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Choosing The Correct Pillow

Choosing The Perfect Pillow For You

When it comes to choosing a new pillow, if you’re anything like us you may be drawn to the softest, fluffiest pillow you can find! However, it can be important to consider what type of pillow is the best fit for your sleeping style. There are many benefits that come with choosing the right pillow, the most important one being that it helps us to achieve the best night’s sleep possible! So, kick back and relax as we navigate the art of choosing the perfect pillow for you and your sleeping style! 

Sleep Is For The Strong

Firstly, let’s talk about the importance of a good night’s sleep. In total, we spend around twenty-six years of our lives asleep and another seven years trying to get there. That’s a third of your life spent in bed! 

In that time, we could be causing a lot of strain to our neck, resulting in poor posture as well as neck and back pain. Sleep experts have found that using a pillow that correctly supports the head and neck reduces these risks and helps us to get more restful sleep. This can also benefit your overall health in other ways, such as improved mood, reduction in stress and being ill less often.

Sleeping On Cloud Nine

The position we sleep in can often determine what type of pillow is best for us. The aim here is for the alignment of the height of the pillow to match our sleeping position. 

Two of the most common sleeping positions are lying on the back or the side, both of which require different types of support. For those who are most comfortable lying on their back, a lower pillow profile would be the best fit, as there is less space between the mattress and head that needs to be occupied to support the neck. Alternatively, side sleepers would benefit from a higher profile pillow, as there is a greater amount of space between the head and the mattress. Opting for supportive pillows which suit you can be a great investment in your sleep quality and physical well-being.

Material Maketh The Dream

Many materials are utilised when creating pillows, however, certain materials have properties that can improve the quality of a product and pillows. For example, allergy sufferers can benefit from hypoallergenic materials, as pillows made from these are less likely to trigger any allergies. Meanwhile, pillows such as the Mlily Bamboo are also dust mite resistant – perfect if you suffer from asthma and eczema. 

For the warmer months – or if you find yourself constantly flipping your pillow over to the cooler side – a pillow with cooling technology might be right for you, as they provide more breathability. This prevents the body from becoming clammy, allowing you to sleep in your perfect temperature range. 

Dreaming Of Plush Pillows

Hopefully, now you have a clearer idea of just a few of the options available to you when picking your next pillow. Here at the UK Bed Store, we have a variety of pillows to suit any sleeper! 

If you have any questions, get in contact today or just pop down to our shop in Leek and meet our friendly team! 

Winter Bedding

Your Guide To Winter Bedding

Now that winter is here, it’s time to swap your lightweight summer sheets for something thicker and warmer. There is nothing worse than popping into a cold bed on a chilly night. For the best sleep this winter, this article by the UK Bed Store will guide you through everything you need to know about winter bedding.

Electric Blanket

If you enjoy jumping into a warm toasty bed, an electric blanket will be your best friend. Instead of turning on the heating in the bedroom, an electric blanket is designed to heat up your bedding before you head to bed. An electric blanket generates heat directly under you, which is much more energy efficient than heating the whole room. 

Electric blankets are placed under your fitted sheet and contain small heating pads with an insulated wire that starts to heat up when plugged in. For your safety, it’s not recommended to leave an electric blanket turned on overnight. Instead, we suggest you switch it on 30 minutes to an hour before you head to bed and unplug before you fall asleep.

Bed Sheets

Our body temperature can drop by 1 to 2 degrees closer to bedtime. Because of this, we recommend changing your bed linens to 100% cotton bed sheets. Cotton is a very popular material not just used for bedding. Cotton bedsheets are an ideal choice for winter because of their ability to regulate temperatures while you sleep. Their performance, longevity, quality, breathability, and their affordability is second to none, especially when compared to other fabrics. For an extra layer of warmth, add a cotton flat sheet to act as a barrier between you and your duvet.


A warm duvet is a winter essential. Duvet thickness is measured in tog ratings. This means the higher the tog rating, the better its ability to retain heat during the night. The most common tog rating used is 10.5, which is perfect for all year round. However, it is sometimes appropriate to switch their tog rating depending on the season, bed sizes, and the age of the person in question. If you feel the cold more or sweat during the night, you can select a higher or lower tog rating to suit your sleeping requirements.

Duvet tog ratings vary, with the following ratings for a different level of warmth:

  • 1-4.5 is great for summer and warmer days.
  • 7-10.5 is suitable for autumn and spring when temperature can differ.
  • 12-15 is best for chilly nights and winter.

Winter Throws

Finish off by laying a winter throw or blanket of your choice over your duvet. This will prevent heat from escaping. Alternatively, placing the throw or blanket at the foot of the bed will keep your toes toasty and warm during the night. If you tend to feel too hot during the night, you can skip this step altogether. Throw overs are not only useful for extra warmth, but it will give your bedroom a stylish and cosy appearance.

High-Quality Winter Bedding

At the UK Bed Store, we want you to stay comfortable and warm while you sleep during winter. So, we supply high-quality bedding products to our customers including beds, mattresses, duvets, and more! For further information, feel free to visit us in-store or get in touch with us.

Halloween Bedroom

Making Your Bedroom Spooky This Halloween

The month of October means many things to different people. For many, it means switching your thinner duvets for thicker ones, as well as various surfaces being covered with delightful orange and brown leaves. This being said, without a doubt the most important part of October comes right at the end. This part is, of course, Halloween. 

Halloween is a brilliant event for all ages. It’s a great time to get out and enjoy this spooky and atmospheric season. While many of you may be out trick or treating, you may not have considered ways to bring Halloween into your home.

