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Welcome to 2022!

Happy New Year to all our customers both new and old! We hope you all had the best festive period!
Now that 2022 is with us, it’s time to start thinking about transforming your bedroom! We’re pretty sure that it’s been a while since you treated yourself to some new bedroom furniture or even a new bed. So why not make 2022 the year you make the change. So get out the paint testers, find yourself a nice new colour, then take a look at our collections for the right bedroom furniture for your new space!

Following The Trends

One of the biggest projected trends in the bedroom this year is dark furniture and light walls. While many people have avoided dark furniture previously for fear of making the room feel smaller, pairing them with lighter, or even white walls makes them truly stand out and gives you a great look in your room. You can even mix and match between light and dark bedding to find what works for you.
For this trend, we love the LPD Delta Bedroom Set In Black, paired with the Birlea Berlin Crushed Velvet double bed frame.
The other trend that’s on the cards this year is the complete opposite. Dark walls, with pure white furniture. While many are taking this as every wall goes dark, we like it with a bit of a twist. 3 dark walls, with white bedroom furniture, such as the Panama 4 piece bedroom set, with your bed on the fourth wall, which is white. Make your bed stand out by opting for a black metal bed, such as the Birlea Emily.

For Extra Storage

For many people, one of the biggest reasons that they start to consider re-doing their bedroom isn’t because it looks a bit tatty, or the fact that the same furniture has been in the room for over 15 years, it’s actually because they need more storage.
Without building an extension on your bedroom, there is very little you can do to increase the space in your room. You just have to become a little savvier with your space by investing in furniture with increased levels of storage space.
Start with your bed. While a divan may have previously been shown to offer hidden under bed storage, you also lose a fair amount of the space where the drawer or shelf doesn’t extend to. That’s why it’s now time to look at ottoman beds. This style of the bed allows you to lift your mattress with ease thanks to gas struts and use the whole underneath of your bed, without worrying that it looks untidy from the side.
The Birlea Berlin Ottoman is the perfect faux leather double bed frame to help increase the storage space in your room.

Just A Small Change

Sometimes the smallest change can make the biggest difference. You may already have a bed that you love, complete with a brand new mattress and not want to change. But by simply changing your headboard (and maybe your bedsheets) you can make a bigger impact on your room than you realise.
We have a great range of headboards available, everything from stunning designs in wooden headboards such as the Serene Furnishings Autumn, to coloured fabric options, allowing you to customise your bed to your room and style. Take a look at the Sweet Dreams Glamour for a great range of colours.

If it’s time to get changing up your bedroom, take a look at our bedroom furniture collection for the complete range.
If you are swapping out your mattress, remember to take a look at our blog “Choosing the right Mattress” or get in touch with the team today for more information.


New Bed In Time For Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner, you might think that the last thing on your mind is treating yourself to a new bed. But why should that be the case! It’s Christmas for you too!

Treating Yourself

At Christmas time, we know that most people will focus on treating others. Spoiling them with presents, festive dinners and plenty to drink. So when it comes to treating yourself, it may feel like a strange concept. Particularly when it comes to a whole new bed.
However, here at UK Bed Store, we believe that you need a good treat too. And there’s nothing better than the gift of a good nights sleep.
Treating yourself starts with finding the perfect frame, before choosing the mattress that will offer you the bed nights sleep possible.

The Perfect Frame

Everyone has a different idea of the perfect frame, from faux leather beds, to luxury upholstered beds and even a stunning, intricate metal bed. Choosing the right double bed frame is as simple as deciding on your style.
Sleek and stylish – Faux leather beds make for a great addition to your room if you are looking for an excellent sleek style. Consider the Texas double bed frame from Metal Beds, one of our personal favourites.
Plush and comfortable – Upholstered beds are a great choice if you are looking for a soft comfortable finish to your bed. The rust-red colouring of the Time Living Hamburg double bed frame stands out as a statement piece in your room while offering complete comfort.
Elegant and decadent – if your bedroom has an air of elegance, you might want to consider a metal bed frame. The Birlea Bronte is a stunning Victorian classic shape.
Simple and classic – If you are looking for a simple double bed frame, a wooden bed might be just what you are looking for. The Birlea Rio is the perfect understated bed, with matching furniture available.

