Bringing back the bedtime this lockdown

With a fresh lockdown in the UK straight after the Christmas holidays, you might be finding that your little ones are completely out of that bedtime routine. While we know it might be difficult to stick to bedtimes when they are stuck at home all day, keeping children in a routine can help them in these strange times.

Prepare for bedtime

Your children might not be burning off as much energy as they would be if they weren’t in lockdown but that doesn’t mean we can’t prepare them for bedtime in the same way. Each family will have their own ready for bedtime routine, whether this is a nice bath to calm them down, or a fun bath to burn that last bit of energy, this can get them cleaned up and ready to get into a set of comfy pyjamas.
Turning off electronics at least 30 minutes before bedtime, whether this be before bathtime, or to talk to your little ones about their day.
Once in bed, instead of adding extra stimulants, such as the tv, try reading your little ones a story to drift them off to sleep. You might even find that one story that makes them fall asleep almost immediately.

Energise the day

When our little ones have trouble getting to sleep, or winding down at the end of the day, look at how they are burning their energy during the day. Being stuck at home isn’t fun for us as adults, let alone for a child, so get them burning off the excess energy. While many of us are working from home, and working and occupying children isn’t always that easy, keeping them off tablets and away from screens as much as possible will help them to use up more energy (even if you find its in the form of the “I’m bored chorus”). Create some fun games to keep them moving around, including treasure hunts to keep them busy for longer.
And remember, getting them up at the same time every day will help them to keep that routine, and have them tired just in time for bed.

Make sure that your children’s beds are the right ones for them. Ensure that they are comfortable and suitable for your little ones, remember, you wouldn’t sleep on an uncomfortable bed, so why will they?
For more information on children’s beds or mattresses, you can visit our website, or contact a member of our expert team today.

January Lockdown with UK Bed Store

With the UK plunging back into another national lockdown, here at the UK Bed Store, we’re here for you now more than ever. Our website is remaining active and our team is still on hand to fulfil your orders and get deliveries straight to your door. Making sure that no matter what’s going on around us, your furniture will be there to keep you going.

Working from home

Once again you may find yourself working from home, or perhaps you may not have during the last lockdown. Rather than leaving yourself with poor posture, from being slumped on the sofa with a laptop, why not invest in a brand new desk. It doesn’t have to be big and fancy (unless you want it to be of course) all it needs, is to be functional.
At the UK Bed Store, we have a selection of desks ready for delivery, from simple small desks suitable for your work computer, to the ever attractive Casablanca desk.
If you find yourself working from home make sure to take a look at our blog on working from home, including tips on keeping productive and sleeping well.

Sofa comforts

Not all of us are able to work from home right now, so whether you are still off out to work, or joining those on furlough, you’ll be looking for a place to put your feet up. A comfy sofa is just the place to do that. While we may specialise in beds, you can guarantee that our selection of sofas offers the same high quality as the rest of our products. So why not check out our sofa collection, and change up your living space today.

Bedroom Features

This lockdown may find you spending more time in bed than you normally would. So why not check out our selection of bed and make your space that much more comfortable. You might even find yourself giving your bedroom a good old clear out, leaving you with plenty of space for a new stylish bed!
If you are looking for your new bed, make sure you check out our range of mattresses! For more information on the right mattress for you, take a look at our blog from national bed month.

Here at UK Bed Store we hope that our selection of products will help you to make the most of your time spent at home. From giving you a comfortable space to work from home, to a comfy bed to give you a good night’s sleep we hope our products will help make this time easier for you. For more information on any of our products or on delivery please get in touch with us today and we will be happy to help you.

luxury upholstered beds

Treat Yourself This January with the UK Bed Store

The joys of Christmas are behind us and the new year is well underway. Are you finding that the wintery weather and the post-Christmas feelings are getting you down? Why not beat away the blues with UK Bed Store.

Upgrading the boudoir

With many of us spending at least 8 hours a night curled up tightly in bed, either happily snoozing away or battling to try and drift off, the best gift to yourself this January is a new bed.

Standard advice is that we upgrade our mattresses at least once every 8 years, with that in mind, when was the last time you changed yours? Not all mattresses will keep their form for the full 8 years that they are expected to, so when you start to notice odd lumps and bumps or dips where you lay, it might be worth an early upgrade.

The next question is, just the mattress or are you due a complete new bed (why not decorate the whole room to make yourself feel better too)?