While bringing Halloween into your home might seem rather straightforward, bringing Halloween into your bedroom is not such an easy task. At UK Bedstore, we are a highly established bed and mattress supplier, and we pride ourselves on providing you with all the information you need in order to maximise your bedroom experience. 

As such, we have decided to detail ways in which you can make your bedroom spooky this Halloween season. 


When it comes to bringing Halloween into your home, the most obvious way is via decorations. It’s not hard to see why. Similar to Christmas, having decorations is a visually appealing way to establish what time of the year it is. 

Some of the traditional Halloween decorations include decorations such as pumpkins and fake spiders or bats. Alternatively, unique decorations such as ghost shaped cushions really help to add individual flavour to your home. When it comes to Halloween decorations, you really are spoilt for choice. 

The Lighting 

If you would like to bring Halloween into your bedroom but don’t want to splash out on decorations, there are other options available. One way to make your room feel extra spooky is to have appropriate lighting.

Lighting your room during Halloween should be on the decidedly darker side – as to represent a dark night. While you will still want efficient lighting in order to see, lighting that has been dimmed has proven particularly effective at creating this technique. This can be achieved by something as simple as a lampshade or lighting your room with just a bedside lamp. 

Darker Bedsheets

You may not think your sheets or duvet can put you in a spooky mood, but you’d be surprised just how effective the right bed sheets can be. As previously alluded to, Halloween preparations usually require darker tones and this can be demonstrated via your bedsheets. 

If you have darker coloured bed sheets, now might be the ideal time to use them. Similarly, if you don’t have any darker sheets, you might want to consider investing in them. 

Consider Your Bed Type

When it comes to bringing Halloween into your home, you will want to consider different bed types. If you have a faux leather bed, or a Kaydian edition, you might be able to implement Halloween on these beds in different ways. 

For example, if you have a high sleeper, the chances are you will be able to have some kind of seasonal ornament in the space under the bed.  Or, if you have a deluxe king size bed, you might be able to cover the bed with an array of Halloween themed ornaments.

Utilise Your Bed Frames 

While on the topic of utilising your bed type, you may want to utilise your bed frame too. No matter the type of bed frame you have, whether you have a metal bed frame or a wooden one, there are a couple of things you can do to make your frame a little spookier. 

One popular way to do this is by having fake cobwebs on there. Cobwebs provide an element of spookiness and creepiness, and by sprinkling them over your bed frame, you will instantly make your room feel more Halloween appropriate. Just be sure to ensure there are no real cobwebs forming! 

Bedroom Products This Halloween 

If you are looking for high-quality bedroom products this Halloween, be sure to check out our extensive range of bedroom products today. We are sure we will have something to meet your needs. 


Beds and Mattresses

Generally Interesting Facts About Beds and Mattresses

Beds and mattresses have had quite an illustrious and extensive history. In fact, some experts cite the roots of the first ‘bed’ as originating between 23 and 5 million years ago. During the Miocene period, ancient apes changed their sleeping position from branches in trees to woven, hardwood platforms. While the sleeping arrangements were not beds in the traditional sense, this perfectly outlined just how long the conception of beds and mattresses have been around for.

With beds and mattresses being established so long ago, you might have guessed that there is a plethora of interesting facts about them. While some facts are purely trivial, others are decidedly more insightful and intriguing. 

Being a purveyor of high quality beds, we enjoy learning and expanding on our bed and mattress knowledge. We stock all manner of high quality bed types, from cheap leather beds, to traditional single ones and even Birlea branded editions. We stock all bed types. Because of this, we have decided to detail some of the most interesting and intriguing facts about beds and mattresses. 

Traditional Beds Were Invented In Ancient Egypt 

As previously mentioned, the invention of the bed can be traced back all the way to the Miocene period. However, it was not until Ancient Egypt that the first true bed was invented. While the beds used in Ancient Egypt were a far cry from say today’s serene furnishing styled beds, they were widely regarded as the very first practical and widely used beds in history. 

If you were to gaze upon a bed that was used during the ancient Egyptian period, you probably would not think the bed looked very appealing or welcoming. Most of them resembled a metal box rather than a comfy resting place. But during this period, the beds were considered to be the pinnacle of comfort and relaxation. This is perhaps why they became so popular over time. 

Furthermore, you can thank the ancient Egyptians for the modern raised bed. Many of the early renditions of beds had levitated beds by virtue of long rectangular legs attached to the frames. It was this original design that inspired the concept of the modern raised bed. 

The Largest Bed Was Built In 2011

Some of us take great pride in the sheer size of our bed. We enjoy the prospect of being able to starfish on the bed without a moment’s thought to potentially falling off the end because the bed is so large. 

Over the years, we have seen some impressively big beds and mattresses. However, they are nothing compared to the bed that broke the world record back in 2011. 

The Summer Festival of St Gregorius in Hertme in the Netherlands, broke the world record for the biggest bed ever. The bed came in at a whopping 186 feet wide and 53 feet long. While we can appreciate that many of us prefer a more spacious bed, weather that be because it is easier to spread out on and away from your significant other, we think this particular bed size might be a little excessive. 

As such, you might be better off sticking with one of our deluxe king sized beds instead. We are sure that will give you more than enough space. 

Victorians Introduced Children’s Beds

As previously stated, it was the ancient Egyptians who invented the first bed. But for quite some time, children did not have their own version. It was not until the Victorian era that children’s beds were actually invented. 

