Day beds

Make Your Home Extra Cosy This September With Our Fabulous Day Beds

Need a way of making your home warmer without having to spend a huge amount? Our day beds are the perfect addition your home needs this year to add a unique relaxing area for you to snuggle up on. They’re also great if you are struggling for space or to act as guests beds when visitors are staying over.

Known for our vast range of quality brands, and with so many sizes, styles, and colours to choose from, our beds are designed with luxury materials guaranteed to look fantastic for many years…

The Many Benefits of Day Beds

First of all, lets talk about the most important thing that our day beds provide for your – comfort! Even though slightly smaller than average beds and mainly designed for children, our day bed are perfect for anyone who has a space that needs to be filled in their home, and you can bet they’re extremely comfortable.

Next, lets look at the practical benefits. One thing we love about these beds is that they are handy for anyone who has a smaller bedroom or guests rooms. Some of our slightly bigger versions can work perfectly as a children’s bed, and as a results you wont need to spend as much money compared to a normal size! Along with these amazing benefits, some of our day beds include storage options to keep your space organised and are ideal for chill rooms.

Finally, we have modern and traditional options, so we’re certain you’ll find something you like at the UK Bed Store.

Order Day Beds Easily on Our Website

Seen some day beds you like on our website? You can order online and we will deliver to your home in just a few days. Even better, we will give you a price match promise!

If you have any questions about delivery, returns, or ordering online, feel free to contact us and we will help you with any enquires.

High Sleeper Beds - Thuka Hit 7

Latest Tips from The Sleep Council for Back to School with High Sleeper Beds!

Its back to school week and time for your little ones to get into the routine again… Make sure they get the best sleep possible with our high sleeper beds and the latest tips from the Sleep Council.

Since summer is coming to an end and the new school term is about to begin, here at the UK Bed Store we understand the importance of your child getting a good sleep.

We have stocked up on the best high sleeper beds on the market especially for this time – specially designed to make bedtime fun and enjoyable!

The Most Creative High Sleeper Beds Available

As we like to keep up-to-date with the sleep council and their advice, September is all about making sure children aren’t sleep deprived and out high sleeper beds can help with their overall sleeping pattern…

Known for having the most beautiful styles available in every size you can imagine, our children’s beds have been carefully selected for their health and enjoyment, therefore you can be sure to find something that suits them.

Suitable for children of all ages all the way to teen years, our high sleeper beds offer so many benefits and are a cost effective way to create a comfortable place for your children to relax, sleep, and learn – perfect if you are short on bedroom space!

Beds such as the Thuka Hit 7 is one of our most unique high sleepers due to its quirky designs, stylish finishes, and practical extras… With the Thuka Hit 7 you’ll get not only a bed that’s protected with secure side-panels, but you also receive a desk for doing homework, and a chairbed for relaxing on. Not to mention the price is just fantastic!

Order Your High Sleeper Beds on Our Website!

If you haven’t thought about your child’s bed yet, do not worry… You can order online today, and we will deliver to you in a couple of days, so your little ones can get that all important sleep they need.

All high sleeper beds can be installed by our team for an easy application and we will even deliver for free if you live locally! Contact us today with ant enquires you have.

High sleeper beds

Make the Most Out of Your Space with Our High Sleeper Beds

If you want to create an exciting bedtime experience for your kids whilst making the most out of your current space – our high sleeper beds are just what you need add a touch of sophistication that’s practical, safe, and excellent value for money.

Based in Leek and offering our customers the opportunity to order there beds online, UK Bed Store are known all throughout Staffordshire for having the most diverse range of beds with exceptional quality!

Only the Best Brands for Our High Sleeper Beds

Specially designed for kids and teens with the most durable materials, our high sleeper beds are handy for all purposes including storage, sleep space, and to make a fun addition which we known your children will love!