From space saving ottoman beds, to luxurious leather beds and even day beds, here at UK Bed Store we have a vast selection to suit the new look of your room! You might even redecorate your room because you like the look of a certain bed.

Bedroom Furniture

Not only do we have a great selection of beds available, we also offer a selection of other bedroom furniture to complete your new boudoir!

For the modern, minimalist bedrooms we have a selection of simplistically designed wardrobes in doors in a range of colours including a high gloss finish. For a classic look our traditional wooden wardrobe might be the one for you! Head over to our Wardrobes page for the full collection.

For the style savvy amongst us, our selection of dressing tables certainly has something for you. Vintage designed dressing tables, complete with a mirror are a firm favourite in our collection, but for the more bachelor pad style, our Ottowa dressing table fits the bill!

Here at UK Bed Store, we know how it feels once the excitement of Christmas is a distant memory, and the wet, dark weather outside makes us want to stay curled up in bed. So head over to our Bed Frames or Mattresses collections to find your next comfy space. For more information on our products please get in touch today.

Why Day Beds Are The Perfect Spare Room Space Saver

Flexa Nordic Day Bed With StorageMaybe you’re looking into decorating your new spare room and are wondering how to get the most out of your space. If you find yourself without much space to work with, but want to maximise the opportunities for what it could be, look no further. Our selection of day beds with storage options and pull out underbeds offer a variety of benefits to help unlock your spare room’s potential. Read our guide below to find out more.

Five Reasons A Day Bed Might Be Perfect For You

The Size

The first thing that you take into account when decorating any room should be the space and how to use it. Does your spare room have a lot of space? Would anything more than a single bed frame take up too much space? Day beds are a really versatile bed that can in some models, offer up to two single beds for the size of just one. Its ability to transform into a stylish seating area also saves you from committing to using the spare room solely as a bedroom.

The Functionality

Developing more upon that, one of the day bed’s real strengths is in it’s functionality. If you want a practical, cosy and versatile spare room that can transition easily from a man cave or dressing room to a guest bedroom, look no further. With the ability to be used for seating during the day, our day beds will make you the ultimate host whether it’s for your next family gathering or your kid’s next sleepover.

The Style

With our wide range of day beds here at the UK Bed Store, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. We have day beds in a variety of colours, wood and metal. With collaborations from brands including Julian Bowen, Flintshire Furniture and GFW, we’re sure that we’ll have a style to fit your room. With both a headboard and a footboard, these are distinct from sofa beds, offering a contemporary and stylish fit for any lounge or spare room.

The Storage

Especially handy in the season of post-Christmas clutter, we have a selection of kids day beds with storage options available. Tired of throwing things under the bed to get dusty and hard to find? We’ve got the bed to keep you organised. Our Flexa Nordic Day Beds for kids not only provide you with a trundle mattress that can be pulled out for an extra sleeper, but they also provide you with two storage drawers for any leftover Lego, untidy toys or anything else that you may need to pack away tidily.

The Extra Bed

As mentioned when discussing our day beds with storage, we also have models that offer you two beds for the size of one. With a lot of our range, you can also get a pull out bed in the form of a pull-out trundle or an under bed frame. With detailing to disguise the underbeds in the form of anything from wooden drawers to fabric button detailing, you can stylishly double the sleeping capacity of your spare room to become the ultimate house guest.

Could A Day Bed Be For You? Get In Touch

If you feel like a day bed could be for you, why not treat yourself and browse our range? If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our expert team will be on hand to guide you through your purchase.

Are Divan Beds the Right Fit For You?

Sealy Pearl Wool 3ft Single MattressDivan Bed Buying Guide

Here at UK Bed Store, we have a wide range of divan beds from a number of top manufacturers. Maybe you’re considering changing to a divan bed, wondering about whether to return to one or just stuck at what to get altogether. Don’t worry, as we’ve got you covered with a five step guide on what to consider before you buy.

Do You Need More Space?

How much space do you have in your room? If you find yourself struggling for space, divan beds can be a great fit for your room. With storage built into the panels underneath, the divan can quickly de-clutter your room, giving you an extra set of drawers, without needing to compromise any free space in your bedroom. Not only that, but whereas with some frame beds, they can stick out further than the mattress, a divan frame is aligned perfectly with its mattress.

What Would You Store In It?

