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Which Bed is Best for Your Age?

Some people say age is just a number and whilst it might be, certain products are definitely catered to specific age groups. You wouldn’t see adults aged 40 playing with nerf guns for example. 

What we would like to know however is; does this apply to beds? From comfy day beds to luxury upholstered beds, are these beds meant to be for specific ages or can they be enjoyed by anyone?

Firstly, there are particular beds that are just impractical for certain age groups. If you are over the age of 65 you might not want to climb up a high rise bed. Similarly, if you have a 5 year old child you wouldn’t want to see them in a limited edition king size with a tailor made headboard. 

So, if you are thinking of making a bed purchase in early 2022 and are struggling to decide which is best for you and more specifically your age, we’ve got you covered. 

High Sleeper and Mid Sleeper Beds

These little gems are perfect for children but you might not know, high sleepers in particular are becoming increasingly popular with teenagers and even young professionals. 

Mid sleeper beds are very popular with younger children. The slightly elevated beds offer ample storage underneath for toys and smaller clothing making them perfect for children aged 4-12. In addition, the bed being slightly off the ground gives younger children an element of fun as they think the bed has a little bit of something special.  

High sleeper beds are again popular with younger children as they enjoy the novelty of being high up in their room. However, we have found these beds can be even more popular with teenagers and, rather surprisingly, young adults. 

This is because high rise beds provide a fantastic opportunity to install an office desk setup which is perfect for giving your bed a sense of functionality. Teenagers love spending hours gaming with their friends whilst young professionals love the practicality of being able to roll out of bed and log straight onto their work laptop. 

This is particularly beneficial for young professionals who live in a house share or in a city apartment where there is not an over abundance of space available. So if you are in these age categories and are looking for a new bed, high and mid sleeper beds might be ideal for you.

The Thuka Range

Whilst we are on the topic of beds for younger children, we would like to highlight our Thuka range. For many of your little ones, the joy of Christmas has now worn off. Their bedroom floors are being scattered with the toys they were looking forward to all year and their beds are being slowly filled with more and more blankets as the colder nights draw in. 

You might not be thinking it now but this is the perfect time to treat them to a new bed. This is where Thuka comes in. Thuka offers funky and vibrant beds ideally suited to younger children and teenagers. 

Thuka is a Danish brand that caters their beds specifically to children. They offer hip and trendy designs, a fantastic degree of flexibility and a brilliant opportunity for your young ones to grow with them. How the bed looks is very important to younger children. If they happen to be showcasing one of the many stylish Thuka designed beds when their friends come for a sleepover, there is no doubt they will be jealous. 

Adult Beds, Where to Start?

Whilst there are vast opportunities available for teenagers, kids and even young adults, this is nothing compared to options available for adults. 

To clarify, when I refer to adults, I am referring to 25-45 year olds. Adults want beds that can usually be described as sleek, homely and traditional. From faux leather beds to unique wooden bed frame beds to even coil memory foam mattresses, the possibilities are endless. 

If you have ever browsed our extensive catalogue, you might have garnered that beds tailored to adults are most of the beds we supply. We would like to take this opportunity to highlight a few stand outs. 


Even though beds catered to children offer fantastic customisation, this is nothing compared to what is on offer for adults. 

When you are thinking of constructing your bed, you might want to start with what frame you want. Do you want a metal frame? Do you need a double bed frame? Are you thinking of upgrading to a king size or is a single more than sufficient? 

Then, after you have decided on the best bed frame for you, you will need to make the decision on your mattress. 

Serene Furnishings 

Whilst on the topic of having a plethora of options, we would like to highlight serene furnishings. 

Founded back in 2005, Serene Furnishings have quickly become one of the UK’s leading brands for beds. They offer contemporary designs, sleek fittings and all of their products are of exceptional quality. 

Mattresses for Seniors 

Beds are important for seniors but arguably the more important aspect of your bed is the accompanying mattress. 

Although many of us love a comfy mattress. When seniors are enquiring about a new bed, they will want to pay particular attention to the mattress. The right mattress has to be comfy, help relieve stress and also be aesthetically pleasing. A fantastic example of a mattress that perfectly fits this criteria is one of our deluxe feather mattresses. Be sure to check out our full range of mattresses on our mattresses page. 

Contact Us for More Information

We hope you now have a better understanding of how even though any bed can be enjoyed by anyone. There are certain beds that might be better suited to you. 

So why don’t you contact us for more information today regarding beds for all ages today!

Mid sleeper beds

Make bedtime enjoyable with our mid sleeper beds

Is your child having trouble sleeping in their own bed? The UK Bed Store have the solution for you with cool and creative mid sleeper beds! We have been established since 1975 and have over 40 years’ experience in supplying the best quality beds to our customers. Due to our expertise and knowledge, we know what kind of beds that children want nowadays therefore we have plenty of mid sleeper beds to choose from with excellent price tags!

Fun mid sleeper beds that are practical

With Christmas quickly approaching, we understand that children will be having a lot of new toys that need to be stored away. All our mid sleeper beds come in styles for both boys and girls and are designed to maximise storage space by featuring draws, cupboards, and desks.
Our Thuka range is a very popular brand for children due to their unique and fun designs. Let your child’s imagination run wild with these mid sleeper beds as they come in colours and themes such as castles, and they can even have their own slides or over bed caves to make going to bed exciting!

