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High Sleeper Beds Or Bunk Beds

Do You Need A High Sleeper Bed and A Bunk Bed

In our most recent blog, we looked at everything there is to know about mid sleeper beds. From who might sleep in the bed, what kind of décor best suits this type of bed and everything else in between. We were considering producing a similar guide for the faithful high sleeper bed. However, we realised that what our customers are more keen to know is what is the difference between a high sleeper bed and a bunk bed

Commonly, bunk and high rise beds are the subject of much confusion. Furthermore, many customers do not know which style of bed is best for them. 

So, we thought instead of looking at just high rise beds, why not look at both high sleepers and bunk beds. For this guide, we will be looking at high sleepers and bunk beds exclusively. We have decided to look at the benefits of both, similarities, limitations of the various models, the main differences and much more. So, let’s look at the main differences between high rise beds and bunk beds. 

The Main Differences Between High Sleeper Beds and Bunk Beds

If you were to think there is a long and complicated explanation to what the main difference between a high rise bed and a bunk bed is; they you would be wrong. To put it simply, a high sleeper bed is a bed which is positioned a sufficient distance from the ground. A bunk bed is essentially a high sleeper bed, but with a bed underneath. 

Essentially other than this, there are no real differences between them. This might be why they are both so commonly mixed up. 

Both forms have very similar bed styles as well as having similar limitations. Whether that be changing bed frames, mattresses or pillows, most can be used on both forms of beds. The only difference being that a bunk bed has to accommodate for another sleeper in a bed underneath.

Advantages of High Sleeper Beds

The high rise is the metaphorical cousin to the mid sleeper bed. Much like the mid sleeper, the bed caters to a younger audience. However, the high sleeper bed can sometimes cater to slightly older children. 

In fact, the high sleeper has proven quite popular with teenagers and even young adults. So this is one of the many advantages of high rise beds.

 Another big advantage of the previously mentioned bed is the fact you can install a sufficient set up underneath the bed. It is actually this factor which makes the model so appealing to so many of the older children and/or teenagers. For example, many users of the bed install a gaming or an office desk set up underneath the bed. 

If you wish, you do not need to have anything underneath the bed. Many people use the space under them as a convenient storage solution. This is particularly popular use for people who may have limited space for storage at their home. 

Another positive is the sheer novelty of being levitated off the ground. While this may not be a particularly big selling point for older children but nevertheless, there is little denying it still has a certain novelty value. 

Advantages of Bunk Beds

Many of the advantages of high rise beds ring true for bunk beds; this is of course minus the underbed storage benefit. Afterall, a bed will be in the place where you planned to store the equipment or items. 

However, this does not necessarily mean it is a bad thing. In fact, one of the main benefits is the that you will have two beds in one structure. This on it’s own has many benefits. For example, having a bunk bed will save you money as usually bunk beds are cheaper than buying two separate child’s beds. 

Bunk beds can also be very helpful for younger children who fear sleeping on their own at night. Younger children can sometimes have a fear of the dark or another kind of bedroom fear. Having someone in the room with them, in an easily contactable position puts their minds at ease and enables them to have a much better night’s sleep. 

On the topic of bed sharing, a potential advantage of bunk beds for many children is being able to technically share a bed with a fellow family member or, even, a friend. 

As you can see, there are many advantages to both high rise and bunk beds. In fact, many of them are shared. 

Disadvantages of High Sleeper Beds

While we have frequently touched on the many advantages of the high rise beds, and as previously stated, there are many, there are a few caveats. 

One potential disadvantage of the highly levitated bed is that it does not overtly appeal to adults or the elderly. Well this can be fine, it actually creates a sense of exclusivity for children using the bed, the sheer practically of an elderly person using a high sleeper bed is problematic. As you get older, your mobility can be severely affected and as such; climbing a set of ladders to get into bed can prove difficult. 

Another potential disadvantage of high sleepers is the fact that you can not customise them. Well this is not a particularly big negative, it is worth stating nonetheless. Because many high rise beds are single beds, you can not implement many double bed features. For example, you could not install one of our luxury double bed frames. 