Until the mid-1800s it was actually commonplace for families to sleep in one room, sometimes even in the same bed. If you think this sounds quite impractical and to the overall detriment of the families sleep and health; you would not be the only one. 

Many Victorian health experts advised that the sleeping arrangements were not ideal in the slightest. They found that bed and room sharing to this scale had some negative side effects. As a direct result of this, the children’s bed was invented. 

It Should Not Take Longer Than 15 Minutes to Fall Asleep

The main purpose of beds and mattresses are to enable a good night’s sleep. This much seems obvious, however, it is not as wisely known that it should not take longer than 15 minutes to fall asleep. 

How long it takes you to fall asleep can have many contributing factors. It is not uncommon to fall asleep pretty much as soon as your head hits the pillow or to spend a while lying in bed overthinking things. But on average it should only take about 15 minutes to fall asleep. 

If you are persistently taking longer than 15 minutes to fall asleep, it could be a sign of insomnia. On the other hand, if you keep falling asleep in less than 15 minutes, it could be a sign of sleep deprivation. While the 15 minute marker is by no means set in stone, it is a helpful and handy marker to evaluate your sleeping pattern and health. 

The Word Mattress Means ‘Throw’

Back in the day of the crusades, bedding was not ideal to say the least. The bedding, if you want to call it that, was merely a bunch of straw tied together with coarse binding. It was not until the crusaders went to the middle east and discovered that in the Arab world, they were already sleeping on comfy cushions that closely resembled today’s modern mattress. 

The word they used to describe the cushion was Matrah, which came from the word taraha. This word literally translates to the word throw. 

In 10 Years, Your Mattress Will Double In Weight

While on the topic of mattresses, there are some rather interesting, albeit slightly grotesque, facts about them. One such fact is that over the course of 10 years, a mattress usually doubles in weight. 

While you might think this sounds interesting, after-all, mattresses are not the lightest to begin with and the mattress increasing in weight definitely creates an element of intrigue, the reasoning for this is actually more realistic and certainly not as flashy. 

Over the course of 10 years, your mattress can accumulate dust, skin cells and sweat amongst other things. This causes the mattress to expand and become heavier. Therefore, it is recommended to hoover the mattress every few months or so. This mitigates the probability of your mattress doubling weight. 

The Phrase ‘Sleep Tight’ Has Interesting Origins

When wishing a friend or family member a good night’s sleep, the chances are, you will have asked them to sleep tight. However, you might not have given it much thought as to where the phrase came from. 

The phrase sleep tight actually comes from the fact that mattresses used to rest on ropes. When people said sleep tight, it was actually a functional reminder to ensure the ropes were tight around your bed so you could have a better night’s sleep. 

We Supply High Quality Beds and Mattresses

We hope that you have found some of these facts interesting and insightful. For more interesting information regarding the bedroom environment, be sure to check out blogs for more insightful pieces in the future. 

Additionally, if you require a new bed or mattresses, we supply high quality bedroom products up and down the country. Whether you are looking for a faux leather bed, super king sized bed,  a gaming setup or other general bedroom furniture, be sure to contact us. We are sure we will have something to fit your requirements. 

Bedroom Productivity

Bedroom Ideas To Increase Productivity

When it comes to spaces that inspire productivity, your bedroom might not be the first place that comes to mind. However, since the beginning of COVID-19 pandemic, there seems to be a much higher demand to turn domestic spaces such as bedrooms into hotbeds of productivity. Because of this, more and more people have been converting their bedrooms into unique homemade work spaces. 

In order for a space to engage productivity, it requires more than a simple place to sit and a desk to rest a work computer or laptop on. It is all about constructing a space which encourages  concentration and productivity. 

At UK Bedstore, we want you to be able to construct your bedroom into any form you so desire. That is why we have decided to detail a few simple but effective techniques you can implement to ensure your bedroom will be a workspace hotspot. 

Add Plants To Your Room

We start with potentially one of the most unusual techniques on this list. While offices up and down the UK have elegant and stylish office plants populating desk and printer tops alike; it might surprise you to learn that implementing plants into your home is an interesting way to help you increase your productivity. 

Many studies have found that plants increase concentration, focus and overall well being. This is essential because establishing a healthy and positive mindset is essential when trying to be more productive. 

Because plants create more oxygen, this means oxygen will be more readily available. Increasing your oxygen intake has proven to have many potential health benefits. One of which is increasing focus and subsequently; productivity. 

Plants also help to create clean air as well as the dispersing of pollutants and bad odours. All of these could potentially be seen as hindrances to concentration. 

Ensure You Have The Right Bed For The Job

While a lot of bedroom workers choose to opt for a traditional desk and chair, some prefer the comfort of their own bed. Beds are often preferred for people lying down, but beds actually create all manner of potential working positions. 

You can obviously sit up with your back rested against the bed frame as well as lying down with your laptop to your side. There are all manner positions you can adopt. The important thing is that you feel comfortable enough to work. No matter how you like to work, you will find a position that suits you when working on your bed. 

All of this being said, if you plan on working in bed, you will require a bed that is fit for purpose. For example, cheap leather beds, Thuka branded children’s beds or even a day bed might not fit this purpose. Not to say that it is impossible to feel productive in the aforementioned bed types, but usually beds such as day beds require extra attention and more setup to ensure they highlight your productivity. 

Certain beds are definitely more practical than others when it comes to showcasing your productivity. For example, deluxe super king sized beds, high sleepers and mid sleeper beds offer much more practicality. A deluxe super king bed offers significantly more space meaning you have more room for stationery and/or working tools.  

