Serene Furnishings - Ivory Bed Frame

Serene Furnishings for Bedrooms and More

Serene Furnishings’ range here at UK Bed Store will suit every type of bedroom design. It doesn’t matter if you want a metal bed frame, a wooden bed or one of our children’s beds; we’ve got you covered. Whilst their collection consists of numerous types of headboards for your bed; they also offer more products for your home.

Relax and Recline with Serene Furnishings

If you have a bedroom that’s been converted into an office or games room or you would like a relaxing seat for a living room, we would recommend a recliner chair, which will help you wind down comfortably in the evenings.

Our Serene Drammen Faux Leather Recliners are stocked in both brown, black and cream, with a cushioned foot stool, with the four point massage option available on all colours. A recliner chair is a great way to bridge the gap between a traditional and modern looking room, offering generous padding.

Alternatively, Serene Furnishings at UK Bed Store also offer the Lavrik swivel recliner chair, which is available in five colours of leather – red, taupe, cream, brown and black. Perfect to complement any colour scheme in your room.

We have plenty more options for Serene recliner chairs, so please browse our range and see for yourself.

An Unmatched Range of Serene Furnishings at UK Bed Store

Serene Furnishings from UK Bed Store strike the perfect balance between high quality products and great value. We have been working with Serene Furnishings for a number of years to make sure our customers get the very best deals for beds and bedroom furniture across the Midlands.

Talk to our friendly team today if you would like to know more about the range of Serene Furnishings, and we can begin the journey of transforming the look of your bedrooms. We can also offer over 40 years of knowledge about bedroom design to make sure you make the right choice.

Bunk Beds for Kids

How bunk beds for kids can benefit your home

Children’s beds can come in all shapes and sizes, and one option which proves to be popular each year is bunk beds. Great for maximising space, or for families with children of a similar age, bunk beds are a timeless and often exciting choice, especially for young children who are moving onto bigger, “grown up” beds.

At the UK Bed Store, we stock and supply bunk beds for kids in a wide variety of sizes, lengths and colours to ensure that we have something to suit every need.
Here we will discuss some of the reasons for why our bunk beds have been such a popular, long-standing option for families across the UK.

Our Bunk beds for kids are fun!

The idea of sleeping on a bunk bed is definitely an exciting one, so if you have two siblings who are particularly close or have a son or daughter who has regular sleepovers; bunk beds are a no brainer.
Remember children have the most vivid imaginations, so a bunk bed could be something to sleep in one minute and a spaceship the next.
Having two children living in the same room will also help them build a unique relationship and rely on each other, instead of always seeking comfort from their parents.

Bunk beds can help to keep costs down

Choosing bunk beds instead of two separate bed frames can be a practical way of keeping costs down for living spaces. You will also save money on headboards and box springs and most importantly, you’ll save space!

Bunk beds for kids can be stylish

If you are looking for a unique design for your bunk beds, we offer several stylish designs such as the Frankie fabric bunk bed.
One of the primary features of the Frankie bunk bed, is the ladder to the top bunk being manufactured using solid rubberwood; which offers guaranteed safety for your child as well as durability.
We offer free delivery to your room of choice for this and any of our bunk beds for kids range.

Talk to us about bunk beds for kids

For over 40 years the UK Bed Store team has been providing the best variety of bunk beds for kids and other bedroom additions for the entire family.
Our friendly team offers you honest advice on which bed from our selection would be best for you, and we feel this is the reason we have customers coming back time and time again.

Contact us today to find out more about our bunk beds for kids range.

Design Children's Beds from UK Bed Store

Making bedtime fun: Children’s beds for boys

Children’s beds can be more than just somewhere to sleep, when chosen correctly they can also add a bit of magic to your child’s bedroom, helping their imaginations to run wild. All whilst guaranteeing a quality nights sleep too of course!

Here at the UK Bed Store, we stock a wide variety of designs for both boys and girls, but today we are going to look at some of our most spectacular options which have proved to be very popular throughout 2018.

Get behind the wheel of children’s beds

A classic design for children’s beds, the Kidsaw Junior Racing Car Fun Bed Frame will light up the eyes of any car crazy child. With the added bonus of easy assembly and our wide range of comfortable mattresses, your future F1 champ will get the best night’s sleep in this junior sized frame.