Disadvantages of Bunk Beds

Much like the frequently mentioned high sleeper beds, bunk beds do not cater to older customers. For many, this can be a negative on it’s own. 

In terms of other disadvantages, the same also rings true in terms of customisation. Moreover, bunk beds have even less room for customisation. This is because you have the added problem of having two beds to cater for. 

Another potential disadvantage of the bunk bed is bed sharing. Earlier this year, we produced a blog detailing some of the advantages of bed sharing. While many enjoy sharing their sleeping space, some do not enjoy this pleasure. When sharing your sleeping quarters with someone else, it opens the door to potential snores and other annoying sleep habits. 

We Provide Quality Children’s Beds

While we have listed some potential disadvantages of high sleeper and bunk beds, there is little doubt that these style of beds expertly fit their purpose. Many of the negatives are actually by design alone. And we feel it pretty clear that the positives certainly outweigh the negatives. 

At UK Bed Store, we stock a wide range of colourful children’s beds. These include our previously mentioned kids high sleepers, loft beds and, of course, bunk beds. We also stock a wide selection of well known kids bed brands. These include Birlea and Thuka

So if you are looking for a new bed for your child, please contact us. We are sure we will be able to help you. 

Mid Sleeper Bed

Mid Sleeper Beds: A Complete Guide

When it comes to children’s beds, there are few options that are as universally popular or as well known as mid sleeper beds. While its metaphorical sibling, the high sleeper bed does have its fair share of fans, the faithful mid sleeper offers a unique and special middle ground. 

While the exciting world of children’s beds can seem rather daunting and sometimes even overwhelming; the crowd pleasing mid sleeper is definitely a bed you should take note of. But the world of high rise beds, mid sleeper and stylish Thuka beds might be so confusing we hear you say. Luckily, we have decided to give you the complete guide regarding mid rise beds. 

What Is A Mid Sleeper Bed? 

 To put it plainly, a mid rise bed is the middle ground between a traditional single bed and the previously mentioned high sleeper bed. Whereas high sleeper beds, or bunk beds for that matter, can usually accommodate for up to two beds or have much more storage space, the mid rise edition is not nearly as fruitful with exactly how high the bed actually goes. 

The bed is sometimes referred to as middle child as far as children’s beds are concerned. This slightly raised bed is more than a simple middle child however, it is actually a fantastic storage solution. Because of this unique use, the beds are sometimes referred to as cabin beds. In cabin beds, you can store a plethora of everyday items and materials (we will expand more on this later). 

Why Choose One?

As previously alluded to, there are many reasons to choose a cabin bed. One reason being that it is incredibly helpful when it comes to storage. Because the beds are only slightly elevated compared to a high sleeper which expertly caters to having another bed underneath or even a desk depending on your requirement; the bed lends itself much better to the storing of many household items. The items can include, but are definitely not limited to; clothes, blankets, game consoles and other day to day items. 

Another contributing factor to why people opt for these industry leading child’s beds is the fact they are exceptionally stylish. Just by having the bed a couple of feet from the floor, this spices up its aesthetic immeasurably. In addition to this, the bed can actually have multiple different themes and/or decor draped around it. We will touch on the different ways you can implement different themes to your mid rise bed later in this blog. 

The famous mid rise bed is also very adaptable making it the perfect child bed to suit a majority of different decors. 

So, as you might have gathered, the mid rise bed is particularly practical, undeniably stylish and caters to a unique requirement in the bed industry.  

What Age Do Mid Sleeper Beds Best Suit? 

As opposed to the high sleeper, which can sometimes be used by much older teenagers or even adults; this being because high sleeper beds can be repurposed as an office desk and bed combo amongst other things. Mid sleepers do not have this distinction. 

The mid rise bed is more commonly associated with younger children. Although we say young teenagers; we might reiterate that before you consider buying a mid sleeper for your child there are some caveats. 

