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Why Day Beds Are The Perfect Spare Room Space Saver

Flexa Nordic Day Bed With StorageMaybe you’re looking into decorating your new spare room and are wondering how to get the most out of your space. If you find yourself without much space to work with, but want to maximise the opportunities for what it could be, look no further. Our selection of day beds with storage options and pull out underbeds offer a variety of benefits to help unlock your spare room’s potential. Read our guide below to find out more.

Five Reasons A Day Bed Might Be Perfect For You

The Size

The first thing that you take into account when decorating any room should be the space and how to use it. Does your spare room have a lot of space? Would anything more than a single bed frame take up too much space? Day beds are a really versatile bed that can in some models, offer up to two single beds for the size of just one. Its ability to transform into a stylish seating area also saves you from committing to using the spare room solely as a bedroom.

The Functionality

Developing more upon that, one of the day bed’s real strengths is in it’s functionality. If you want a practical, cosy and versatile spare room that can transition easily from a man cave or dressing room to a guest bedroom, look no further. With the ability to be used for seating during the day, our day beds will make you the ultimate host whether it’s for your next family gathering or your kid’s next sleepover.

The Style

With our wide range of day beds here at the UK Bed Store, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. We have day beds in a variety of colours, wood and metal. With collaborations from brands including Julian Bowen, Flintshire Furniture and GFW, we’re sure that we’ll have a style to fit your room. With both a headboard and a footboard, these are distinct from sofa beds, offering a contemporary and stylish fit for any lounge or spare room.

The Storage

Especially handy in the season of post-Christmas clutter, we have a selection of kids day beds with storage options available. Tired of throwing things under the bed to get dusty and hard to find? We’ve got the bed to keep you organised. Our Flexa Nordic Day Beds for kids not only provide you with a trundle mattress that can be pulled out for an extra sleeper, but they also provide you with two storage drawers for any leftover Lego, untidy toys or anything else that you may need to pack away tidily.

The Extra Bed

As mentioned when discussing our day beds with storage, we also have models that offer you two beds for the size of one. With a lot of our range, you can also get a pull out bed in the form of a pull-out trundle or an under bed frame. With detailing to disguise the underbeds in the form of anything from wooden drawers to fabric button detailing, you can stylishly double the sleeping capacity of your spare room to become the ultimate house guest.

Could A Day Bed Be For You? Get In Touch

If you feel like a day bed could be for you, why not treat yourself and browse our range? If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our expert team will be on hand to guide you through your purchase.

Design Children's Beds from UK Bed Store

Making bedtime fun: Children’s beds for boys

Children’s beds can be more than just somewhere to sleep, when chosen correctly they can also add a bit of magic to your child’s bedroom, helping their imaginations to run wild. All whilst guaranteeing a quality nights sleep too of course!

Here at the UK Bed Store, we stock a wide variety of designs for both boys and girls, but today we are going to look at some of our most spectacular options which have proved to be very popular throughout 2018.

Get behind the wheel of children’s beds

A classic design for children’s beds, the Kidsaw Junior Racing Car Fun Bed Frame will light up the eyes of any car crazy child. With the added bonus of easy assembly and our wide range of comfortable mattresses, your future F1 champ will get the best night’s sleep in this junior sized frame.

Children’s beds that hit the back of the net

If your boy can’t keep a football from the end of his foot, our White Metal No Bolt Soccer Bed is the one for you. Much like the Kidsaw Junior Racing Car frame, the Soccer Bed frame is easy to assemble, even for a DIY novice.

The no bolt system slots together very easily, with no tools required to put it together. Perfect for those who count footballs instead of sheep in their sleep.

All aboard the Tractor Ted Children’s Beds

If your child is more into their agriculture they can hop aboard one of our Kidsaw Tractor Ted Junior Bed Frames.
This junior sized frame fits together quite easily, with no fixings and solid slats on the bed.

Browse our complete range of children’s beds today

The UK Bed Store offers an unrivalled selection of children’s beds for boys and girls, with a host of unique designs to satisfy any child’s imagination. With over 40 years experience, our friendly team can share decades of knowledge, to make sure you choose the right children’s beds for your family.

To find out more about our extensive range, visit our showroom today or contact us directly.