Similarly, mid sleeper beds offer unique storage solutions for typically considered productive tools such as books, notepads and all manner of computer accessories. High sleeper beds go one step further. They offer room for a whole office desk set up underneath the bed; fantastically blurring the line office space and place of rest and recuperation. 

Declutter And Organise

In many of our previous blogs, we have touched on how tidying your room can help you to keep a tidy mind. This rings even more true for being productive in your bedroom. If you declutter and organise your bedroom it does not just offer you a fantastic piece of mind, it also makes things much easier to locate as well as move. 

Going even further into this, many studies have shown that messy and cluttered desks can lead to anxiety and stress, two things which can cause you great discomfort and severely hinder your ability to get things done. 

Remove Any Distractions

When trying to work in your bedroom, there are many potential distractions. From buzzing phones, to the sudden urge to sort out your draws to glances over at the pile of laundry you know you will have to do sooner or later. 

In order for you to concentrate on the tasks, it is important you minimise distractions. Whether this be putting your phone on silent, closing your curtains to avoid seeing the happenings outside, turning your television off or ensuring your room is in a clean and tidy state, you must ensure there are no distractions present. 

Utilise Natural Light 

When working on a laptop or any other electronic device, you will be exposed to a lot of different lights. Some of which can be harmful to your eyes. Without question, the best form of light for your eyes and your overall mood is natural light. 

Natural light is not just better for your eyes, but many studies have shown that exposure to natural light can drastically increase your productivity. The sun’s natural light provides you with the all important vitamin D, which helps you to sleep better at night and concentrate more in the day. 

Motivate Yourself

One of the more unusual techniques, an easy way to improve your productivity is by simply motivating yourself. While motivating yourself might seem rather difficult, there are a few ways to do this that people find particularly helpful. 

You can hang pictures or plaques of a motivational or inspiring speech. Instead, you could opt to have an object of your desire just insight. Whether that be a chocolate bar you can dig into once you have finished your work, or an item from a recent inspiring adventure you went on. To put it simply, there are many ways you can motivate yourself. 

Make The Room Unique To You

A happy and satisfied mind leads to better concentration and therefore, productivity. By making the room unique and special to you, this will allow you to feel relaxed, at home and ultimately start you on your path to higher achievements. 

We Supply High Quality Bedroom Products

At UK Bedstore, we supply an array of unique bedroom products which will be able to help you with constructing the best room for productivity you could have imagined. We offer all manner of high quality beds. From day beds to loft beds, we will have something to meet your own specific requirements. 


Bedroom Oasis

How To Create A Bedroom Oasis

At UK Bed store, we have touched on all manner of bedroom etiquette. From how to prepare for a great night’s sleep to keeping cool during the summer; we have covered some of the most interesting and enthralling bedroom topics imaginable.

Although we have touched on many different topics, we noticed we have not yet covered how to create a relaxing bedroom oasis. In order to establish a perfect bedroom oasis; there are a few essential bedroom furnishings and items you will require. So, we thought it paramount to detail them. 

Whether you have a cheap leather bed, large double bed frames, a Limelight bed or a divan bed; there are a few interesting and simple techniques you can implement. So, let’s take a look at ways to create your new bedroom oasis. 

Comfy Mattress

Potentially the most important element in your bedroom is a comfy and appropriately sized mattress. While the bed structure itself is rather important, the mattress is where you will be sleeping on. This means you should pay particular attention to identifying whether a mattress is extremely comfortable and incredibly versatile. 

With so many potential mattresses to choose from, it can seem like an impossible task. Whether you decide to opt for an elegant memory foam mattress or even a firmer super king mattress. The most important thing is choosing a mattress that best suits your unique needs and requirements. 

For example, you might have a back problem, this means you will need to prioritise comfort and support when choosing a mattress. If your bedroom is not that big, you will require a slightly smaller mattress and bed frame so the structure can actually fit in efficiently. 

Bed Frame and Headboards

Now you have the mattress that best suits you, you will need to have somewhere to put it. For this, you will want a stylish and sleek bed frame and accompanying headboard. 

Similar to your mattress choice, practicality will need to be a consideration. Where your bed will be positioned will determine the size of the frame as well as what kind of styling will best fit the décor. You would not buy a double bed frame if the room only accommodates a single bed for example. 

Drawers and Wardrobe  

Any bedroom will need somewhere to store and organise everyday items. The items can include just about anything from clothes (which are the main items stored in drawers), a hair dryer and other helpful bedroom items. 

Some people require more than just one storage solution. This is usually because they have many items or belongings they need to store. As such, multiple drawers or wardrobes may be required. All of this said, just remember that no matter what, you will still need to accommodate for it. 

Bedside Cabinets

Following on nicely from having drawers and cupboards, is a bedside cabinet. A bedside cabinet is an extremely useful tool which can be used for more than just the storing of clothes. The top of bedside cabinets can be used to store certain items you might require while in bed. 

The biggest advantage of having these items bedside is the fact you do not need to disturb yourself from a slumber by leaving your bed. If you are a reader, this is extremely helpful. Because once you have finished reading, you do not need to get out of bed to place the book back where it came from. You can leave it on your side. 

Bedside Lamp

While on the topic of items you should have on your bedside cabinet, it is all but essential that you have a lamp. A bedside lamp is not just essential for reading but extremely useful for helping you find your way to bed when lighting is less than stellar. 