One of the divan’s key features is the built-in under bed storage so it would be silly not to consider what you would actually use it for. Most commonly used for bedding, excess clothes and towels, the divan could free up a cupboard, wardrobe or if you’re a little bit more swept off your feet, a ‘floordrobe.’

Are You Buying the Divan Bed Base On Its Own Or With a Mattress?

Here at UK Bed Store, we have a range of divan beds, both with and without a mattress. If you’re replacing your divan, but the mattress is still ok, you may want to browse our range of divan bed bases. However, if you’re completely replacing your bed, we advise that you purchase your divan bed from our options with a mattress included.

Which Mattress Should I Choose For My Divan Bed?

This is often the big question. Our range of divan beds can be bought with a variety of mattresses. They can include options such as Coil Spring or Pocket Spring, both with added options in Memory Foam and Latex or Gel. When picking your mattress, it’s important to consider your budget, your desired firmness and any physical needs that you may need to bring into consideration.

Decide On Your Divan With UK Bed Store

Once you’ve gone through this guide and feel confident that divan beds might be the right fit for you, start to browse our range. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. From our store in Leek, Staffordshire, you can rely on UK Bed Stores to provide the best divan beds to your door.


A Different Kind of Christmas

Christmas is going to be a little different this year. We might not be able to do all the things we usually would, see the people we would usually see, or even visit the places we enjoy. So let us make the most of what we can do!
Our Christmas day might not be what we were expecting, so how will you be spending yours?

Having a duvet day?

Whether you have been working all year, maybe even working from home, or you have been furloughed, you’re likely to be spending this Christmas at home. So why not have a duvet day? If you’re going all out for your Christmas dinner, why not prepare what you can in advance, and have a good old lie in and welcome in a relaxed Christmas day?
Treat yourself to a new mattress and we don’t think you’ll want to get up early anyway! Just remember to treat the kids to a new bed too, or you might find them jumping into yours Christmas morning!

Sofa siesta?

After lunch, we all know there’s at least one member of the family that needs a good nap! Maybe it’s you, maybe it’s the cat? Either way we know it’ll be sat on the sofa, watching the TV highlights of the day.
Is it the same sofa that you’ve been sat on all year? Have you decorated around it amidst the lockdown boredom? You might be sitting there right now, looking around thinking it no longer matches your room, or that you’d like to add a new piece to compliment your new decor. Why not take a look at our collection of sofas, each one adding its own touch of style to your room. Not to mention comfort too!

Table troubles?

If you are used to going elsewhere for your Christmas lunch, you might not have a dining table at home. Or you might be looking at your current one thinking it looks a little tired. Here at the UK Bed Store we not only think about your plush needs, we have also thought about your practical needs. So why not head over to our selection of dining tables and see what takes your fancy, from small 2 seaters, to larger family tables, you’ll be surprised what we have to suit your space.

Jazz up your space

Not having a usual Christmas might mean that you spend more time at home, looking around at the same rooms you’ve been looking at all year. You might not be looking at changing your furniture this side of Christmas, so why not just move some stuff around? You’ll be surprised at how moving a few things around can change the room. Moving things into different rooms can also add a spot of variety. Don’t forget your decorations will make all the difference too, so why not have a change up from last year?

Am I too late for Christmas delivery?

Many of our products are in stock and ready to go. So where possible we aim to get your new products out to you as soon as possible. Head over to our Deliveries page should you require further information. If you are still unsure, please contact a member of our knowledgeable team today and they will be able to provide you with the most up to date information at that time.

From our family here at UK Bed Store to yours, we wish you all the best this Christmas and hope that your year comes to a wonderful end. And to all your little ones, Santa has scrapped the naughty list this year, so if you want to sneak that extra biscuit we won’t tell him!
Best Wishes and Merry Christmas.


How to beat winter fatigue

For many of us, the darker, colder mornings mean one thing, we have a much harder time getting out of bed!
It’s easy to feel more sluggish and fatigued as the cold weather sets in, but our tips will ensure you feel fresh as a daisy this winter!

Prioritise your sleep

Nothing helps ward off fatigue better than a good night’s sleep! However, it’s important not to let the winter blues make you sleep for longer, if you get too much sleep it’s possible you could actually feel worse. We don’t actually need any more sleep during the winter, so it’s important to still aim for 8-hours of sleep a night. Try to go to bed and wake up at a similar time everyday, maintaining a good routine is important for ensuring your sleep is undisturbed, and that you feel fresh in the morning.