Children’s beds that hit the back of the net

If your boy can’t keep a football from the end of his foot, our White Metal No Bolt Soccer Bed is the one for you. Much like the Kidsaw Junior Racing Car frame, the Soccer Bed frame is easy to assemble, even for a DIY novice.

The no bolt system slots together very easily, with no tools required to put it together. Perfect for those who count footballs instead of sheep in their sleep.

All aboard the Tractor Ted Children’s Beds

If your child is more into their agriculture they can hop aboard one of our Kidsaw Tractor Ted Junior Bed Frames.
This junior sized frame fits together quite easily, with no fixings and solid slats on the bed.

Browse our complete range of children’s beds today

The UK Bed Store offers an unrivalled selection of children’s beds for boys and girls, with a host of unique designs to satisfy any child’s imagination. With over 40 years experience, our friendly team can share decades of knowledge, to make sure you choose the right children’s beds for your family.

To find out more about our extensive range, visit our showroom today or contact us directly.

faux leather beds

Why Faux Leather Beds are a stylish choice for your home

Faux leather beds are becoming an increasingly popular choice for homeowners looking to add a touch of class to their bedrooms.

Faux leather beds to fit every style

Here at UK Bed Store boasts a wide variety of faux leather beds that can suit every style, so here’s some great reasons this kind of bed is for you.

  • Affordability – When comparing the price of faux leather beds to wooden beds there’s no real comparison. So if you are looking for a quality bed on a budget, this could be the one.
  • Clever Storage Solutions – Faux leather and leather beds can be perfect for storage too, such as the GFW End Lift Ottoman, which provides a storage space underneath the mattress where you can store gifts, extra pillows or seasonal clothes.
  • Easy to clean – Faux leather beds have a treated surface, making them easy to clean and maintain. A good tip from the UK Bed Store team is to keep your bed out of direct sunlight to avoid fading. To clean your bed, you simply need to use warm soapy water with a lint free cloth or use specialist cleaners and polishes.
  • Lack of imperfections – Because they use a manufactured material, faux leather beds are much more uniform in texture and colour, making the chances of imperfections small.

Here at the UK Bed Store we sell an unmatched variety of faux leather beds, so whether you need a single, double or king size we’ve got loads of colours and styles to choose from.

Get in touch to find your faux leather beds today

So now we’ve told you all the great reasons to buy faux leather beds from UK Bed Store, why not contact our team?

Our friendly team have been helping customers get the perfect bedroom furniture since 1975, plus we offer honest advice and honest prices, making sure you get value for money.

If you’d like to see our range in person, you can always pop into our store in Leek, Staffordshire; we always enjoy visits from customers.

High sleeper beds

High sleeper beds ideal for modern teenagers

High sleeper beds are the perfect choice for the busy modern day teenager, giving them the space to rest their heads as well as a space to study or relax. Here at the UK Bed Store, we offer a wide range of high sleeper beds which provide parents with the perfect transition furniture for children as they become teenagers. From wooden beds in neutral shades, to solid metal frames in darker shades, we guarantee to have something to suit every personality!

Multifunctional High sleeper beds

Many parents across the UK love high sleeper beds thanks to their multifunctional qualities and space saving designs. In fact, Ideal Home recently called high sleeper beds ‘a God send’ for parents who are starved of space.

With this in mind, here are just some of the many ways through which a high sleeper bed can transform your child’s home life:

  • A ‘chill out’ space – It’s no secret that when your children become teenagers they will look to have their own personal space to chill out. The lower bunk of a high sleeper bed is perfect for this, allowing your child to relax on the spare bed or have friends over. If you opt for a study space combination your child can also study or play games – the choice is theirs!
  • Watch them grow – Depending on which model you choose, some have the capability to adjust their height, so as your teenager sprouts up you won’t have to replace their bed immediately because they have outgrown it.
  • Study space – high sleeper beds offer a study space for teenagers looking to get the top grades in their GCSE’s and A Levels as well as pull out drawers and shelves meaning everything is kept in one place and is easy to find – meaning there’s no excuses for a messy bedroom!