Design Children's Beds from UK Bed Store

A Range of Children’s Beds for Small Spaces

Since 2007 we’ve been providing expert knowledge and excellent customer service in regard to children’s beds, as well as offering the best possible prices.

Although the UK Bed Store has only existed for just over a decade, we were originally established as Crown Carpets Furniture and Bed Centre in 1975, giving us over 40 years of experience in making sure our customers are happy.

A number of our customers buy from us time and time again, and we’re proud of that fact. If you’d like to read some of the things our customers say about us – you can read our testimonials.

Perfect Children’s Beds from UK Bed Store

We’re sure that we here at the UK Bed Store, we can offer you the perfect children’s beds.

Our stock includes a number of beds ranging from metal to wooden to leather, as well as divan beds and bunk beds.

We also have a number of 3ft beds, that are perfect for small spaces like box rooms.

We’re sure you’ll be able to find your perfect children’s beds with us, and if you decide to order today, you can take full advantage of our free ‘choose your day‘ delivery option.

For those looking for children’s beds under £100, it might be worth looking towards the Serene Penny 3ft beds that come with a blue or pink metal frame.

For larger budgets, the GFW Sydney range of 3ft beds sit at just under £260 and come in two colourways, with one option consisting of pink, lilac and lime, and the other three shades of blue.  Best of all, their storage capabilities are immense!

Contact us for Children’s Beds

Our range is extensive, so we’re confident that you’ll find something that will suit either your own or your child’s tastes.

If you’d like more information about our children’s beds, please give our helpful team a call today.

Bunk Beds for Kids

Childrens Beds: Fuel Their Imagination

Sleep is a vital part of a child’s growth and health, therefore finding the right childrens bed is essential part of their development. Here at the UK Bed Store we have a huge collection of children’s beds, in a range of styles and sizes to suit every style.

Spark their imagination with any of our fun beds or bunk beds transforming them into pirate ships, race cars or castles – their bedroom will be a sanctuary, where they can learn, play, grow and most importantly get the right amount of sleep.

The Importance Getting your Childrens Beds Right!

Numerous studies into children’s sleep have shown that children need to sleep for around 50% of the day and children who get the correct amount of sleep have developed positive behaviours such as better social skills, increased memory, and improvements to their physical health.

Lack of sleep or sleep deprivation has been linked to:

  • Behavioural Problems (moody, irritable and prone to tantrums)
  • Development (the brain struggles to retain and store new information it has learned)
  • Health Problems (exhaustion, obesity or weight gain, low immune system

If you have noticed your child experiencing any of these signs, it might be that they aren’t getting enough sleep! Finding the right childrens bed shouldn’t be difficult or stressful, which is why we deliver to all areas in the UK.

We have been helping parents find the right bed for over 40 years and whether you are looking for a colourful and creative bed, classic or contemporary styling, you’ll find a bed that suits all your needs at the UK Bed Store.

See our Childrens Beds First Hand

If you would like any more information about our durable and fashionable childrens beds, do not hesitate to get in touch with us today. Visit our showroom in Stoke on Trent to see first-hand our incredible beds.

mid sleeper beds

Fun mid sleeper beds for kids!

What could be more appealing to a child than a fun mid sleeper bed which they can clamber into after a day spent playing in and around it? At the UK Bed Store, we understand that a child’s expectations of a bed can be totally different to an adult, that’s why we stock and supply a range of mid sleeper beds which are as cosy and comfortable as they are fun! Perfect for children that feel that sleeping in a higher bunk may be too much for them, we have a fantastic range of mid sleepers and bedroom furniture to suit every budget and style.

mid sleeper beds

Maximise space and storage potential with our mid sleeper beds

Apart from being fun, our mid sleeper beds can also be purchased with a view of maximising space within a room. Aimed at children and early teens, we stock a range of beds which boast unique space saving qualities, from built in cupboards and wardrobes to fun play dens with castle towers and slides!

If you’re looking for something for older children, you’ll love our GFW Ottawa 2 tone gloss bed frame which features a 2-door cupboard, 3 drawer chest, 3 shelf bookcase and a handy pull out desk which is perfect for studying and gaming.

For younger children, we particularly love the Thuka Hit 13 childrens’ mid sleeper bed. This mid sleeper delivers a fun and practical space beneath the bed frame which can be used as a magical den or storage all for as little as £249.

