leek we can give you a face-to-face consultation to discuss all our mid sleeper beds. You could even have a browse at our other products such as mattresses, bedroom furniture and other quality bed frames.

Once you have chosen your ideal bed we will deliver it straight to you within local areas at no extra cost! Alternatively, you can contact us directly today and our team will help you with anything you may need.

metal bed frames

Sleep in style tonight with our collection of metal bed frames

UK Bed Store have been established for over 40 years! Our knowledge and expertise in supplying metal bed frames is continuously shown as we only supply the most beautiful and durable metal bed frames around. They are all made with the finest quality metals and can come in any size or colour. Our bed frames at the UK Bed Store come with affordable prices therefore we promise we will have something for you.

Traditional and Modern metal bed frames

It is important to us that all our customers are satisfied with our metal bed frames therefore we want to provide you with anything that you fancy.

Are you looking for something traditional? Our Bentley Design metal bed frames are made with traditional metal cut outs and come in any colour you could possibly image such as black, white, brass or pink! Just take your pick and we guarantee that our metal bed frames will look stunning in your home. Do you have a modern taste? Our Time Living range are a contemporary and elegant selection of metal bed frames that will give the ultimate statement in your bedroom.

Not only do we have the best brands and styles, we also have a selection of sizes to choose from such as small single which would be perfect for your little ones to snuggle up in. Or you could choose our super king size metal bed frames. These beds will make you feel like royalty and will provide you with absolute comfort and security.

Finding your perfect metal bed frame just got easier

We now have the largest showroom in the area due to our large stock range of metal bed frames! Take a trip to us and we will give you a professional face-to-face consultation where we will help you find the most suitable metal bed frame within your budget. To make life a little easier, we can even deliver to any part of the United Kingdom and we will assemble the bed frame straight away for you to enjoy in no time. Contact us for more information and our friendly staff will be happy to help you with any enquires.

limelight beds

Put your bed in the spotlight with our fabulous Limelight Beds

Known for their quality and expertise for over 40 years, the UK Bed Store now have the best supply of beds in the UK. Limelight beds in particular have become a favourite amongst our customers as result of their long lasting quality and comfort. We strive to only use the best brands or fabrics so we can give all customers the perfect bed, no matter how big or small your budget may be!

Limelight beds – without a huge price tag!

Our Limelight beds are one of the most popular brands at the UK bed store. They are made from some of the most luxurious fabrics and have exquisite detailing. We supply two brands of these beds that we guarantee will not disappoint you!

Be spoilt for choice with the Epsilon beds. These beds have a high curved headboard and diamond shaped engravements within the fabric to truly give Limelight beds an expensive and grand look. Choose between the show stopping mink velvet or luxury leather to give your bedroom that boost of character it is looking for.
Like the Epsilon brand we have a similar brand called Orbit Limelight beds, these statement beds have a squared headboard and still feature these luxurious details. If these beds weren’t already impressive enough, we even stock them in Super King size to give the room a breath-taking look.

Explore our Limelight Beds today at UK Bed Store

We have the biggest showroom for limelight beds in the area! You can browse our brands and collections in the UK Bed Store and we could even arrange a face-to-face consultation. Working with you our team can help you to pick your favourite bed and then deliver it straight to your home and assemble it for you! If you would like more information or design advice, please contact us and our experienced team will assist you with anything you may need.

mid sleeper beds

Fun mid sleeper beds for kids!

What could be more appealing to a child than a fun mid sleeper bed which they can clamber into after a day spent playing in and around it? At the UK Bed Store, we understand that a child’s expectations of a bed can be totally different to an adult, that’s why we stock and supply a range of mid sleeper beds which are as cosy and comfortable as they are fun! Perfect for children that feel that sleeping in a higher bunk may be too much for them, we have a fantastic range of mid sleepers and bedroom furniture to suit every budget and style.

mid sleeper beds

Maximise space and storage potential with our mid sleeper beds

Apart from being fun, our mid sleeper beds can also be purchased with a view of maximising space within a room. Aimed at children and early teens, we stock a range of beds which boast unique space saving qualities, from built in cupboards and wardrobes to fun play dens with castle towers and slides!

If you’re looking for something for older children, you’ll love our GFW Ottawa 2 tone gloss bed frame which features a 2-door cupboard, 3 drawer chest, 3 shelf bookcase and a handy pull out desk which is perfect for studying and gaming.

For younger children, we particularly love the Thuka Hit 13 childrens’ mid sleeper bed. This mid sleeper delivers a fun and practical space beneath the bed frame which can be used as a magical den or storage all for as little as £249.