Good Nights Sleep

Getting a good nights sleep isn’t actually about the bed itself, more the mattress than anything. So once you’ve chosen your new frame, it’s time to make sure that you are getting the right mattress for you.
Head over to our recent blog on “Choosing The Right Mattress For You” for more information on finding the right mattress to give you a good nights sleep.

Treat The Kids

Now we aren’t saying that you need to buy the kids a new bed as part of their Christmas present. Although some of our kid’s range are great fun, so they might enjoy it more than some toys!
We’re thinking practical kids and teens beds. As our kids get older, they might need more space, or storage in their room. So why not consider high sleeper beds? Or even mid sleeper beds?
The Thuka Hit collection offers a selection of high sleeper beds, complete with a desk and a fold out chair bed. Perfect for sleepovers!
For extra storage in a mid sleeper bed, take a look at the LPD Rocco, this will give your little pirates the perfect pirate ship vibes, not to mention storage below deck!

For more information on ordering your new bed in time for Christmas, get in touch with a member of the team here at UK Bed Store who will be happy to help you. Visit our delivery page for more information on delivery.

Cheap Leather Beds

Choosing The Right Mattress For You

There have been many publications that state that the best mattress is a nice firm, pocket sprung mattress as it supports the back. However, this isn’t entirely true. What is the right mattress for one person, could actually leave another with a bad back.
So how can you determine the perfect mattress for you, without being goldilocks and trying them all out? Simple, by finding the right criteria that suit your body configuration.

Soft, Medium Or Firm?

We’ve all seen that firm mattresses are the perfect choice for those with a bad back. Wrong. It works for some but not all. So how do we know when we need to drop to a medium, or maybe even a soft?
There have been several studies on this in recent years, with one factor playing a huge part in the decision-making process. And you might be surprised to hear, it’s actually your weight. It’s nothing to do with your size impacting your back, it’s simply how firm you need the mattress to be to conform to your body shape as you sleep.
The most supportive mattress moulds itself to your shape, thus supporting you in all the right places.
This means that if you are lighter in weight, it will take a softer mattress to conform to your shape. Whereas a firm mattress will hardly move.
If you are a little heavier, a soft mattress will conform to your shape, but will give you very little by way of support. Meaning you would benefit more from a firmer mattress.

Memory Foam, Or Not?

When memory foam mattresses were first released, there was a lot of noise about how good they are for people who have back or joint issues. However, many people hit back with a few issues they had experienced from using memory foam mattresses.
People weren’t overly fond of how warm the foam can get, particularly in the summer months. And others weren’t a fan of that sinking, stuck feeling that you can experience when you have a soft foam mattress. So which is right for you?
For you to make an informed decision, you need to be aware of a few things for each. And remember, with whichever you choose, both are available in soft, medium and firm (yes, even the memory foam is available in firm now!).

Things to know about memory foam:

  • They are no longer as hot in the summer thanks to advancements in the technology used
  • Many are hypoallergenic, great for those with allergies
  • If there are two of you sharing a bed, memory foam has better motion isolation
  • They hug your shape, great if you like that feeling while sleeping, not so if you like to feel more support

Things to know about pocket sprung:

  • If there are two of you sharing a bed, you might be delighted to hear that the pocket sprung means that you feel the other person moving around less.
  • If you like free movement in your sleep, the springs move freely with you
  • Springs allow the mattress to breathe easily, allowing you to sleep better

Sharing A Bed

Once you’ve picked your double bed frame, it’s time to move on to finding the perfect mattress to suit you both. While ideally, we would each have our own mattresses to suit our own body and sleep style. However, when sharing a bed, you may both have different needs.
The best way to address this is to compromise. This means finding the middle ground with what you both need. For example, if one needs a firm, the other needs a soft, a medium mattress would be the best middle ground.
If you have a light sleeper, and the other moves around a lot during the night, the first option is of course separate rooms! Only joking! A memory foam mattress is better at motion isolation, meaning you are less likely to notice the movement so much.

Picking The Right Frame

Sometimes, it’s easier to find the right mattress before the frame itself. This also allows you to choose whether you are heading for a single, queen, double or even kingsized.
Here at UK Bed Store, we have an excellent selection of bed frames, from metal bed frames to cheap leather beds. We even stock a collection of designer frames, from Birlea, Thuka and even Serene furnishings.