Get in touch to discuss our high sleeper beds

Here at the UK Bed Store, we have been providing the very best beds and furniture to homeowners across the Midlands since 1975 and our highly knowledgeable team will be able to advise the fit for you and your family.

Our high sleeper beds come with a range of features but the most important one, is the guarantee of a good night’s sleep for your child.

We provide fantastic brands such as Limelight, Sweet Dreams, Flexa Nordic and Birlea Paddington high sleeper beds, to name just a few.

Contact us today, our super friendly team can’t wait to hear from you.

Day Beds Stylish

Day beds give you the best of both worlds

Day beds are the best option for homeowners who are short on space and looking to add a guest or spare bed to one of their rooms.

Sometimes we don’t realise how limited we are for space until our guests are on the doorstep, so day beds are an easy way to fix that.

The UK Bed Store team have also found these popular for people who have a home office and occasionally require some down-time between tasks.

Day beds can become alternative furniture

Depending which room you are looking to add day beds to, they can become a stylish sofa or lounger.

Day beds can also double up, with some models such as the Sleep Design Versailles (available at UK Bed Store), having the unique feature of another single mattress bed that slides from underneath making it a double bed.

This type of bed is ideal if you have a son, daughter or other relative who visits occasionally with their partner, possibly at Christmas or over the summer; as you will not compromise on space and can fit everyone in quite comfortably.

The choice is yours for day beds

At the UK Bed Store we offer a number of options for day beds that can suit any style of room.

For example we have a host of metal framed day beds or we have various wooden ranges in different finishes, tailored to fit the style of the room it will be used in. Some of the wooden models such as the Kid Arctic, as you can probably tell from the name, is extremely popular for parents needing more rooms for a growing family.

You will be spoilt for choice with our day beds at the UK Bed Store

The UK Bed Store have been providing high quality bedroom furniture for over 40 years, so contact us to speak to one of our friendly team today and we have no doubt you will find the perfect bed for you.

Bedroom Furniture

Bedroom Furniture to Suit Everyone

Bedroom furniture needs to suit a broad range of ages, styles and purposes. Within the UK Bed Store, children, teens and adults will find the best choice of items to create the ideal sleep sanctuary. It is scientifically proven that one of the biggest influences on our health and well being is to get undisturbed regular quality sleep. Combining the right grouping of bedroom furniture will make a space which has plenty of storage and comfort for playing, studying, relaxing and recharging ready for the next day!

Bedroom Furniture in All Styles

Whatever the dimensions of your bedroom, the UK Bed Store has the solution with styles of bedroom furniture to suit everyone.

High sleeper beds

For those with children and teenagers and limited space, bunk beds for kids will maximise the available space, enabling room for wardrobes, bedside cabinets and more. There are many ingenious designs like high sleeper beds which allow for study and relaxing spaces beneath the sleeping area.

double bed frame

Birlea Bordeaux black fabric sleigh upholstered bed


Adults can create a zone of tranquillity, away from the stresses and strains of the day with luxurious upholstered beds, comfortable mattresses and quality accessories. Divan beds provide additional discreet storage for bulky items like extra pillows and duvets.

Perhaps you just need adaptable bedroom furniture for guests? There will always be occasions when guests come to stay for a night or two. Guest beds will help you turn a spare room or study into a temporary sleeping space to welcome visitors.

Make Your Perfect Space with UK Bed Store Bedroom Furniture

Browse the vast choice of bedroom furniture on the UK Bed Store website. We know you will find inspiration and practical solutions to your requirements. We are here with an outstanding variety of options and a big choice of brands. Whether you are looking for an individual item or a complete collection our team of experts will help you every step of the way to ensure you get the right products for a fantastic bedroom. We ready to assist you today, so please get in touch!

Day beds

Make Your Home Extra Cosy This September With Our Fabulous Day Beds

Need a way of making your home warmer without having to spend a huge amount? Our day beds are the perfect addition your home needs this year to add a unique relaxing area for you to snuggle up on. They’re also great if you are struggling for space or to act as guests beds when visitors are staying over.

Known for our vast range of quality brands, and with so many sizes, styles, and colours to choose from, our beds are designed with luxury materials guaranteed to look fantastic for many years…

The Many Benefits of Day Beds

First of all, lets talk about the most important thing that our day beds provide for your – comfort! Even though slightly smaller than average beds and mainly designed for children, our day bed are perfect for anyone who has a space that needs to be filled in their home, and you can bet they’re extremely comfortable.