One of these caveats being that you must make sure your child is not too young to cause a safety concern. This is why most manufacturers suggest that your child is at least 6 years old. However, we might additionally ensure that your child is comfortable enough to sleep in a single bed on their own and to be able to do so safely. 

We have taken the liberty of breaking down the 3 main age categories that mid sleepers appeal for you. We have also provided a short detailed explanation as to why this unique bed is so suitable and popular in the specific age categories: 

6-9 year olds

For this age category the bed really helps to expand their imagination whilst also having the clear advantage of being able to store their favourite toys or other items under the bed. 

10-14 year olds  

10 to 14 year olds might still want to keep their imaginations running wild but this age category requires a greater focus on academic achievements. As such, the area underneath the bed can be used for a convenient storage area of pens, notepads and other academia products.  

14-18 year olds

14 year olds and overs are potentially the least likely age category to still have a mid sleeper but that doesn’t mean they can’t find new and interesting ways to explore their unique sleeping arrangements. 

Are They Safe? 

One of the questions on most parent’s minds will of course be, are mid sleeper beds safe? And who would blame them? when it comes to choosing a bed for your children, the overall safety of the bed is paramount. Generally speaking, mid sleeper beds are pretty safe. It must be said however, this is assuming certain rules are always followed.

Firstly, the bed should have been assembled in the correct manner. The same can be said for any bed. If the bed is not assembled correctly then the general integrity of the bed might be called into question. The last thing you want is the bed facing a catastrophic collapse when you or another member of your family are near it, or worse, on it. 

Jumping should also be discouraged. Because the bed is raised slightly off the floor, you can imagine your little one might be tempted to jump down from the bed. But the mid sleepers are not designed for this purpose and subsequently jumping from the bed is heavily discouraged. 

Additionally, a sufficiently sized mattress should be used for the bed. While this is not a great safety concern; having an ineffective mattress can lead to a great deal of discomfort for your child. 

Expanding Your Imagination With A Mid Sleeper Bed

As previously alluded to, mid sleepers are far from a one trick pony. There are many themes and designs which can be implemented. We thought we would break down some of the most common. 

With A Slide

We start with potentially the most fun of all the eligible accessories available for your mid rise bed. When you equip a slide to your bed; you ensure that every time your child comes to get out of bed it is a fun and exciting experience. You might think that this novelty would get boring, but we have heard from our customers, it never actually does!

With A Tent

By installing a tent into your cabin bed; this enables children to create their own little get away from the rest of the world. The tent acts as their own personal play space whilst simultaneously offering a unique and special experience for your child. 

Fit A Pull Out Desk

While the high sleeper bed might be able to have a fully fleshed out desk; the frequently mentioned mid sleeper bed can actually come equipped with a pull out edition. The pull out desk is extremely beneficial as not only is this incredibly practical as the desk can be used for academic purposes but the fact the desk can be put away after use is a clear advantage. 

A Unique Tailored Design

When it comes to designing your mid rise bed, the sky really is the limit. There have been so many different designs tailored to unique ideas we can not actually keep track of them all. One such example is a mid sleeper which had been changed to resemble a doll house. This came equipped with sliding doors which opened to reveal the picturesque bed.

At UK Bed Store, we stock a wide range of children’s beds. From kids’ high sleepers, to mid sleepers to traditional children’s beds. No matter the requirement for your bed, we are sure we will have something to fit your purpose. 

National Stop Snoring Week 2022

Nation Stop Snoring Week 2022

The week beginning 18th April 2022 in the UK is commonly known as being national stop snoring week. The whole week is dedicated to trying to get the annoying snorer in your life to kick the habit once and for all. The bed you sleep on, be it a high sleeper bed or a deluxe Limelight bed, does not have a direct effect on why or how you snore. There is much to be said about why we snore and how we can stop doing it.  

It is advised that around 15 million people in the UK snore, with a further 30 million people being affected by someone who snores in their life. Statistically, it is advised that men snore louder and more often than women and people aged between 50-60 years old snore more often. 

In this blog, we will highlight why people snore, what it could mean and ways to stop doing it. 

Why Do You Snore? 