If your light switch is further away from your bed than you would like or if you have to walk a  considerable distance from the light switch to your bed then you will probably want to invest in a bedside lamp. 

Duvet and Subsequent Cover 

Firmly in the category of being an absolute necessity, you will require a duvet to be able to sleep. Some people advise they need a duvet otherwise sleeping feels uncomfortable while others advise that without a duvet, they feel cold no matter what. 

Depending on the season, you might want to change the tog of your duvet. During the summertime you are advised to have a 2.5-4.5 tog duvet and something in the region of 10.5 in the winter period. 

To accompany your duvet you might want to have a duvet cover. Not only will this protect your duvet from any potential mishaps and spills but it will also make your duvet feel more comfortable. 

Additional Accessories 

For our final must haves to create a bedroom oasis, we have decided to look at accessories more broadly. The added accessories in your bedroom can be just about anything. Arguably the most important thing about the accessories is they are unique to you. 

Some people, especially younger boys, choose to have team football pictures hanging from their walls while middle aged people might choose to have diverse and unique wall art. Similarly, you might choose to install a unique and specific wallpaper that best fits your room’s aesthetic requirements. 

We Can Help You Construct A Bedroom Oasis

At UK Bed store, we want you to feel comfortable and happy in your bedroom. As such, we want to help you construct your next bedroom oasis. We stock many of the aforementioned products above. From Kaydian king sized beds to memory foam mattresses, to faux leather beds, We stock an incredible selection of bedroom items.

Upholstered beds

Commonly Asked Questions About Upholstered Beds

Upholstered beds are one of the most popular types of beds here at UK bed store. While our cheap leather beds day beds and more youthful high sleeper beds garner quite a bit of attention, the versatility and unique aesthetic values of upholstered beds ensure they are one of the most popular beds we sell. 

At UK Bed Store, we supply many quality beds, from double beds to loft beds to everything in between. Because we supply so many beds, we have garnered quite a lot of significant knowledge over the years. As such, we are able to answer many of the most commonly asked questions about our many different types of bed. 

So, let’s take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions about upholstered beds.

What Does Upholstered Bed Mean?

Unsurprisingly, one of the most common questions asked about upholstered beds is regarding what they actually are. When people say upholstered, what it actually means is; any bed frame which incorporates material such as faux, velvet, wood, leather or even suede. Because the term is so hard to pinpoint, upholstered beds can cater to all manner of different types of beds. 

Which Is The Best Fabric for Headboards? 

As previously mentioned, upholstered beds are basically bed frames which use an array of different fabrics. As such, one of the most commonly asked questions is what are the best kinds of fabrics to use headboards. 

Pinpointing exactly what is meant by the best can be quite complicated and convoluted. This is because different fabrics fulfil different purposes. For example, if you are looking for soft fabric to touch, that you enjoy rubbing your hands across, velvet or maybe even suede might be your thing. 

Or if you are looking purely for aesthetic value, then a material like leather might be the ideal choice for you. In short, when deciding which fabric is best, it depends purely on your personal use for it. 

Are Upholstered Beds Clean?

Rather more surprising is the fact that people are asking whether upholstered beds are in fact clean. Wanting to know about the hygiene of a bed is nothing new or even that unique. But the fact that the hygiene of the bed is one of the more commonly asked questions regarding upholstery beds is perhaps slightly alarming. 

Many people might think this way because of the aforementioned fabrics. In short, fabrics can gather dust. This creates a problem as that means the bed might require a bit more attention in regards to cleaning. However, this by no means indicates that the bed is unclean or unhygienic. 

Pretty much any bed has a headboard and subsequently requires dusting. So in conclusion, upholstered beds are as clean as just about any other type of beds. If properly maintained, the bed will be as clean and hygienic as any other bed. 

Do Upholstered Beds Need A Box Spring? 

For those unaware, a box-spring is a style of bedding base which consists of steady wooden frames. These frames are typically covered in cloth and they usually contain springs. Box-springs are quite popular and therefore many people ask whether upholstery beds require a box-spring. 

In short, no, your upholstered bed will not require a box-spring. However, you can combine just about any mattress and bedding base together so under the right circumstances, you could. 

Before you start to mix different bedding types, you should always check the manufacturer notes. However, upholstered beds on their own are a perfectly put together bed assembly. 

Which Is Better: A Upholstered Bed or a Wooden Bed? 

Again, this question is particularly difficult to assess as it really depends on your usage. There are positives and potentially negatives for both depending on your requirements. 

For example, you could argue that wooden beds are easier to clean because wood is easier to dust than the majority of fabrics. But you could argue that upholstery beds are more stylish and also cooler in the hotter months. 

How Long Do They Last? 

When buying a bed, many people will want to know how long the bed will last for. Afterall, you want to know you are making a sound and safe investment. Luckily, upholstered beds last just as long as other bed types. 

While the bed structure can last for a significantly long amount of time. After a while, your mattress will need replacing. Usually after about 10 years, the mattress will drastically decrease in quality. This means you might want to change the mattress after this amount of time. 

Will Upholstered Beds Go Out of Style? 

Due to the all encompassing and unique nature of upholstered beds it is unlikely that this style of bed will be going out of style anytime soon. Upholstery beds are timeless and versatile beds which can take just about any form. 

The beds ooze style and comfort which are attributes which will always be sought after in beds. Because they can use all manner of fabrics, they are proven to be one the most versatile beds on the market.

Are They Cool Beds? 