Let the light in

The lack of natural sunlight during the winter months can disrupt the body’s sleep and waking cycle, and induce the overproduction of melatonin in the brain, a hormone that makes us feel tired. It’s important then to try and get as much daylight as possible, open your curtains as soon as you wake up, and try to get outdoors during the day where you possibly can.

Maintain your exercise routine

Regular exercise works wonders for reducing fatigue, while it might be difficult to find the motivation on dark winter evenings, maintaining your levels of physical activity will actually give you more energy- so try to get involved in some form of exercise each day! Even a quick walk around the block can get your blood pumping.

Wind down

The winter months can be a great time to focus on your self-care routine. Try adding mindfulness techniques to your daily routine, or why not try yoga or meditation as a method to wind down and relax in the evenings. Not only will this help you to feel generally better, but could also improve your sleep quality.

Eat right

During the winter it’s especially important to ensure that you’re eating a balanced diet. You’ll have more energy if you ensure you’re eating plenty of fruits and vegetables. Try to avoid high sugar foods, while they might appear to give you a quick burst of energy, this will quickly wear off and leave you feeling worse. Ensuring your evening meal and snacks are light and healthy can also help you get a restful night’s sleep.

Why not treat yourself to a new bed this winter and ensure that you’re getting the rest you need to beat winter fatigue! Please contact us today if you have any questions about our range of mattresses and bed frames.


Freshen Up Your Bedroom This Lockdown

Here at UK Bed Store we offer a fantastic selection of bed frames and mattresses, but did you know that we also stock a wide range of bedroom furniture too?

If you’re thinking of using your spare time during lockdown to switch up your old bedroom furnishings then look no further, we can help you pick out the perfect furniture that will help you to make the most of your space!

Make your bedroom work for you

The first thing to consider when choosing new bedroom furniture is how you use the room. Do you need a spot for the television, or is your bedroom a screen free zone? Do you need plenty of storage space for clothes and accessories, or do you have a separate space for this?
Once you’ve considered this, you should have a better idea of the sort of furniture that should be the focus of your room.

Wardrobes and drawers

When considering storage solutions for clothing there are two key things to consider, first how much space you need, and secondly the type of clothing that you’ll be storing. If you’ll be storing a mixture of clothing it’s probably best to consider both space for hanging long items such as dresses and coats, and shelving or drawer space for items like trousers and jumpers, along with accessories such as bags and shoes.
We stock a wide range of wardrobes and drawers that are stylish, practical and affordable. From traditional pine to sleek, elegant contemporary designs such as gloss or oak, we’ve got you covered!

Bedside storage

A bedside cabinet or table can provide an extra storage space that can come in handy for storing books and devices, or even as just a spot to put your glasses and alarm clock. If you have space to add bedside tables to your bedroom design it’s well worth considering, not only for their practicality but also the way that they can complete the room. At UK Bed Store, we offer a wide selection of bedside storage, so we’re sure to stock the right design for you!

Dressing tables

Adding a dressing table to your room can add an essence of elegance and that feminine touch. Not only can a dressing table create a practical space, both for the storage and use of hair and beauty products, but it can be the finishing touch that the room needs. Not to mention it can be a vital part of a woman’s morning routine.

We stock a range of dressing tables that will compliment any bedroom, and we also have stools and mirrors available, for that finishing touch.

Why not consider those little extras that can add a final touch to the look of your room, and come in handy for storing clutter such as blankets and throw pillows. We stock a selection of blanket boxes, and other storage solutions that could help to complete your space!


National Back Care Week 2020

When it comes to caring for your back, one of the most important factors is how you sleep, and what you sleep on. That’s why, here at the UK Bed Store, we are supporting National Back Care Week 2020. This year the awareness week falls from 5th October to 9th October.

What is National Back Care Week?

National Back Care Week was created to raise awareness of those who suffer with back conditions, or who do a manual role that may impact the health of their back.
Many of us take a healthy back for granted and do not appreciate the struggle that individuals may be going through on a daily basis.
The theme for this year is back pain in nursing. Many nurses struggle with back pain, especially later in their career. Due to the constant lifting and shifting of patients and equipment they are more susceptible to back injury or long lasting pain. This week can help to highlight the daily struggles and how important it is to care for your own back.