When it comes to why someone snores; there can actually be multiple reasons. Identifying why you might be snoring is actually extremely effective as you can then conjure different ways to stop this potentially annoying pastime. Some of the reasons you might be snoring can include: 

Alcohol, Smoking or Medication- Alcohol, smoking or certain medications such as Diazepam, can significantly relax your muscles leading to the resulting loud snoring. Snoring mainly occurs when the muscles in your airways relax and start to vibrate as air passes through. 

Blocked Nose or Sinus Problems– If your airways are blocked or if you have a runny nose, this might result in snoring. This is because the blocked airways make it difficult or virtually impossible to inhale creating a vacuum in your throat which in turn leads to, as you might have guessed by now, snoring. 

Being Overweight or Generally Out of Shape– If you have fatty tissue or generally poor muscle structure; you might be a snorer because of this. However, it might surprise you to know that you don’t always have to be overweight to have a weight related snore problem. If you carry excess weight specifically in your neck or throat, this can in turn make you snore.

Your Age– Whilst you can change some of the reasons you snore, some reasons are completely out of your control. One such reason is your age. As you become older, your throat becomes narrower and the muscle tone in your neck decreases. This, rather unsurprisingly, results in snoring.  

Sleep Posture– Certain ways you sleep can result in snoring. Sleeping on your back, which coincidentally is one of the popular sleeping positions in the UK, can cause your muscles to relax and in turn allows you to snore. 

Your General Genetic Makeup– Very much in the ‘you have little control to no control over’ category; your general genetic makeup can make you snore. For example, men have narrower air passages than women which means they are more susceptible to snoring. Additionally, a cleft palate, enlarged adenoids or other physical attributes can increase the likelihood of you being a snorer.    

Hereditary– While the act of snoring is not necessarily hereditary, most of the factors, such as the way you are built most definitely are. 

What Does It Mean? 

You might live with a snorer or you might be one yourself, however, you might never have asked; what does it actually mean? 

To put it simply, snoring occurs when the muscles in your throat relax causing tissue to vibrate as air passes through it as you breathe. Whilst the worst effect of snoring is usually annoying your partner and dramatically impacting their sleeping pattern which can be devastating by itself; snoring can showcase issues which are more severe. 

Snoring can indicate sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a serious condition where your sleeping is briefly interrupted multiple times during your nights sleep. General snoring should not affect you during your sleep, however, if throughout the day you are suffering from extreme fatigue and tiredness then this could be a tell-tale sign of you are suffering from sleep apnea.

Ways To Stop Snoring

If you are, or if you know someone who snores, you need not to worry as all hope is not lost. There are a few tried and tested techniques you can use to stop snoring once and for all. This includes: 

Ensuring Your Stay Well Hydrated– On average, men and women drink about 15 cups of various liquids a day. This might not seem very important as far as sleeping is concerned but staying well hydrated can drastically improve your quality of sleep. You are dehydrated, secretions in your nose become stickier which can create more snoring. 

Opening Your Nasal Passages– As you might have already guessed, opening your nasal passages can help you stop snoring. There are many ways to do this. Some of which include taking a hot shower before bed or using a nasal spray. 

Focus On Hygiene– Bad sleep habits, such as working long hours without sufficient rest or not changing your bed sheets often enough, can result in your becoming a snorer. 

Changing The Pillow– Following on nicely regarding having good sleep hygiene and habits, allergens can live on your pillow which can enlarge your throat due to an allergic reaction. The enlarged airways can not only make it hard to breathe; but you will probably start snoring as a result of this. Frequently changing your pillow can be a great way of combating an allergen build up. 

Changing Your Sleep Position– If you sleep on your back, statically speaking you are more likely to snore. If this is your preferred sleeping position, you might want to adopt a new sleeping position. 

Lose Weight– As previously alluded to, being overweight can have a negative effect on you being a snorer. As such, you might want to consider losing weight to combat the snoring habit. 