Not to be confused with the question are upholstered beds cool in a stylish sense, although we might say they are actually pretty cool, we are of course referring to the fact of if the beds remain cool during the warmer months. 

As previously alluded to, upholstered beds can be a decidedly cooler bedding option in the summer and hotter months. This is largely attributed to the fact you can have many different types of fabrics which could all accommodate to the change in weather in their own way. 

Contact Us For High Quality Upholstered Beds

If you require high quality upholstered beds, please contact us. We not only stock upholstered beds but we stock an incredibly diverse range of beds. These include brilliant children’s beds such as mid sleeper beds, bunk bed and thuka style beds. 

How to keep cool this summer

How To Keep Cool In Your Bedroom This Summer

The Great British summer has officially begun. This means plenty of garden antics, office fans galore and much brighter evenings. While the summertime is largely a happy and positive time up and down the country, this could largely be due to the nicer weather and increased uptake of home barbecues, there are a few minor annoyances. Potentially the worst part of most people’s summer is the struggle to get to sleep in hot weather. 

In the middle of July, the UK recorded its highest ever temperatures of just over 40 degrees Celsius. Furthermore, the UK recorded its highest ever overnight temperature. The coolest point in the evening was only a whopping 26 degrees. This surely meant an overabundance of sleepless nights for many. 

Many studies have shown that no matter your age, sleeping pattern or any other potential factor, sleeping in hot weather can be incredibly problematic. So weather you are sleeping in a mid sleeper bed, a uniquely designed Thuka bed or a day bed; you are not safe from a rough night sleep due to high temperatures. 

Industry experts usually cite the ideal sleeping temperature as being between 15 to 20 degrees Celsius. As many of you might have guessed, bedrooms can easily eclipse these temperatures in the summer months. This is largely due to the fact that most British homes are not designed to withstand consistent and persistent heat. 

With Statistics like these, now seems like the perfect time to look at ways to keep you cool during the hot summer nights. 

Close Blinds and Curtains

When the sun is shining, it might be tempting to open your curtains or blinds to allow the delightful sunlight into your home. However, in order to keep your home cool, we would advise against this. 

Windows or other forms of glass act as a magnifying glass in the summer, drastically heating up rooms when sunlight is distributed. By keeping the blinds and curtains closed, you are protecting your room from this effect. While you will eventually need to allow light into the room, you can mitigate this by keeping them closed during the hottest points of the day and by keeping them closed if you are not in a room. 

Have Thinner Bed Sheets and Duvets 

While this one might sound like a no-brainer; when temperatures rise, you should change your bed sheets and duvets. Afterall, if you have a thick duvet or bed sheets, this will drastically warm you up and in turn, warm up your room. 

It is recommended that you have a tog of between 2.5 and 4.5 for your duvet during the summer and generally, the smaller the bed sheets; the better. This technique might seem rather simple but there is no denying, it is extremely effective. 

Be Careful When Using Fans

In the UK, it is very popular to sleep with fans turn on in your room in an attempt to keep cool. But this can actually have many negative repercussions. 

Firstly, with energy bills continuously on the rise, leaving your fan on all night can leave you with a rather unprecedentedly large bill. Additionally, having your fan on all night can actually inadvertently warm your room up. 

Because the electric is working doubly as hard to keep the fan going, the fan itself can start to produce heat. Because of this, it is recommended that you use fans sparsely during the summer months. You might opt to only have the fan running during certain times of day, like just before bed. 

Seal Gaps and Cracks

While you might hope you will notice any gaps or cracks forming in windows or doors, sometimes, these go unnoticed. In the winter these gaps might give you a nasty draft but in the summer, they will inconveniently let in hot weather. So as the summer starts, you might want to consider sealing any unwanted gaps or cracks sooner rather than later. 

Use Cold Water Wisely

Cold water is a fantastically easy way to cool you down. It might be tempting to keep sipping cold drinks all day and all night when warm. However, you should actually try drinking water at room temperature as this is proven more effective. 

You can use cold water during certain times. Usually using a cold and damp cloth on your head can help to massively cool you down. 

Choose Cotton

Typical things found in your bedroom, such as your mattress, the clothes you sleep in and the aforementioned bed sheets can have an effect on how warm your bedroom becomes. It is recommended that where possible you use cotton as your preferred material. Cotton is usually lightweight and super breathable which helps massively when it comes to keeping you cool. 

Drink Plenty of Liquids

When temperatures begin to rise and you start to feel warmer, it will be tempting to grab yourself a cold beverage, however, this can be to your detriment. If you drink ice cold drinks when you are warm it can actually make you warmer. 

This being said, if the conditions are decidedly more humid, cold drinks are the preferred drinking option. Just as important as the temperature of the drink is what type of liquid you are drinking. Try to avoid beverages such as alcohol as they will dehydrate you. 

While drinks such as coke can be beneficial, clearly the best drink is simply water. Water helps to hydrate you and it also helps to cool you down. 

Contact Us For Cool Bedroom Products This Summer

We hope you now have more of an idea of how to keep cooler in your bedroom during the summer. However, you might be in need of some stylish and cool items for your bedroom this coming summer. We stock many great bedroom products. These include serene furnishing and stylish Thuka products. 

High Sleeper Beds Or Bunk Beds

Do You Need A High Sleeper Bed and A Bunk Bed

In our most recent blog, we looked at everything there is to know about mid sleeper beds. From who might sleep in the bed, what kind of décor best suits this type of bed and everything else in between. We were considering producing a similar guide for the faithful high sleeper bed. However, we realised that what our customers are more keen to know is what is the difference between a high sleeper bed and a bunk bed

Commonly, bunk and high rise beds are the subject of much confusion. Furthermore, many customers do not know which style of bed is best for them. 