Purchase your mid sleeper bed with confidence

Your child adapting to a new bed can be a stressful exercise, that’s why our mid sleepers are designed with a fun aspect in mind! We want to reduce the stress involved for all parties which is why we offer an extensive range of beds all at competitive prices. What’s more, we also offer a fantastic Price Match Promise and can arrange delivery and assembly for those relatively local to our showroom. To find out more about our beds, please feel free to contact us today, a member of our team will be more than happy to help!

faux leather beds

Amazing Faux leather beds at affordable prices


Faux leather beds at UK Bed Store are an affordable alternative to purchasing a leather bed without sacrificing on quality. Whether you refuse to buy animal products or want a stylish yet cost friendly product then we can offer you an impressive range of beds to suit your needs. Some of our faux leather beds come equipped with clever storage space helping you maximise the space in your bedroom without compromising on quality or style.

Faux Leather Beds

Discover an extensive range of faux leather beds

Having become increasingly popular in recent years, faux leather beds are perfect for adding character and substance to your bedroom and décor as well as being environmentally friendly. You get all the features of a leather looking luxurious bed but at an affordable price. All of our faux leather beds also feature padded headboards giving you the optimum chance of a comfortable and peaceful night’s sleep. Many of our beds are also great for saving space as we stock and supply both lift-up ottoman beds and beds with interior storage drawers.

The quality of your bed doesn’t dwindle with price as all of our beds are manufactured using only the finest materials and we stock big names such as Birlea, Julian Bowen, Limelight and Serene.

We currently offer faux leather beds in a range of styles and colours as well as size. Ranging from single to super king, we are sure that you will find the bed of your dreams without breaking the bank.

Enjoy a price match promise on all our faux leather beds!

Here at the UK Bed Store we want you to get the best possible deal on your new bed, that’s why we offer a fantastic price match promise on all products as well as offering free delivery where eligible. To find out more about our products and services and to see if you are eligible for free delivery, please do not hesitate to contact us, a member of our friendly team will be more than happy to help! You can also browse our extensive range of beds online here.

Day Beds

Discover Beautiful Day Beds at the UK Bed Store

In recent years, day beds have become increasingly popular for a number of reasons. Often used in guests rooms, day beds act as both a bed and a lounger and can effortlessly complement your décor. In fact, many homeowners choose to dress the beds with cushions and throws to add a chic look to their home. Stylish and comfortable, they are fast becoming a must have for any home. Here at the UK Bed Store, we stock an extensive range of day beds and guarantee to have something to suit every home and budget, whether you’re looking for something traditional or something modern and contemporary.

Day Beds

Space saving day beds

The biggest advantage of a daybed is obviously its dual use as both a bed and a lounger but another key advantage is that many also come with an under bed which can be raised to the same height as the main bed to offer additional sleeping space. This is very ideal for if more than one person wants to sleep on the day bed. It’s also a fantastic space saving solution as the bed can be tucked neatly away when not in use.

The GFW Memphis bed is a prime example of this type of bed, French vintage inspired with a metal design it can easily be turned into a larger bed with the use of a trundle and currently retails at an incredible £159.

Another popular option is the top of the range Limelight Zodiac day bed in mink fabric. Stunningly presented, although the underbed does not pull out and up to the same height as the main bed, it does however pull out as a separate 3ft bed.

Shop online for day beds today!

Whether you are looking to furnish a room or you genuinely require a dual use piece of furniture which looks good and offers a high level of comfort, our day beds are a must. You can browse our current range online here and you can also contact us directly for more information.


high sleeper beds

A Range of High Sleeper Beds


At UK Bed Store, we offer a collection of stylish high sleeper beds, with an option to suit every bedroom and budget in the UK. We stock a range of household name brands, such as Birlea, Limelight, and Thuka, which are known for designing and manufacturing high quality high sleepers.

If you are in the market for a new bed and are interested in our range of high sleeper beds, you will be pleased to know that they have a range of great benefits.

High Sleeper Beds

Why Choose High Sleeper Beds?

There are a number of features that make high sleeper beds the perfect option for the bedroom. For example, one of the main benefits of choosing high sleepers is that they free up a lot of additional floor space in the bedroom. This extra floor space can used in a practical way, such as to create a study area, or for expanding your storage space.

These benefits make high sleeper beds the ideal choice for students, as well as being ideal for bedrooms where space is tight. If a workspace is what you’re looking for, you might find the Limelight Pavo High Sleeper Study Bunk is the perfect one. Some styles even incorporate a spare bed, like the Thuka Trendy 31 High Sleeper Bed. This popular design is available in a range of colours to suit all bedrooms.

High sleepers can offer you years of comfortable nights, and their on-trend designs mean they are ideal for sleepers of all ages. For the ultimate night’s sleep, we’d recommend investing in a new mattress to complete the package.