Stop Drinking Alcohol (Especially Before Bed)– Sedatives and alcohol relax your muscles leading to snoring. This point we have already touched upon. To decrease the likelihood of you snoring, you should stop drinking alcohol as frequently. This rings especially true for drinking alcohol 3-4 hours before bed as this has a much worse effect.

Contact Us 

Are you looking at ways to improve your sleeping arrangements and say goodbye to snoring in your life once and for all? Please get in touch with us. 

While you are at it, why don’t you check out our fantastic range of products which include sleek metal double bed frames and stylish day beds

high sleeper beds

Which Bed is Best for Your Age?

Some people say age is just a number and whilst it might be, certain products are definitely catered to specific age groups. You wouldn’t see adults aged 40 playing with nerf guns for example. 

What we would like to know however is; does this apply to beds? From comfy day beds to luxury upholstered beds, are these beds meant to be for specific ages or can they be enjoyed by anyone?

Firstly, there are particular beds that are just impractical for certain age groups. If you are over the age of 65 you might not want to climb up a high rise bed. Similarly, if you have a 5 year old child you wouldn’t want to see them in a limited edition king size with a tailor made headboard. 

So, if you are thinking of making a bed purchase in early 2022 and are struggling to decide which is best for you and more specifically your age, we’ve got you covered. 

High Sleeper and Mid Sleeper Beds

These little gems are perfect for children but you might not know, high sleepers in particular are becoming increasingly popular with teenagers and even young professionals. 

Mid sleeper beds are very popular with younger children. The slightly elevated beds offer ample storage underneath for toys and smaller clothing making them perfect for children aged 4-12. In addition, the bed being slightly off the ground gives younger children an element of fun as they think the bed has a little bit of something special.  

High sleeper beds are again popular with younger children as they enjoy the novelty of being high up in their room. However, we have found these beds can be even more popular with teenagers and, rather surprisingly, young adults. 

This is because high rise beds provide a fantastic opportunity to install an office desk setup which is perfect for giving your bed a sense of functionality. Teenagers love spending hours gaming with their friends whilst young professionals love the practicality of being able to roll out of bed and log straight onto their work laptop. 

This is particularly beneficial for young professionals who live in a house share or in a city apartment where there is not an over abundance of space available. So if you are in these age categories and are looking for a new bed, high and mid sleeper beds might be ideal for you.

The Thuka Range

Whilst we are on the topic of beds for younger children, we would like to highlight our Thuka range. For many of your little ones, the joy of Christmas has now worn off. Their bedroom floors are being scattered with the toys they were looking forward to all year and their beds are being slowly filled with more and more blankets as the colder nights draw in. 

You might not be thinking it now but this is the perfect time to treat them to a new bed. This is where Thuka comes in. Thuka offers funky and vibrant beds ideally suited to younger children and teenagers. 

Thuka is a Danish brand that caters their beds specifically to children. They offer hip and trendy designs, a fantastic degree of flexibility and a brilliant opportunity for your young ones to grow with them. How the bed looks is very important to younger children. If they happen to be showcasing one of the many stylish Thuka designed beds when their friends come for a sleepover, there is no doubt they will be jealous. 

Adult Beds, Where to Start?

Whilst there are vast opportunities available for teenagers, kids and even young adults, this is nothing compared to options available for adults. 

To clarify, when I refer to adults, I am referring to 25-45 year olds. Adults want beds that can usually be described as sleek, homely and traditional. From faux leather beds to unique wooden bed frame beds to even coil memory foam mattresses, the possibilities are endless. 

If you have ever browsed our extensive catalogue, you might have garnered that beds tailored to adults are most of the beds we supply. We would like to take this opportunity to highlight a few stand outs. 


Even though beds catered to children offer fantastic customisation, this is nothing compared to what is on offer for adults. 

When you are thinking of constructing your bed, you might want to start with what frame you want. Do you want a metal frame? Do you need a double bed frame? Are you thinking of upgrading to a king size or is a single more than sufficient? 

Then, after you have decided on the best bed frame for you, you will need to make the decision on your mattress. 