So, we thought instead of looking at just high rise beds, why not look at both high sleepers and bunk beds. For this guide, we will be looking at high sleepers and bunk beds exclusively. We have decided to look at the benefits of both, similarities, limitations of the various models, the main differences and much more. So, let’s look at the main differences between high rise beds and bunk beds. 

The Main Differences Between High Sleeper Beds and Bunk Beds

If you were to think there is a long and complicated explanation to what the main difference between a high rise bed and a bunk bed is; they you would be wrong. To put it simply, a high sleeper bed is a bed which is positioned a sufficient distance from the ground. A bunk bed is essentially a high sleeper bed, but with a bed underneath. 

Essentially other than this, there are no real differences between them. This might be why they are both so commonly mixed up. 

Both forms have very similar bed styles as well as having similar limitations. Whether that be changing bed frames, mattresses or pillows, most can be used on both forms of beds. The only difference being that a bunk bed has to accommodate for another sleeper in a bed underneath.

Advantages of High Sleeper Beds

The high rise is the metaphorical cousin to the mid sleeper bed. Much like the mid sleeper, the bed caters to a younger audience. However, the high sleeper bed can sometimes cater to slightly older children. 

In fact, the high sleeper has proven quite popular with teenagers and even young adults. So this is one of the many advantages of high rise beds.

 Another big advantage of the previously mentioned bed is the fact you can install a sufficient set up underneath the bed. It is actually this factor which makes the model so appealing to so many of the older children and/or teenagers. For example, many users of the bed install a gaming or an office desk set up underneath the bed. 

If you wish, you do not need to have anything underneath the bed. Many people use the space under them as a convenient storage solution. This is particularly popular use for people who may have limited space for storage at their home. 

Another positive is the sheer novelty of being levitated off the ground. While this may not be a particularly big selling point for older children but nevertheless, there is little denying it still has a certain novelty value. 

Advantages of Bunk Beds

Many of the advantages of high rise beds ring true for bunk beds; this is of course minus the underbed storage benefit. Afterall, a bed will be in the place where you planned to store the equipment or items. 

However, this does not necessarily mean it is a bad thing. In fact, one of the main benefits is the that you will have two beds in one structure. This on it’s own has many benefits. For example, having a bunk bed will save you money as usually bunk beds are cheaper than buying two separate child’s beds. 

Bunk beds can also be very helpful for younger children who fear sleeping on their own at night. Younger children can sometimes have a fear of the dark or another kind of bedroom fear. Having someone in the room with them, in an easily contactable position puts their minds at ease and enables them to have a much better night’s sleep. 

On the topic of bed sharing, a potential advantage of bunk beds for many children is being able to technically share a bed with a fellow family member or, even, a friend. 

As you can see, there are many advantages to both high rise and bunk beds. In fact, many of them are shared. 

Disadvantages of High Sleeper Beds

While we have frequently touched on the many advantages of the high rise beds, and as previously stated, there are many, there are a few caveats. 

One potential disadvantage of the highly levitated bed is that it does not overtly appeal to adults or the elderly. Well this can be fine, it actually creates a sense of exclusivity for children using the bed, the sheer practically of an elderly person using a high sleeper bed is problematic. As you get older, your mobility can be severely affected and as such; climbing a set of ladders to get into bed can prove difficult. 

Another potential disadvantage of high sleepers is the fact that you can not customise them. Well this is not a particularly big negative, it is worth stating nonetheless. Because many high rise beds are single beds, you can not implement many double bed features. For example, you could not install one of our luxury double bed frames. 

Disadvantages of Bunk Beds

Much like the frequently mentioned high sleeper beds, bunk beds do not cater to older customers. For many, this can be a negative on it’s own. 

In terms of other disadvantages, the same also rings true in terms of customisation. Moreover, bunk beds have even less room for customisation. This is because you have the added problem of having two beds to cater for. 

Another potential disadvantage of the bunk bed is bed sharing. Earlier this year, we produced a blog detailing some of the advantages of bed sharing. While many enjoy sharing their sleeping space, some do not enjoy this pleasure. When sharing your sleeping quarters with someone else, it opens the door to potential snores and other annoying sleep habits. 

We Provide Quality Children’s Beds

While we have listed some potential disadvantages of high sleeper and bunk beds, there is little doubt that these style of beds expertly fit their purpose. Many of the negatives are actually by design alone. And we feel it pretty clear that the positives certainly outweigh the negatives. 

At UK Bed Store, we stock a wide range of colourful children’s beds. These include our previously mentioned kids high sleepers, loft beds and, of course, bunk beds. We also stock a wide selection of well known kids bed brands. These include Birlea and Thuka. 

So if you are looking for a new bed for your child, please contact us. We are sure we will be able to help you. 

Mid Sleeper Bed

Mid Sleeper Beds: A Complete Guide

When it comes to children’s beds, there are few options that are as universally popular or as well known as mid sleeper beds. While its metaphorical sibling, the high sleeper bed does have its fair share of fans, the faithful mid sleeper offers a unique and special middle ground. 

While the exciting world of children’s beds can seem rather daunting and sometimes even overwhelming; the crowd pleasing mid sleeper is definitely a bed you should take note of. But the world of high rise beds, mid sleeper and stylish Thuka beds might be so confusing we hear you say. Luckily, we have decided to give you the complete guide regarding mid rise beds. 