Back Pain In Nursing

Due to the nature of the job, caring for others means that they will have to undertake manoeuvres that will eventually take their toll on our nurses. While in recent years there has been a push on manual handling guidance and an encouragement to follow these lifting and shifting guidelines, it may not always be possible due to the “item” being moved being a human being, usually an unwell one at that. Unfortunately, there is little that can be done to avoid this.
So, where possible, we promote our nurses ensuring that outside (and inside where possible) work doing the best they can for their backs. This includes regular massage or chiropractor appointments, fitness to improve the muscles in the back and the use of a good quality mattress.

How Your Bed Can Help Your Back

It’s long since been known that what you sleep on can have a huge impact on your back. Sleeping on a hard floor, in comparison to sleeping on a supportive mattress makes a big difference.
Typical advice recommended that an orthopaedic mattress is the best for individuals struggling with back pain. However, this advice might not be accurate for you. When looking for a mattress you should look for one that is supportive to you. This includes moulding to your shape and how you sleep. For example a smaller individual who sleeps on their side, would find it extremely uncomfortable to sleep on an extra firm mattress as it would not contort to their body shape. Whereas a softer or a memory foam mattress would mould to the right shape, offering fuller support.
Where two individuals share a bed, both need to be taken into consideration, and ideally either a mutual ground or a mattress that reduces the movement felt by the other person such as a pocket sprung or memory foam mattress where the movement is contained.

If you are looking for a new mattress and struggle with back pain, contact one of our experts here at UK Bed Store who will be more than happy to discuss your individual requirements, finding you the best support.


Keeping warm this Autumn

So many of us struggle to keep cool in summer, which can greatly impact the quality of your sleep. But what about keeping warm as the weather starts to get cooler? And what really is the best temperature for you to get a great night’s sleep?
There are so many things that impact the quality of our sleep on a daily basis, from stress, to aches and pain, a screaming child to a partner taking up the whole bed. Don’t let the temperature be another factor.

What Is The “Optimum” Sleeping Temperature?

This can be subject to interpretation. So some of us may believe that sleeping in a cooler room gives you a better night’s sleep and prepares you for the day ahead, meanwhile others consider a warmer sleep to offer them a deeper and fuller sleep.
So what does “The Sleep Council” say on the matter?
“Your body is at its lowest temperature when you’re asleep, so a cool 16-18°C (60-65°F) is thought to be an ideal temperature in a bedroom. Temperatures over 24°C (71°F) are likely to cause restlessness, while a cold room of about 12°C (53°F) will make it difficult to drop off.”

How Can I Keep Warm In A Cool Room?

While your room is ideally slightly cooler (yes even into the winter) It doesn’t mean that you cannot use other aids to warm yourself up to fall asleep. If you are one of the many that wants to be warm when you fall asleep, even if your room is at the optimal temperature, there are a number of ways to warm up that can be removed throughout the night.
A great method of warming you up to fall asleep is the trusted hot water bottle. They have always been a firm favourite in many households, and we fully support this. They are at their warmest while you fall asleep, cooling down as the night goes on, allowing you to cool to a good resting temperature.
You may wish to wrap up in warm PJ’s and some nice thick socks. Again this is a great method, if you get to warm you can always peel back the covers to regulate your temperature.
The most common warming method is to add a couple of extra throws or blankets onto your bed. These are great as if you wake up too warm you can peel these away, and the inside of your bed will stay warm enough for you to fall back into a cosy sleep.

Do I Need To Change My Bedding To Suit The Season?

For those of you who already do this, it might seem like an odd question. But there are many of us that keep the same duvets all year round and change our external conditions.
While no one is going to directly tell you that you need to change your duvet to suit the temperature outside, there are a number of benefits to investing in a winter/summer option. And if space is an issue, vacuum bags are great at squashing even the thickest of winter duvets right down.
When it comes to regulating your sleeping temperature, the duvet plays the biggest part. If you are trying to sleep under a giant feather winter duvet in the middle of summer, you’ll quickly find it uncomfortable. And likewise for the thinnest duvet in the heart of winter. Finding a duvet that suits the season will help to reduce the need of other aids such as additional blankets and woolly socks.

Here at the UK Bed Store we understand the importance of a good night’s sleep. That’s why you won’t find us walking around like zombies first thing in the morning! If it’s time to upgrade your bed or your mattress to help improve your sleep get in touch today! Our expert team is on hand to support you throughout the process.