Browse Our Range of High Sleeper Beds Online

Take a look at our range of high sleeper beds online. If you would like any more information on any of our models, then please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

upholstered beds

A Collection of Upholstered Beds

Available in a range of sizes and styles, the collection of upholstered beds available at UK Bed Store is sure to impress. They have become more and more popular over the years as people are looking for stylish alternatives to more traditional options such as metal and wooden bed frames, and divan beds. Our upholstered beds make a luxurious and comfortable addition to all bedrooms, and will help you to get the best nights’ sleep, every night.

upholstered beds

Upholstered Beds – An Elegant Touch for Your Bedroom

Upholstered beds give you the chance to introduce interesting colours and textures to your bedroom decor. A popular choice is our Berlin model in Crushed Velvet by Birlea. Available in single, small double, standard double and kingsize – and with timeless good looks – this is a fantastic option which suits modern and minimalist bedrooms, as well as blinged-out boudoirs.

For an utterly luxurious upholstered bed with practical features, our Sleep Design Madrid bed features generous storage space as it opens up to reveal an Ottoman. As well as Ottoman storage, this model has LED lights in the headboard for a truly eye-catching look; you can choose the light colours and settings to set the mood in your bedroom.

As well as our range of upholstered beds, we also offer upholstered furniture such as our Sleep Design crushed velvet storage Ottoman which also has matching chairs and footstools. To enjoy a cohesive look in your bedroom, why not treat yourself to a velvet chaise lounge and complete the look.

Browse Our Upholstered Beds

Please feel free to browse our complete collection of upholstered beds, and do get in touch if you would like any further information on any of our products and bedroom furniture.

Once you have made your selections, you can opt to choose your delivery date for your convenience. If you are local to us, we can arrange delivery using our own vehicles; we can also offer assembly for a small fee.

Day Beds

Day Beds – The Alternative Furnishing Choice

The Many Advantages of Day Beds

Day beds are often overlooked during the decorating and furnishing stages, with customers automatically making a beeline for regular beds – sometimes having never heard of day beds at all. The beauty of the day bed design is in its duality; it can act as both a bed and a lounger, completely transforming a guest room into a place to relax and spend time in during the day, not just a place to retire to at nighttime.

Metal or Wooden Day Beds

As well as being incredibly practical, day beds are also stylish and versatile; they can be dressed with throws and cushions during the day, and with bedding at night. Choose from either metal or wooden day beds, which ever best suits the décor of your room.

Our Birlea Milano day bed is perfect for those looking to add a little sophistication to the room – its black metal finish is chic and elegant, and its size enables you to make better use of the space around it.

Alternatively, the Thuka Trendy 7 day bed is available in five different colours, with optional extras such as clip on shelves and bendy lights. This is ideal for you child’s bedroom; choosing a day bed frees up space for toys and allows children more room to play.

Are you looking for a larger day bed?

Whilst day beds are usually sold as single beds, a number of models have the option of a trundle, which can be pulled out from underneath the bed to offer more sleeping space. This is ideal if more than one person will be using the day bed, and it still allows you to save space in the room as the trundle is tucked away beneath the day bed.

Our Sleep Design Versailles day bed and trundle is a convenient option with a sprung slatted base and French design. The trundle raises to the height of the day bed, making for a much more comfortable night’s sleep for your guests.

If you love the idea of furnishing your room with a day bed, take a look at the huge selection we have for sale.

mid sleeper beds

Fun Mid Sleeper Beds for Kids!

Bedtime can be a daunting time for young children but with mid sleeper beds from the UK Bed Store, you can make bedtime fun again whilst also ensuring that your little ones get a comfortable and healthy night’s sleep. Ideal for children aged 6 and above, with their creative and fun features and their fantastic space saving qualities, mid sleeper beds are the perfect choice for any child’s bedroom as they allow your child’s room to be a space for play, work and sleep – even if space is limited!

Mid Sleeper Beds to Suit Every Personality

Here at the UK Bed Store, we have an extensive range of mid sleeper beds available to ensure that we have something to suit every personality and budget. From adventurous space themed beds such as the Thuka Trendy 12 mid sleeper bed which is perfect for your little explorer, to the Thuka Hit 1 mid sleeper which features a wonderful castle tower and slide to provide kids with their own grand castle, we really do have something for everyone. Many of our beds are also available in a choice of colours to really make your child’s bedroom personal.

In addition to featuring fun and quirky designs, all our mid sleeper beds also feature fantastic space saving solutions, from under bed cupboards, wardrobes and drawers to desks for studying and dens with curtains for privacy. With a mid sleeper bed, you can keep your child’s bedroom tidy and fun whilst also creating the perfect environment for a good night’s sleep!

Shop Online for Mid Sleeper Beds

At the UK Bed Store we understand that as a parent you want the absolute best for your child which is why we only stock and supply high standard mid sleeper beds. Although friendly on cost, each of our beds are manufactured from the very best materials, including metal and wood, to provide you with a bed which is built to last and comfortable. You can browse our complete range of mid sleeper beds online here. We offer free delivery where eligible and we also offer a fantastic price match guarantee. For more information about our beds and services, please get in touch!