For more information on choosing the right mattress for you, and to fit your metal bed frame, please get in touch with the team today who will be happy to help, and arrange delivery to suit you.


How Stress Affects Your Sleep

Here at UK Bed Store, we hear a lot about people searching for the right mattress to get the best nights sleep. But with November 6th being National Stress Day 2021 we want to ensure that our customers are ensuring that their stress isn’t affecting their sleep too.

Stress And Sleep

There has been a known link between sleep and stress for many years. But what’s the science behind it all?
In humans, stress can cause the autonomic nervous system (ANS) to release hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol. These hormones raise the heart rate to circulate blood to vital organs and muscles more efficiently, preparing the body to take immediate action if necessary.
This would have been the fight or flight response during early evolution. However, in modern times, this means that our brains do not rest when we have too much on our minds. While these may not be the concerns of life and death they once were, they will still cause our brains to be on overdrive while we try to sleep.

Reducing Stress

While we can’t help you to reduce the stresses in your day to day life, we can give you some tips on how to reduce stresses around the bedroom to get the best nights sleep.
Remove the TV – TVs produce a blue light in your room, and keeps your brain active. This means that after you turn the TV off, it can still take your brain over an hour to power down, even if you think you fell straight to sleep.
Limit the phone time – While we know that most people have their alarms on their phones and therefore cannot leave the phone in another room, taking it away from your bed, perhaps on the other side of the room will reduce the temptation to pick it up in the night if you wake up. It also means that you need to move in the morning, which wakes you up more than several snoozes.
Remove clutter – Clutter in your room can have you stressed as soon as you walk in the room and when you get into bed. Investing in extra storage can help to ease this.

Stress-Reducing Mattresses

Stress-reducing mattresses. That would be a great invention if there ever was one. However, unfortunately, these still don’t exist. So you’ll have to settle for a mattress that makes you feel like all your stresses are falling away, allowing you to get a good nights sleep.
One of our favourite mattresses for stress-reducing is the Vogue Gravity Gel Relax Mattress. This spring base has been topped with gel foam which helps to keep you cooler while in bed and comfortable at all times.
If you are looking for something a little more firm, why not take a look at Repose Avalon 1000 Pocket Mattress which is made up of the traditional packet springs to offer a supportive and long-lasting mattress.

For more information on purchasing your new, stress easing mattress from UK Bed Store, please get in touch with the team today who will be happy to assist you. Remember, sometimes it helps to clear the room and start again, which includes a completely new bed. Take a look at our metal bed frames where there is something for everyone.


The Best In Double Bed Frames

The double bed is one of the most common sizes found in UK homes with more adults opting for a double than any other size. So finding the perfect double bed frame can sometimes be a bit of a minefield. The team here at UK Bed Store have pulled together a collection of their favourites. From the one they have at home, to the ones they wish they had at home.

For The Ladies

Ladies who are picking out a double bed for themselves are more likely to seek out something eye-catching at stylish. After all, if you can’t have style in your bedroom where can you!
Birlea Canterbury – This Victorian-inspired frame offers an air of elegance, with a touch of feeling like a princess.
LPD Florence – This double bed frame increases on the elegance of the Canterbury and includes scrolls featured in the frame, not to mention the large round crystals in pace to complete the look.
Birlea Hannover – Crushed velvet is back in style! It might not be to everyone’s taste, but many of the ladies out there love it! This Birlea Hannover frame offers a stunning space, covered in a steel crushed velvet, perfect to suit any bedroom.

Calling All Bachelors

Some men will seek out the manliest frame they can as a show of masculinity, while others will look for something nice and simple that does the job.
LPD Milton – You cannot get much more simple than the LPD Milton black metal bed frame. Simple shapes and lines keep the frame minimal enough to suit any room and style.
GFW Bed In a Box– This simple leather bed frame encompasses the mattress to give you a completely boxed in finish on every side. Simple yet masculine.
Pippa – The Pippa bed frame boasts an appearance not far dissimilar to pipework. Taking a look at this black metal frame is a must for all bachelors.