Serene Furnishings 

Whilst on the topic of having a plethora of options, we would like to highlight serene furnishings. 

Founded back in 2005, Serene Furnishings have quickly become one of the UK’s leading brands for beds. They offer contemporary designs, sleek fittings and all of their products are of exceptional quality. 

Mattresses for Seniors 

Beds are important for seniors but arguably the more important aspect of your bed is the accompanying mattress. 

Although many of us love a comfy mattress. When seniors are enquiring about a new bed, they will want to pay particular attention to the mattress. The right mattress has to be comfy, help relieve stress and also be aesthetically pleasing. A fantastic example of a mattress that perfectly fits this criteria is one of our deluxe feather mattresses. Be sure to check out our full range of mattresses on our mattresses page. 

Contact Us for More Information

We hope you now have a better understanding of how even though any bed can be enjoyed by anyone. There are certain beds that might be better suited to you. 

So why don’t you contact us for more information today regarding beds for all ages today!


New Bed In Time For Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner, you might think that the last thing on your mind is treating yourself to a new bed. But why should that be the case! It’s Christmas for you too!

Treating Yourself

At Christmas time, we know that most people will focus on treating others. Spoiling them with presents, festive dinners and plenty to drink. So when it comes to treating yourself, it may feel like a strange concept. Particularly when it comes to a whole new bed.
However, here at UK Bed Store, we believe that you need a good treat too. And there’s nothing better than the gift of a good nights sleep.
Treating yourself starts with finding the perfect frame, before choosing the mattress that will offer you the bed nights sleep possible.

The Perfect Frame

Everyone has a different idea of the perfect frame, from faux leather beds, to luxury upholstered beds and even a stunning, intricate metal bed. Choosing the right double bed frame is as simple as deciding on your style.
Sleek and stylish – Faux leather beds make for a great addition to your room if you are looking for an excellent sleek style. Consider the Texas double bed frame from Metal Beds, one of our personal favourites.
Plush and comfortable – Upholstered beds are a great choice if you are looking for a soft comfortable finish to your bed. The rust-red colouring of the Time Living Hamburg double bed frame stands out as a statement piece in your room while offering complete comfort.
Elegant and decadent – if your bedroom has an air of elegance, you might want to consider a metal bed frame. The Birlea Bronte is a stunning Victorian classic shape.
Simple and classic – If you are looking for a simple double bed frame, a wooden bed might be just what you are looking for. The Birlea Rio is the perfect understated bed, with matching furniture available.

Good Nights Sleep

Getting a good nights sleep isn’t actually about the bed itself, more the mattress than anything. So once you’ve chosen your new frame, it’s time to make sure that you are getting the right mattress for you.
Head over to our recent blog on “Choosing The Right Mattress For You” for more information on finding the right mattress to give you a good nights sleep.

Treat The Kids

Now we aren’t saying that you need to buy the kids a new bed as part of their Christmas present. Although some of our kid’s range are great fun, so they might enjoy it more than some toys!
We’re thinking practical kids and teens beds. As our kids get older, they might need more space, or storage in their room. So why not consider high sleeper beds? Or even mid sleeper beds?
The Thuka Hit collection offers a selection of high sleeper beds, complete with a desk and a fold out chair bed. Perfect for sleepovers!
For extra storage in a mid sleeper bed, take a look at the LPD Rocco, this will give your little pirates the perfect pirate ship vibes, not to mention storage below deck!

For more information on ordering your new bed in time for Christmas, get in touch with a member of the team here at UK Bed Store who will be happy to help you. Visit our delivery page for more information on delivery.

High sleeper beds

High sleeper beds ideal for modern teenagers

High sleeper beds are the perfect choice for the busy modern day teenager, giving them the space to rest their heads as well as a space to study or relax. Here at the UK Bed Store, we offer a wide range of high sleeper beds which provide parents with the perfect transition furniture for children as they become teenagers. From wooden beds in neutral shades, to solid metal frames in darker shades, we guarantee to have something to suit every personality!