What Is A Mid Sleeper Bed? 

 To put it plainly, a mid rise bed is the middle ground between a traditional single bed and the previously mentioned high sleeper bed. Whereas high sleeper beds, or bunk beds for that matter, can usually accommodate for up to two beds or have much more storage space, the mid rise edition is not nearly as fruitful with exactly how high the bed actually goes. 

The bed is sometimes referred to as middle child as far as children’s beds are concerned. This slightly raised bed is more than a simple middle child however, it is actually a fantastic storage solution. Because of this unique use, the beds are sometimes referred to as cabin beds. In cabin beds, you can store a plethora of everyday items and materials (we will expand more on this later). 

Why Choose One?

As previously alluded to, there are many reasons to choose a cabin bed. One reason being that it is incredibly helpful when it comes to storage. Because the beds are only slightly elevated compared to a high sleeper which expertly caters to having another bed underneath or even a desk depending on your requirement; the bed lends itself much better to the storing of many household items. The items can include, but are definitely not limited to; clothes, blankets, game consoles and other day to day items. 

Another contributing factor to why people opt for these industry leading child’s beds is the fact they are exceptionally stylish. Just by having the bed a couple of feet from the floor, this spices up its aesthetic immeasurably. In addition to this, the bed can actually have multiple different themes and/or decor draped around it. We will touch on the different ways you can implement different themes to your mid rise bed later in this blog. 

The famous mid rise bed is also very adaptable making it the perfect child bed to suit a majority of different decors. 

So, as you might have gathered, the mid rise bed is particularly practical, undeniably stylish and caters to a unique requirement in the bed industry.  

What Age Do Mid Sleeper Beds Best Suit? 

As opposed to the high sleeper, which can sometimes be used by much older teenagers or even adults; this being because high sleeper beds can be repurposed as an office desk and bed combo amongst other things. Mid sleepers do not have this distinction. 

The mid rise bed is more commonly associated with younger children. Although we say young teenagers; we might reiterate that before you consider buying a mid sleeper for your child there are some caveats. 

One of these caveats being that you must make sure your child is not too young to cause a safety concern. This is why most manufacturers suggest that your child is at least 6 years old. However, we might additionally ensure that your child is comfortable enough to sleep in a single bed on their own and to be able to do so safely. 

We have taken the liberty of breaking down the 3 main age categories that mid sleepers appeal for you. We have also provided a short detailed explanation as to why this unique bed is so suitable and popular in the specific age categories: 

6-9 year olds

For this age category the bed really helps to expand their imagination whilst also having the clear advantage of being able to store their favourite toys or other items under the bed. 

10-14 year olds  

10 to 14 year olds might still want to keep their imaginations running wild but this age category requires a greater focus on academic achievements. As such, the area underneath the bed can be used for a convenient storage area of pens, notepads and other academia products.  

14-18 year olds

14 year olds and overs are potentially the least likely age category to still have a mid sleeper but that doesn’t mean they can’t find new and interesting ways to explore their unique sleeping arrangements. 

Are They Safe? 

One of the questions on most parent’s minds will of course be, are mid sleeper beds safe? And who would blame them? when it comes to choosing a bed for your children, the overall safety of the bed is paramount. Generally speaking, mid sleeper beds are pretty safe. It must be said however, this is assuming certain rules are always followed.

Firstly, the bed should have been assembled in the correct manner. The same can be said for any bed. If the bed is not assembled correctly then the general integrity of the bed might be called into question. The last thing you want is the bed facing a catastrophic collapse when you or another member of your family are near it, or worse, on it. 

Jumping should also be discouraged. Because the bed is raised slightly off the floor, you can imagine your little one might be tempted to jump down from the bed. But the mid sleepers are not designed for this purpose and subsequently jumping from the bed is heavily discouraged. 

Additionally, a sufficiently sized mattress should be used for the bed. While this is not a great safety concern; having an ineffective mattress can lead to a great deal of discomfort for your child. 

Expanding Your Imagination With A Mid Sleeper Bed

As previously alluded to, mid sleepers are far from a one trick pony. There are many themes and designs which can be implemented. We thought we would break down some of the most common. 

With A Slide

We start with potentially the most fun of all the eligible accessories available for your mid rise bed. When you equip a slide to your bed; you ensure that every time your child comes to get out of bed it is a fun and exciting experience. You might think that this novelty would get boring, but we have heard from our customers, it never actually does!

With A Tent

By installing a tent into your cabin bed; this enables children to create their own little get away from the rest of the world. The tent acts as their own personal play space whilst simultaneously offering a unique and special experience for your child. 

Fit A Pull Out Desk

While the high sleeper bed might be able to have a fully fleshed out desk; the frequently mentioned mid sleeper bed can actually come equipped with a pull out edition. The pull out desk is extremely beneficial as not only is this incredibly practical as the desk can be used for academic purposes but the fact the desk can be put away after use is a clear advantage. 

A Unique Tailored Design

When it comes to designing your mid rise bed, the sky really is the limit. There have been so many different designs tailored to unique ideas we can not actually keep track of them all. One such example is a mid sleeper which had been changed to resemble a doll house. This came equipped with sliding doors which opened to reveal the picturesque bed.

At UK Bed Store, we stock a wide range of children’s beds. From kids’ high sleepers, to mid sleepers to traditional children’s beds. No matter the requirement for your bed, we are sure we will have something to fit your purpose.