A Bed To Share

While many will think that the biggest choice when sharing a bed is the mattress, you also need to consider the bed frame itself. Finding one that both of you like the look and feel of can go a long way.
LPD Prado Plus – When sharing a room (or a bed) space is always key. Our ottoman beds have increased in popularity for this reason. That’s why the Prado Plus is the perfect choice for couples.
Birlea Corona – Many couples sharing a bed look for a sturdy structure that won’t wake the other if you get up in the night. What is better than a high-quality chunky pine bed frame?

A Teenage Touch

Many teenagers are being treated to a double bed as they get older (space permitting) as they no longer need floor space, and some tend to spend a lot of time in bed too! So why not find them a double bed frame they like?
Time Living Waverly – This simple frame boasts a wavey headboard made from simple silver effect metal. Keeping the design simple with a hint of style. Not too much for a teenage room.
GFW Side Lift – All teenagers need that extra storage space, no matter how big their room or wardrobe is. That’s why we have added the ottoman bed to the list. In this can the side lift as we know that there will be a high chance that only one side is accessible.

For more information on finding the perfect double bed frame for you, please get in touch with a member of our team today who will be happy to assist you. You can also head over to our blogs for a range of information and ideas. The majority of our beds are available in multiple sizes to suit your home and space.


Birlea, Designed With Style In Mind

Midlands-based furniture designers Birlea pride themselves on offering a vast collection of furniture based on styles from around the world. The family-run business incorporates both classic and contemporary designs, offering something for everyone. That’s why the team here at UK Bed Store consider them a fantastic brand to offer through our online store!

Birlea Beds

The Birlea collection of beds is so vast that no shortlist can ever do it justice. However, our team have tried their best to pull together a collection of both our favourites and our customer’s favourites across a couple of the different styles that we offer.
Birlea Loxley – A nod to the art deco era (we hear it’s making a comeback!) the Birlea Loxley is a stunning coloured fabric frame. Available in green, blue, mustard and grey the frame includes a diamond-patterned headboard as the central focus.
Birlea Berlin – Ottoman beds are increasing in popularity, this means that the Birlea Berlin has been too. Unlike many ottoman beds, this one boasts a crushed velvet finish.
Birlea Urban – The name gives away the style of this frame. The Birlea Urban is surely for the more modern, urban of interior designs. The black metal framework is completed with rustic looking wood panels for both the head and footboards.
Birlea Bronte – The Birlea Bronte is a classic and elegant metal bed frame that can comfortably suit any style of bedroom and is available in black or cream.

Children’s Beds

Children love fun beds! There’s no need for in-depth science as to why fun beds draw their attention more, so we’ll go straight in with our three favourites from the Birlea Children’s bed range.
Birlea House – The Birlea House is a children’s 3ft bed frame, which is low to the ground, with a house-shaped canopy over the bed. They can play house, hang toys from the rafters and even throw a sheet over to make a little hideaway den!
Birlea Home – The Birlea Home is very much similar to the house, however, this option is raised slightly off the floor and includes a headboard, footboard and a sideboard allowing it to turn into more of a daybed.
Birlea Teepee – A little more on the fun side, the Birlea Teepee is similar to the last two, but in the shape of a teepee! We know a few little ones who much prefer to sleep in a teepee!

Birlea Mattresses

No bed is complete without a mattress, so Birlea has included a collection of mattresses in their range too.
Birlea Sleepsoul Cloud – The Birlea Sleepsoul is a firm favourite from the collection. This mattress offers a combination of pocket spring and memory foam to offer the sleeper the highest level of comfort possible.
Birlea Sleepsoul Paradise – Similar to the cloud the Birlea Sleepsoul Paradise has an underlayer of pocket springs but is then topped with pressure relieving cooling gel. Offering the sleeper comfort and cooling in one space. Great for those who have back or joint issues.

Each of the beds and mattresses in the collection are available in a range of sizes to suit your space and needs.

Birlea offers a range of furniture to both compliment your bedroom, but also to dress up your lounge, dining room and other areas in the house. We highly recommend taking a look at the complete collection. Their eye-catching pieces will have guests asking who the design is.

For more information on any of the Birlea products or on delivery, please get in touch with our team today who will be happy to assist you. Check back to our blogs regularly for more great style ideas for your home.