Multifunctional High sleeper beds

Many parents across the UK love high sleeper beds thanks to their multifunctional qualities and space saving designs. In fact, Ideal Home recently called high sleeper beds ‘a God send’ for parents who are starved of space.

With this in mind, here are just some of the many ways through which a high sleeper bed can transform your child’s home life:

  • A ‘chill out’ space – It’s no secret that when your children become teenagers they will look to have their own personal space to chill out. The lower bunk of a high sleeper bed is perfect for this, allowing your child to relax on the spare bed or have friends over. If you opt for a study space combination your child can also study or play games – the choice is theirs!
  • Watch them grow – Depending on which model you choose, some have the capability to adjust their height, so as your teenager sprouts up you won’t have to replace their bed immediately because they have outgrown it.
  • Study space – high sleeper beds offer a study space for teenagers looking to get the top grades in their GCSE’s and A Levels as well as pull out drawers and shelves meaning everything is kept in one place and is easy to find – meaning there’s no excuses for a messy bedroom!

Get in touch to discuss our high sleeper beds

Here at the UK Bed Store, we have been providing the very best beds and furniture to homeowners across the Midlands since 1975 and our highly knowledgeable team will be able to advise the fit for you and your family.

Our high sleeper beds come with a range of features but the most important one, is the guarantee of a good night’s sleep for your child.

We provide fantastic brands such as Limelight, Sweet Dreams, Flexa Nordic and Birlea Paddington high sleeper beds, to name just a few.

Contact us today, our super friendly team can’t wait to hear from you.

High Sleeper Beds - Thuka Hit 7

Latest Tips from The Sleep Council for Back to School with High Sleeper Beds!

Its back to school week and time for your little ones to get into the routine again… Make sure they get the best sleep possible with our high sleeper beds and the latest tips from the Sleep Council.

Since summer is coming to an end and the new school term is about to begin, here at the UK Bed Store we understand the importance of your child getting a good sleep.

We have stocked up on the best high sleeper beds on the market especially for this time – specially designed to make bedtime fun and enjoyable!

The Most Creative High Sleeper Beds Available

As we like to keep up-to-date with the sleep council and their advice, September is all about making sure children aren’t sleep deprived and out high sleeper beds can help with their overall sleeping pattern…

Known for having the most beautiful styles available in every size you can imagine, our children’s beds have been carefully selected for their health and enjoyment, therefore you can be sure to find something that suits them.

Suitable for children of all ages all the way to teen years, our high sleeper beds offer so many benefits and are a cost effective way to create a comfortable place for your children to relax, sleep, and learn – perfect if you are short on bedroom space!

Beds such as the Thuka Hit 7 is one of our most unique high sleepers due to its quirky designs, stylish finishes, and practical extras… With the Thuka Hit 7 you’ll get not only a bed that’s protected with secure side-panels, but you also receive a desk for doing homework, and a chairbed for relaxing on. Not to mention the price is just fantastic!

Order Your High Sleeper Beds on Our Website!

If you haven’t thought about your child’s bed yet, do not worry… You can order online today, and we will deliver to you in a couple of days, so your little ones can get that all important sleep they need.

All high sleeper beds can be installed by our team for an easy application and we will even deliver for free if you live locally! Contact us today with ant enquires you have.

High sleeper beds

Make the Most Out of Your Space with Our High Sleeper Beds

If you want to create an exciting bedtime experience for your kids whilst making the most out of your current space – our high sleeper beds are just what you need add a touch of sophistication that’s practical, safe, and excellent value for money.

Based in Leek and offering our customers the opportunity to order there beds online, UK Bed Store are known all throughout Staffordshire for having the most diverse range of beds with exceptional quality!

Only the Best Brands for Our High Sleeper Beds

Specially designed for kids and teens with the most durable materials, our high sleeper beds are handy for all purposes including storage, sleep space, and to make a fun addition which we known your children will love!

If your child is aged between 8 – 12 years, we highly recommend our Thuka Hit 10 high sleeper. Fully equipped with a desk and storage method, this beautifully designed solid wood bed, finished with a whitewash coating, is guaranteed to last for years and fit into any style of room. The little desk area is perfect for homework, drawing, or doodling, and your child will love the idea of having there own private space to relax and learn.