If you are looking for something a little more contemporary and stylish for your child’s bedroom, then the Flintshire Furniture range will be perfect for you! These mid sleeper beds have excellent storage space and are available in high quality oak to add a warm and cosy feel for your child’s bedroom. They can also be finished in white oak for an elegant look or with oak panelling so that your child will feel safe and secure.

Let your child have sweet dreams with our mid sleeper beds

Here at the UK Bed Store, we want to give all our customers a pleasant experience, therefore by coming to our store based in Leek we can give you a face-to-face consultation to discuss all our mid sleeper beds. You could even have a browse at our other products such as mattresses, bedroom furniture and other quality bed frames.

Once you have chosen your ideal bed we will deliver it straight to you within local areas at no extra cost! Alternatively, you can contact us directly today and our team will help you with anything you may need.

Day Beds

Day Beds – The Alternative Furnishing Choice

The Many Advantages of Day Beds

Day beds are often overlooked during the decorating and furnishing stages, with customers automatically making a beeline for regular beds – sometimes having never heard of day beds at all. The beauty of the day bed design is in its duality; it can act as both a bed and a lounger, completely transforming a guest room into a place to relax and spend time in during the day, not just a place to retire to at nighttime.

Metal or Wooden Day Beds

As well as being incredibly practical, day beds are also stylish and versatile; they can be dressed with throws and cushions during the day, and with bedding at night. Choose from either metal or wooden day beds, which ever best suits the décor of your room.

Our Birlea Milano day bed is perfect for those looking to add a little sophistication to the room – its black metal finish is chic and elegant, and its size enables you to make better use of the space around it.

Alternatively, the Thuka Trendy 7 day bed is available in five different colours, with optional extras such as clip on shelves and bendy lights. This is ideal for you child’s bedroom; choosing a day bed frees up space for toys and allows children more room to play.

Are you looking for a larger day bed?

Whilst day beds are usually sold as single beds, a number of models have the option of a trundle, which can be pulled out from underneath the bed to offer more sleeping space. This is ideal if more than one person will be using the day bed, and it still allows you to save space in the room as the trundle is tucked away beneath the day bed.

Our Sleep Design Versailles day bed and trundle is a convenient option with a sprung slatted base and French design. The trundle raises to the height of the day bed, making for a much more comfortable night’s sleep for your guests.

If you love the idea of furnishing your room with a day bed, take a look at the huge selection we have for sale.

Children’s mid sleeper beds

Mid sleeper beds for children are fantastic and fun. Here at UK Bed Store, we stock and supply a huge range of mid sleepers from the very best manufacturers. We stock mid sleeper beds from Parisot, Thuka, Verona, Sweet Dreams, Julian Bowen and Birlea.

Our mid sleeper beds are lots of fun, with a huge collection of themed beds, including space, princess, football, pirates and many more. All in a range of colour choices and build your own packages, with add on lamps, shelves and more.

Our childrens beds collection is massive and will have something your little one will love.

Mid Sleeper Children's Beds from UK Bed Store

Childrens Beds – Colourful Choices at UK Bed Store:

Children’s beds have so many options available that deciding which one to buy can be quite tricky. Choosing the right bed for your child is an important decision for any parent. How long do you want their bed to last? Do you want a bed that last as your child grows and their needs change? We’ll break that down for you right now to help you solve that decision.

Designer Children’s Beds:

Design Childrens Beds from UK Bed Store

We stock an exciting range of fun designer children’s beds from Kidsaw. Their products and vibrant and will liven up our children’s already vigorous bedroom. These kids beds ideally suited for younger sleepers, where simplicity and creativity is valued and can encourage stimulated child development.

Cabin Beds:

Cabin Beds from UK Bed Store

A number of our designers supply us with durable cabin beds, the above is a Verona Pine bed. Cabin beds offer under-bed storage that can be vital in making the most of the space in your child’s room. These are ideal for storing toys and clothes.

Mid Sleeper Beds:

Mid Sleeper Children's Beds from UK Bed Store

Mid sleeper beds are another way of maximising storage. Our range of mid sleeper beds offers more diversity than our cabin beds, but are more suited to slightly older sleepers. With desk and drawer features they are ideal for children in early education needing somewhere to do their homework, that can still be used for play once the books are away.

High Sleeper Beds:

Metal High Sleeper Beds at UK Bed Store

High sleeper beds are the next step up from mid sleepers, both in name and in function. They have a large amount of under-bed space that be used for a full computer desk, or simply as general living space. The options for customisation here are at their highest. Perfect for older sleepers who really value their space.

Bunk Beds:

Kids Bunk Beds at UK Bed Store

Our bunk beds are another excellent choice in efficiently using your child’s bed to maximise use of space. These children’s beds areideal for siblings living in close-quarters. We have a variety of styles, colours, and materials to suit sleepers of all age ranges.

Hopefully with all of the above you’ll have a good idea of what sort of bed you want for your kids. At UK Bed Store we stock a wide range of children’s beds in all of the above styles in our Staffordshire store. You can click to view our full range of kid’s beds. Or, for a personal enquiry, contact us! We’re open from 9am to 5:30pm and are available via e-mail, telephone, post, or in person – get in touch!