The Very Best Of Serene Furnishings

Here at UK Bed Store one of our favourite brands is the wonderful Serene Furnishings. We have a vast collection of their products available right the way across our website. With such a wide variety of products, we’ve pulled together some of the team’s favourites, a few of us even have these at home!

Serene Clara

We have started our list with a sense of stylish luxury! The Serene Clara in black nickel comes complete with large round crystals throughout the frame. The design of this bed lends itself well to many different styles of decor, from traditional to modern.
The Serene Clara is available from a small double right up to super kingsize, meaning the more space you have, the grander the bed can be!

Serene Maiden

The Serene Maiden is a firm favourite for those in the team here who love wooden beds. The stunning oak frame boasts a handcrafted cross over pattern that can be viewed as both a classical design and a contemporary design depending upon how you dress the rest of the room. This solid frame includes a sprung base to add extra comfort for the sleeper.
The Serene Maiden is available in double, king and super-king size, perfect for larger rooms.

Serene Latino

This leather framed bed is the perfect choice for the smaller rooms. Available in black or white leather the Serene Latino offers just as much design as you see in double leather beds, but on a much smaller scale. The addition of built-in drawers helps to increase the functionality of the bed.

Serene Oslo

We wouldn’t be branching across the whole Serene bed range if we didn’t include everyone’s favourite bunk beds. When you have children sharing a room, you always have the option of taking up more floor space with beds or moving them onto bunk beds. The Serene Oslo is the perfect option for bunks. The metal frames are available in either black or silver, and are hardwearing, allowing your children to grow with the same beds. The range also includes the triple sleeper, which boasts a double bottom bunk rather than a single.

Serene Paris Guest

The Serene Paris is the perfect bed for children, teenagers, or even as a guest bed, thanks to its fold away extra bed. So whether the kids are having sleepovers or you have more guests staying than beds, this is a great addition for occasional use. Available in white or black.

For more information on the Serene Furnishings range please get in touch with a member of our friendly team today who will be happy to assist you. You can also browse the Serene Furnishings Complete Range.

Flexa Nordic Day Bed With Storage

To Daybed Or Not

While daybeds have been around for many many years, we find many people haven’t heard of them, or have, but consider them to be a little less than they actually are. So here’s what you need to know.

What Is A Daybed?

A daybed is typically the same as any other single (or even small single) bed that is on the market, with just one simple added extra. A third side. Instead of just having a headboard and a footboard, a daybed also has a side on one of its longer edges.

Who Uses A Daybed?

We quite often find that many people are under the misconception that daybeds are only for occasional use. As they are actually built onto a full bed frame, pop a decent mattress on and you can certainly use them every night! They may a great bed for children and teenagers alike, thanks to their sofa like functionality. It allows you to offer them somewhere to turn into a sofa, with just a few added cushions, inside their own space (great for teenagers who don’t want to join the family watching Eastenders!). You can also use them as an occasional bed, such as in a spare room as they can just appear as an attractive seat when not in use.

Our Favourite Daybeds

Daybeds are available in a range of styles, so it’s not always just as simple as saying you would like a daybed. Would you like a simple wooden frame, a chunky wooden frame, or a classic metal frame? You also might want to consider the option of having a trundle bed underneath. If the daybed will be used as a child’s bed, chances are they’ll want a sleepover at some point so they come in useful, likewise if it’s in the spare room. However, if it’s somewhere to sit, lay outfits on in your dressing room, you might want the space underneath for storage. So here’s a collection of our favourites with all that in mind.
Flexa Nordic Daybed – The Flexa Nordic Daybed is everything you could need in both a child’s or a spare room. The cute and simple white wooden framed bed comes complete with a trundle bed and storage drawers underneath! Great for sleepovers and storage. This bed has a variety of headboard and footer options including a pink or grey insert or plain white slats.
LPD Florance Daybed – The Florence Daybed is the vision of a classic daybed, with a higher longside than many modern daybeds the ornate metal frame is available in black or classic white. This frame shows the true beauty of a daybed, and with some cushions, the high side makes it a great sofa if needed.
GFW Madrid Daybed – The Madrid Daybed is the ultimate in wooden framed daybeds. Boasting a traditional wooden frame in either plain wood or white this bed can be dressed up to look like just your average simple bed or a plush sofa. However, you would like to use it.