For older children and teens, we understand that comfort and practicality becomes more important for their sleeping area… We have a fantastic range of teen inspired high sleeper beds such as the Birlea Paddington.

This bed has everything you need from shelves, drawers, a wardrobe, storage, and a stunning black and walnut finish to create a wow-factor – not to mention its extremely affordable!

Order Your New High Sleeper Beds Online Today

Found one you like on our website? All you need to do is order online and we will deliver and install your bed for you! All high sleeper beds come flat packed for home assembly, so if you fancy doing it yourself, we are at hand to help you through the process.

To know more information regarding our other bed ranges such as mid sleeper beds, day beds, or metal bedscontact us today!

High sleeper beds

Stylish and functional high sleeper beds!

Is your child struggling to sleep at night? Why not make bedtime fun with a high sleeper bed from the UK Bed Store? We have some fantastic options available, all of which guarantee to look great whilst also being highly functional and affordable!

With over 40 years’ experience behind us, we have a strong reputation for delivering an excellent level of customer service and over the years, we have become renowned as being one of the leading suppliers of high sleeper beds in and around the Midlands.

Why choose our high sleeper beds?

We understand that children have a lot of energy, and that this can make going to bed on time hard work or tiring for parents. For this reason, all our high sleeper beds have been specially selected to help you to create a room that is stylish and entertaining for children of all ages. Our high sleeper beds are especially suited for children aged 6+ to late teens.

If you’re looking for a bed to make a room extra trendy and fun, look no further than the Thuka range. We’re especially loving the 29 high sleeper at the moment. Featuring cool designs, your child is guaranteed to fall in love with this bed due to the choice of colours available and the built in sofa bed and desk which makes it perfect for relaxing with friends. Not to mention you will be getting all that at an amazing price!

For slightly older children, why not check out the Wizard junior high sleeper? Designed by Flair Furnishings, this high sleeper features an ultra-modern look which is accompanied with a pull-out desk and cupboard unit for easy storage – a perfect place for studying, gaming or relaxing!

Order high sleeper beds online today

To make the process of purchasing a new bed easier, you can order your bed online at any time and we will deliver it straight to your door. Dependent on your location, you may even be eligible for a free delivery!

To ensure that you get the best possible deal, we also offer a fantastic Price Match Promise on all beds. If you would like to find out more about our high sleeper beds, or any of our other bedroom furniture, then please do not hesitate to contact us!

high sleeper beds

A Range of High Sleeper Beds

At UK Bed Store, we offer a collection of stylish high sleeper beds, with an option to suit every bedroom and budget in the UK. We stock a range of household name brands, such as Birlea, Limelight, and Thuka, which are known for designing and manufacturing high quality high sleepers.

If you are in the market for a new bed and are interested in our range of high sleeper beds and bunk beds, you will be pleased to know that they have a range of great benefits.

High Sleeper Beds

Why Choose High Sleeper Beds?

There are a number of features that make high sleeper beds the perfect option for the bedroom. For example, one of the main benefits of choosing high sleepers is that they free up a lot of additional floor space in the bedroom. This extra floor space can used in a practical way, such as to create a study area, or for expanding your storage space.

These benefits make high sleeper beds the ideal choice for students, as well as being ideal for bedrooms where space is tight. If a workspace is what you’re looking for, you might find the Limelight Pavo High Sleeper Study Bunk is the perfect one. Some styles even incorporate a spare bed, like the Thuka Trendy 31 High Sleeper Bed. This popular design is available in a range of colours to suit all bedrooms.

High sleepers can offer you years of comfortable nights, and their on-trend designs mean they are ideal for sleepers of all ages. For the ultimate night’s sleep, we’d recommend investing in a new mattress to complete the package.

Browse Our Range of High Sleeper Beds Online

Take a look at our range of high sleeper beds online. If you would like any more information on any of our models, then please don’t hesitate to give us a call.