If your child is aged between 8 – 12 years, we highly recommend our Thuka Hit 10 high sleeper. Fully equipped with a desk and storage method, this beautifully designed solid wood bed, finished with a whitewash coating, is guaranteed to last for years and fit into any style of room. The little desk area is perfect for homework, drawing, or doodling, and your child will love the idea of having there own private space to relax and learn.

For older children and teens, we understand that comfort and practicality becomes more important for their sleeping area… We have a fantastic range of teen inspired high sleeper beds such as the Birlea Paddington.

This bed has everything you need from shelves, drawers, a wardrobe, storage, and a stunning black and walnut finish to create a wow-factor – not to mention its extremely affordable!

Order Your New High Sleeper Beds Online Today

Found one you like on our website? All you need to do is order online and we will deliver and install your bed for you! All high sleeper beds come flat packed for home assembly, so if you fancy doing it yourself, we are at hand to help you through the process.

To know more information regarding our other bed ranges such as mid sleeper beds, day beds, or metal bedscontact us today!

Bunk Beds for Kids

Bunk Beds for Kids are the Exact Thing Your Property is Missing

Bunk beds for kids can be a whole lot of a fun, and have a lot of positives involved with their purchase.

Bunk beds are an exciting, and practical solution for saving space in a bedroom – especially when space is limited. We can provide them in a variety of widths, lengths and colours.

We have over 40 years of experience to help you make a decision that you’re confident about, and our excellent eye for quality when it comes to bunk beds for kids is second-to-none.

All of our bunk beds for kids are manufactured from the best available materials.

Our top tips for Safe Bunk Bed use:

Whether you love or hate them, bunk beds are a clever, stylish solution for those struggling to save on space.

If you’re worried about your children having their own personal space – with a little imagination and clever design, bunk beds can be used as a room divider – with the upper tier belonging to one child and the lower tier belonging to another.

We’ve come up with a few handy tips to ensure that any bunk bed usage is as safe as can be;

  • Only use the top bunk for sleeping! Playing at a height could lead to injury.
  • Ensure all ladders and guard rails are fitted, fixed and stable.
  • Make sure that all mattresses are suitable in their size in relation to the guard rail.
  • Regularly check for wear and tear.
  • Don’t hang looped objects on the bunk bed, this is dangerous!

We hope that these tips prove to be helpful and that all future bunk bed use in your property is as safe as possible!

Contact us for our Bunk Bed range

Our range of bunk beds for kids is extensive, and you can view it here.

If you’d like more information regarding our range, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Mid Sleeper Beds

Mid Sleeper Beds – The Perfect Choice for your Child!

In regards to choosing the right bed, mid sleeper beds can quite possibly be the perfect choice for your child.

Choosing the right bed for your child can prove to be difficult, especially with a range of options to choose from.

Do you want to go plain and simple, or more extravagant? Do you have more than one child? There’s a whole host of questions you need to consider before purchasing a bed.

If you’ve never considered a mid sleeper bed, these are great options regardless of the child’s age.

Why Mid Sleeper Beds Make a Perfect Choice

We’ve come up with a few reasons as to why you should consider getting mid sleeper beds for your children.

  • They are incredibly fun

If you were to ask any child, they’d pick anything over a standard bed. Sometimes, if a bed is boring, a child might not even want to sleep in it. If you make their bed exciting, they can’t wait to go and adventure in dreamland. Some mid sleeper beds offer tents underneath, often helping to help inspire creativity and the use of imagination.

  • Increasing storage

If your space is limited or the child is in a box room – mid sleeper beds provide a huge amount of storage capability, with many coming with bookshelves, cupboards or other storage facilities.

  • They can be converted

As is the case with most things, your child is going to out grow the mid sleeper beds. But, if required, most of them can be converted into a single bed – effectively letting you get two beds for the price of one!

Contact us to Take the First Step Regarding Mid Sleeper Beds

So, what are you waiting for? Our beds are the perfect option for your youngster!

If you require more information, just give our expert team a call.