Always remember that when you invest in a new bed, you need to consider the most appropriate mattress for your needs. If you are planning to use the daybed as a nightly sleeper, spend a little more on a high-quality mattress than you would on a sofa for the dressing room. When it comes to mattresses, the quality is in the money.

For more information on the range of daybeds available from UK Bedstore please get in touch with a member of our team today who will be happy to assist you. Check back to our blogs regularly for a range of information about our products.


The Complete New Bed Experience

Here at UK Bed Store we are well known for our excellent range of beds and mattresses, but did you know that we also stock other accessories that you need to give yourself the complete new bed feeling?


Everyone has different needs when it comes to pillows, and they can be even more individual than your mattress as you will never have to share your pillow (unless the kids or dogs join you!).
From memory foam pillows that adapt to your head and neck to the softest pillows for front sleepers and everyone in between. Choosing the right pillow is just as important as choosing your mattress as it can adjust how you sleep and the alignment of your back.
Read more about our range of pillows on their dedicated page.


Many of us will have two separate duvets, the winter duvet and the summer duvet. Having two allows you to have the best tog rating for the time of year. Higher togs will be thicker and warmer duvets ready for winter, where lower togs will be great to keep you cooler during the summer months.
Head over to our duvet page for information on choosing the right duvet for your new bed.

Mattress Protectors

When it comes to investing in your new mattress, it is a big investment that many of us only make every 8 years (as advised). So you want to do your best to ensure that your purchase is protected as much as possible to ensure that it remains in good condition throughout its life. Here is where investing in a mattress protector will do wonders for your bed.
Where we recommend hoovering or cleaning your mattress regularly to remove dust, skin cells and other assorted particles, by investing in a mattress topper, you can take this off and pop it through the wash, reducing the care that you need to give your mattress (although we do still recommend giving it a hoover or clean every so often!).
Mattress toppers are available in a number of formats, including waterproof (suitable for potty training time) and plush, which is great in the winter months.

Bed Linen

Bed linen is one of the most individual choices you can make in your bedroom. With a vast range available from a high number of retailers, you can find anything to match the decor of your room. Here at UK Bed Store, our range has something to suit all budgets while keeping everything high quality.

For more information n our bedding accessories, get in touch today and we will be happy to assist you. Check back to our blogs regularly for other ideas around the bedroom.


A TV In The Bed? Why Not!

Over the last 18 months, you may have spent an increased amount of time watching TV from your bed. So have you considered swapping out your current bed for one with a TV built-in?

What Is A TV Bed?

A TV bed is one of the more modern styles of bed on the market. Designed like a sleigh bed, the TV mechanism is then built into the footboard of the bed. The TV mechanism will be movable via remote control and will be able to withstand a number of TVs providing they meet the specifications of the frame.


The collection of TV beds that we offer here at UK Bed Store do not include the TV. We have chosen to offer beds without the TV as this means that you can opt to use your existing bedroom TV (without the expense of paying for a new TV and providing it fits), it also means that you can upgrade to the latest smart TV as and when you like without having to change your bed too. We appreciate that technology changes far more often than you change your bed, and do not want you to feel like you have to keep your current TV.
When it comes to selecting a TV to fit into your bed, you will need to consult the specification of that specific frame as they can vary slightly between different brands and bed sizes.


An increasing interior design trend is minimalism. From fewer ornaments on display, to fewer pieces of furniture in the room and even completely clear surfaces. A great way to continue this into your bedroom, but still have the option for a TV is to invest in a TV bed. This means that you can remove the TV from the wall or unit and have it safely tucked away in the footer of your bed until you want to use it. These beds also come with ample space to have your entertainment system tucked away underneath, meaning there is no need for unsightly wires to be on show.


A number of the TV beds that we have to offer are also ottoman beds, like the stunning Kaydian Barnard range. Along with saving space where you would usually keep your TV, you can also save storage space around your room by simply lifting your mattress (which is on an easy move base) and revealing ample storage space, great for bedding, clothes, kids toys and even hiding those Christmas and birthday presents!

For more information n the range of TV bed that we have in stock, please get in touch with a member of our team today. Remember to head over to our mattresses to find the best one to suit you and your sleep habits.