Purchase your mid sleeper bed with confidence

Your child adapting to a new bed can be a stressful exercise, that’s why our mid sleepers are designed with a fun aspect in mind! We want to reduce the stress involved for all parties which is why we offer an extensive range of beds all at competitive prices. What’s more, we also offer a fantastic Price Match Promise and can arrange delivery and assembly for those relatively local to our showroom. To find out more about our children’s beds, please feel free to contact us today, a member of our team will be more than happy to help!

Good Customer Service

Customers. We are all customers to somebody, every day of our lives.

From buying food to car fuel, to household fuels and even buying our homes, we are all someone’s customers, every day of the week.

Most of the time, we don’t notice or even seem to require much customer service at all. We’ll pop out to the shop or supermarket and even ‘beep’ our own groceries through these days and not need any customer service.

We can pay bills over the phone or over the web, without the need to speak to anyone. More and more of us buy our goods and run our day to day lives over the internet. Sorting out so much of our busy lives over the internet is so convenient, but it is also the yardstick from which good customer service can be judged.

Many online companies promise the earth with good customer service, but once you’ve ordered, the only port of call if you have any problems is by email. Then you have to wait for a response, then wait for the problem to be resolved, and so on and so forth. All this can take days to sort out and you just feel like a number instead of a valued customer.

Here at www.ukbedstore.com we value good customer service. In fact, we pride ourselves upon it.  At UK Bed Store we have years of face to face customer service experience in the bed industry, we still have a large retail outlet too, and once we decided to open our online stores, we made a concerted effort to replicate our face to face customer service experience with every online customer who chooses us. We have fantastic working relationships with the biggest and best known manufacturers in the industry.

Once an order, or even just an enquiry, has been placed with www.ukbedstore.com the customer is welcome to call us and speak directly with one of our fantastic team to get advice on your delivery, bed, mattress or furniture. Our team also follow orders every step along the way, so if we see a potential problem arising, we will deal with it and keep the customer fully updated by email AND phone.

For great products AND customer service, come to the best in the business www.ukbedstore.com

Childrens Beds – Colourful Choices at UK Bed Store:

Children’s beds have so many options available that deciding which one to buy can be quite tricky. Choosing the right bed for your child is an important decision for any parent. How long do you want their bed to last? Do you want a bed that last as your child grows and their needs change? We’ll break that down for you right now to help you solve that decision.

Designer Children’s Beds:

Design Childrens Beds from UK Bed Store

We stock an exciting range of fun designer children’s beds from Kidsaw. Their products and vibrant and will liven up our children’s already vigorous bedroom. These kids beds ideally suited for younger sleepers, where simplicity and creativity is valued and can encourage stimulated child development.

Cabin Beds:

Cabin Beds from UK Bed Store

A number of our designers supply us with durable cabin beds, the above is a Verona Pine bed. Cabin beds offer under-bed storage that can be vital in making the most of the space in your child’s room. These are ideal for storing toys and clothes.

Mid Sleeper Beds:

Mid Sleeper Children's Beds from UK Bed Store

Mid sleeper beds are another way of maximising storage. Our range of mid sleeper beds offers more diversity than our cabin beds, but are more suited to slightly older sleepers. With desk and drawer features they are ideal for children in early education needing somewhere to do their homework, that can still be used for play once the books are away.

High Sleeper Beds:

Metal High Sleeper Beds at UK Bed Store

High sleeper beds are the next step up from mid sleepers, both in name and in function. They have a large amount of under-bed space that be used for a full computer desk, or simply as general living space. The options for customisation here are at their highest. Perfect for older sleepers who really value their space.

Bunk Beds:

Kids Bunk Beds at UK Bed Store

Our bunk beds are another excellent choice in efficiently using your child’s bed to maximise use of space. These children’s beds areideal for siblings living in close-quarters. We have a variety of styles, colours, and materials to suit sleepers of all age ranges.

Hopefully with all of the above you’ll have a good idea of what sort of bed you want for your kids. At UK Bed Store we stock a wide range of children’s beds in all of the above styles in our Staffordshire store. You can click to view our full range of kid’s beds. Or, for a personal enquiry, contact us! We’re open from 9am to 5:30pm and are available via e-mail, telephone, post, or in person – get in touch!