Bedroom Furniture

Bedroom Furniture To Improve Your Well-Being and Mindfulness

Bedroom Furniture can have a huge impact on your well-being and mindfulness – after all, the BBC reported four years ago that the British public spend more time using their technology than they do sleeping. This can have a detrimental effect on how you function mentally, so it’s important to unwind with bedroom furniture that can improve how you’re feeling.

At the UK Bed Store, we have an extensive range of furniture which can help your room become cosy, practical and welcoming. Ranging from modern to traditional styles, we’re sure we can provide the perfect bedroom essentials to add style and character to your room.

How Bedroom Furniture Can Improve Your Well-being

Using your bedroom as a place to slow down and relax, away from the fast pace of day-to-day life is one of the best things you can do.

Simply sitting on your bed and repeating a relaxing mantra can give your mind a chance to slow down – and so can taking your time and moving slowly around the room. Rushing creates anxiety.

We’d also recommend a technology curfew in the bedroom. Laptops, smartphones, tablets and televisions can affect the brain’s ability to produce melatonin, which helps us sleep.

If your bedroom is messy, that can also have an effect on how you’re feeling. With our range of bedroom storage solutions, you can ensure that things that shouldn’t be lying around, aren’t.

It’s also important to give yourself some me time. With our range of dressing tables and mirrors, you can provide yourself with a little TLC and unwind by fixing that ingrown hair, moisturising or taking off the days make-up.

It’s vital that children experience a similar wind-down experience too. Our range of kids bedroom furniture is perfect for providing a stimulating, tech-free zone.

Contact us to Learn more About our Bedroom Furniture

We understand that it’s not the easiest thing to understand – how bedroom furniture can have an effect on your well-being – but we promise you it’s true.

If you’d like to learn more about our furniture range, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

Design Children's Beds from UK Bed Store

A Range of Children’s Beds for Small Spaces

Since 2007 we’ve been providing expert knowledge and excellent customer service in regard to children’s beds, as well as offering the best possible prices.

Although the UK Bed Store has only existed for just over a decade, we were originally established as Crown Carpets Furniture and Bed Centre in 1975, giving us over 40 years of experience in making sure our customers are happy.

A number of our customers buy from us time and time again, and we’re proud of that fact. If you’d like to read some of the things our customers say about us – you can read our testimonials.

Perfect Children’s Beds from UK Bed Store

We’re sure that we here at the UK Bed Store, we can offer you the perfect children’s beds.

Our stock includes a number of beds ranging from metal to wooden to leather, as well as divan beds and bunk beds.

We also have a number of 3ft beds, that are perfect for small spaces like box rooms.

We’re sure you’ll be able to find your perfect children’s beds with us, and if you decide to order today, you can take full advantage of our free ‘choose your day‘ delivery option.

For those looking for children’s beds under £100, it might be worth looking towards the Serene Penny 3ft beds that come with a blue or pink metal frame.

For larger budgets, the GFW Sydney range of 3ft beds sit at just under £260 and come in two colourways, with one option consisting of pink, lilac and lime, and the other three shades of blue.  Best of all, their storage capabilities are immense!

Contact us for Children’s Beds

Our range is extensive, so we’re confident that you’ll find something that will suit either your own or your child’s tastes.

If you’d like more information about our children’s beds, please give our helpful team a call today.

Cheap leather beds

Sit Back & Watch the Footy on Our Cheap Leather Beds!

Has your current bed become worn and uncomfortable? Our cheap leather beds are just what you need accompanied with one of our mattresses, so you can kick up your feet and watch the FIFA World Cup in the comfort of your own home!

Even though some of our leather beds have a cheap price tag, they look and feel like a luxury leather item, and this is because we only supply the best brands on the market and use faux leather at the UK Bed Store… You will be getting so much style for your money, along with amazing prices that you simply do not want to miss this summer.

The Best Range of Cheap Leather Beds

To make sure we have the best range of cheap leather beds at our store, our team are experts at recommending the best brands to use, and we can help you to pick your ideal bed that fits in with your budget and home interior.