Next, lets look at the practical benefits. One thing we love about these beds is that they are handy for anyone who has a smaller bedroom or guests rooms. Some of our slightly bigger versions can work perfectly as a children’s bed, and as a results you wont need to spend as much money compared to a normal size! Along with these amazing benefits, some of our day beds include storage options to keep your space organised and are ideal for chill rooms.

Finally, we have modern and traditional options, so we’re certain you’ll find something you like at the UK Bed Store.

Order Day Beds Easily on Our Website

Seen some day beds you like on our website? You can order online and we will deliver to your home in just a few days. Even better, we will give you a price match promise!

If you have any questions about delivery, returns, or ordering online, feel free to contact us and we will help you with any enquires.

High Sleeper Beds - Thuka Hit 7

Latest Tips from The Sleep Council for Back to School with High Sleeper Beds!

Its back to school week and time for your little ones to get into the routine again… Make sure they get the best sleep possible with our high sleeper beds and the latest tips from the Sleep Council.

Since summer is coming to an end and the new school term is about to begin, here at the UK Bed Store we understand the importance of your child getting a good sleep.

We have stocked up on the best high sleeper beds on the market especially for this time – specially designed to make bedtime fun and enjoyable!

The Most Creative High Sleeper Beds Available

As we like to keep up-to-date with the sleep council and their advice, September is all about making sure children aren’t sleep deprived and out high sleeper beds can help with their overall sleeping pattern…

Known for having the most beautiful styles available in every size you can imagine, our children’s beds have been carefully selected for their health and enjoyment, therefore you can be sure to find something that suits them.

Suitable for children of all ages all the way to teen years, our high sleeper beds offer so many benefits and are a cost effective way to create a comfortable place for your children to relax, sleep, and learn – perfect if you are short on bedroom space!

Beds such as the Thuka Hit 7 is one of our most unique high sleepers due to its quirky designs, stylish finishes, and practical extras… With the Thuka Hit 7 you’ll get not only a bed that’s protected with secure side-panels, but you also receive a desk for doing homework, and a chairbed for relaxing on. Not to mention the price is just fantastic!

Order Your High Sleeper Beds on Our Website!

If you haven’t thought about your child’s bed yet, do not worry… You can order online today, and we will deliver to you in a couple of days, so your little ones can get that all important sleep they need.

All high sleeper beds can be installed by our team for an easy application and we will even deliver for free if you live locally! Contact us today with ant enquires you have.

High sleeper beds

Make the Most Out of Your Space with Our High Sleeper Beds

If you want to create an exciting bedtime experience for your kids whilst making the most out of your current space – our high sleeper beds are just what you need add a touch of sophistication that’s practical, safe, and excellent value for money.

Based in Leek and offering our customers the opportunity to order there beds online, UK Bed Store are known all throughout Staffordshire for having the most diverse range of beds with exceptional quality!

Only the Best Brands for Our High Sleeper Beds

Specially designed for kids and teens with the most durable materials, our high sleeper beds are handy for all purposes including storage, sleep space, and to make a fun addition which we known your children will love!

If your child is aged between 8 – 12 years, we highly recommend our Thuka Hit 10 high sleeper. Fully equipped with a desk and storage method, this beautifully designed solid wood bed, finished with a whitewash coating, is guaranteed to last for years and fit into any style of room. The little desk area is perfect for homework, drawing, or doodling, and your child will love the idea of having there own private space to relax and learn.

For older children and teens, we understand that comfort and practicality becomes more important for their sleeping area… We have a fantastic range of teen inspired high sleeper beds such as the Birlea Paddington.

This bed has everything you need from shelves, drawers, a wardrobe, storage, and a stunning black and walnut finish to create a wow-factor – not to mention its extremely affordable!

Order Your New High Sleeper Beds Online Today

Found one you like on our website? All you need to do is order online and we will deliver and install your bed for you! All high sleeper beds come flat packed for home assembly, so if you fancy doing it yourself, we are at hand to help you through the process.

To know more information regarding our other bed ranges such as mid sleeper beds, day beds, or metal bedscontact us today!