Of course when you are looking for a new bed frame, the main things you need to be considering are, what size do I need? What style do I need? Or, how much should I spend? Here at the UK Bed Store, we have a range of sizes from small to super king, styles to suit any modern or traditional home, and prices to match your budget – we simply have the best range of cheap leather beds on the market!

If you are looking for something that is cheap but looks amazing, we highly recommend our Limelight Pulsar White leather bed frame. Designed for modern homes, and built to last with durable faux materials, this bed makes a statement as soon as you walk into the room, and we know you will fall in love with this product.

Order Your Cheap Leather Beds Today!

To make sure you get your new cheap leather beds before the next game starts, all you simply need to do is order online and we can have it delivered to you in no time – we can even fit it for you if you like! For more information regarding our showroom or for general enquiries, please contact us today for any advice…

Cheap leather beds

Amazing Cheap Leather Beds Available in Real Leather or Faux!

Want the luxury of a real leather bed but without the huge prices tags? Our cheap leather beds available in faux leather are the perfect option for you to bring some sophisticated style into your interior, along with an animal friendly solution compared to real leather options!

Designed to look great in both a modern or traditional home, our beds have been carefully manufactured, using the most intricate designs so that you create a bedroom interior that is cosy, relaxing, and most importantly comfortable. Not to mention we have unbeatable prices on faux leather options – you simply cant miss out on our fantastic deals…

Cheap Leather Beds That Have the Look of Luxury

One thing that makes our cheap leather beds stand out is that they don’t look cheap at all! By included one of these amazing faux leather beds in your home, you will create a sophisticated home interior that’s beaming with class, quality, and style.

Even though our real leather beds may be a little more expensive than the cheaper faux versions, they’re still better than any other prices on the market and you can get more for your money! You can get some of the best brands known such as Birlea, Julian Bowen, Limelight, and many more who create every bed with quality and durability in mind – these brands are said to be the best in the UK!

If you have a certain style in mind that you desire, our dedicated team will find you cheap leather beds that best fit your budget, along with design advice so you can achieve the interior you’ve always dreamt of…

Find Out More About Our Range of Cheap Leather Beds

Would you like to see our range of cheap leather beds before you purchase? Pop in to see us at our showroom where you will get to examine, discuss, and decide which bed is going to be right – we promise you’ll be amazed the beauty of our beds at such a low price! Contact us today for any enquires…

Faux leather beds

Faux Leather Beds – Better Than the Real Thing!

Do you like the look of real leather beds however want to avoid using animal skin and the huge price tag? We have the perfect solution for you at the UK Bed StoreFaux Leather Beds!

Great for added a unique and stylish element to your bedroom, along with a quality product that’s built to last for many years, these bed frames are a great way to highlight your unique style at affordable prices.

With so much to choose from at the UK Bed Store, you simply cant go wrong, and we guaranteed to have the right faux leather bed for you…

Beautifully Designed Faux Leather Beds

One thing that makes our faux leather beds stand out from all the others on the market, is our highly valued brands who use quality and durable materials in each bed frame. By choosing us for your bedroom furniture, you’re sure to get a long-lasting product that’s better than all the rest, and considerably cheaper than the real leather – there’s truly nothing not to love about these incredible bed frames!

If you want to make a statement in your bedroom, our faux leather beds are a great place to start and look particularly great in modern homes. The trends that you can achieve this year by choosing faux leather are endless, and what’s special about this unique material is that you don’t have to worry about animals being included in the process…

A trend that has been popular this year includes one of our Limelight Pulsar brown bed frame (also available in other colours) teamed with Lynx white and grey gloss furniture for a modern yet traditional feel.

All Faux Leather Beds Delivered Straight to Your Door

There’s nothing quiet like ordering new faux leather beds and feeling the excitement before it arrives… With our fast and reliable delivery service, you wont have to wait long – our team can even fit your bed for you at a small fee if you wish!

To see our beds frames before you purchase, visit our showroom in Leek and we can show you what suitable for you, or contact us today for more information!