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National Stop Snoring Week 2022

Nation Stop Snoring Week 2022

The week beginning 18th April 2022 in the UK is commonly known as being national stop snoring week. The whole week is dedicated to trying to get the annoying snorer in your life to kick the habit once and for all. The bed you sleep on, be it a high sleeper bed or a deluxe Limelight bed, does not have a direct effect on why or how you snore. There is much to be said about why we snore and how we can stop doing it.  

It is advised that around 15 million people in the UK snore, with a further 30 million people being affected by someone who snores in their life. Statistically, it is advised that men snore louder and more often than women and people aged between 50-60 years old snore more often. 

In this blog, we will highlight why people snore, what it could mean and ways to stop doing it. 

Why Do You Snore? 

When it comes to why someone snores; there can actually be multiple reasons. Identifying why you might be snoring is actually extremely effective as you can then conjure different ways to stop this potentially annoying pastime. Some of the reasons you might be snoring can include: 

Alcohol, Smoking or Medication- Alcohol, smoking or certain medications such as Diazepam, can significantly relax your muscles leading to the resulting loud snoring. Snoring mainly occurs when the muscles in your airways relax and start to vibrate as air passes through. 

Blocked Nose or Sinus Problems– If your airways are blocked or if you have a runny nose, this might result in snoring. This is because the blocked airways make it difficult or virtually impossible to inhale creating a vacuum in your throat which in turn leads to, as you might have guessed by now, snoring. 

Being Overweight or Generally Out of Shape– If you have fatty tissue or generally poor muscle structure; you might be a snorer because of this. However, it might surprise you to know that you don’t always have to be overweight to have a weight related snore problem. If you carry excess weight specifically in your neck or throat, this can in turn make you snore.

Your Age– Whilst you can change some of the reasons you snore, some reasons are completely out of your control. One such reason is your age. As you become older, your throat becomes narrower and the muscle tone in your neck decreases. This, rather unsurprisingly, results in snoring.  

Sleep Posture– Certain ways you sleep can result in snoring. Sleeping on your back, which coincidentally is one of the popular sleeping positions in the UK, can cause your muscles to relax and in turn allows you to snore. 

Your General Genetic Makeup– Very much in the ‘you have little control to no control over’ category; your general genetic makeup can make you snore. For example, men have narrower air passages than women which means they are more susceptible to snoring. Additionally, a cleft palate, enlarged adenoids or other physical attributes can increase the likelihood of you being a snorer.    

Hereditary– While the act of snoring is not necessarily hereditary, most of the factors, such as the way you are built most definitely are. 

What Does It Mean? 

You might live with a snorer or you might be one yourself, however, you might never have asked; what does it actually mean? 

To put it simply, snoring occurs when the muscles in your throat relax causing tissue to vibrate as air passes through it as you breathe. Whilst the worst effect of snoring is usually annoying your partner and dramatically impacting their sleeping pattern which can be devastating by itself; snoring can showcase issues which are more severe. 

Snoring can indicate sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a serious condition where your sleeping is briefly interrupted multiple times during your nights sleep. General snoring should not affect you during your sleep, however, if throughout the day you are suffering from extreme fatigue and tiredness then this could be a tell-tale sign of you are suffering from sleep apnea.

Ways To Stop Snoring

If you are, or if you know someone who snores, you need not to worry as all hope is not lost. There are a few tried and tested techniques you can use to stop snoring once and for all. This includes: 

Ensuring Your Stay Well Hydrated– On average, men and women drink about 15 cups of various liquids a day. This might not seem very important as far as sleeping is concerned but staying well hydrated can drastically improve your quality of sleep. You are dehydrated, secretions in your nose become stickier which can create more snoring. 

Opening Your Nasal Passages– As you might have already guessed, opening your nasal passages can help you stop snoring. There are many ways to do this. Some of which include taking a hot shower before bed or using a nasal spray. 

Focus On Hygiene– Bad sleep habits, such as working long hours without sufficient rest or not changing your bed sheets often enough, can result in your becoming a snorer. 

Changing The Pillow– Following on nicely regarding having good sleep hygiene and habits, allergens can live on your pillow which can enlarge your throat due to an allergic reaction. The enlarged airways can not only make it hard to breathe; but you will probably start snoring as a result of this. Frequently changing your pillow can be a great way of combating an allergen build up. 

Changing Your Sleep Position– If you sleep on your back, statically speaking you are more likely to snore. If this is your preferred sleeping position, you might want to adopt a new sleeping position. 

Lose Weight– As previously alluded to, being overweight can have a negative effect on you being a snorer. As such, you might want to consider losing weight to combat the snoring habit. 

Stop Drinking Alcohol (Especially Before Bed)– Sedatives and alcohol relax your muscles leading to snoring. This point we have already touched upon. To decrease the likelihood of you snoring, you should stop drinking alcohol as frequently. This rings especially true for drinking alcohol 3-4 hours before bed as this has a much worse effect.

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Preparing For The Perfect Night Sleep

Preparing For The Perfect Night Sleep

In our previous blog; we have touched upon the importance of getting your full 8 hours of sleep a night. From generally improving cognitive functions to surprising aesthetic differences, there are many reasons to improve your sleeping pattern. 

Whilst there is no simple way to maximise your cheap leather bed (using just one example) ready the perfect night sleep, there are some clinically proven methods to help you get a better night sleep. 

One of the most effective ways to do this is by meticulously preparing for the perfect night sleep.  

Waking Up In The Correct Manner 

Whilst many believe preparations for the best night sleep start only an hour or so before bed; the true preparations start as soon as you wake. 

You actually awake from sleep much easier if you construct your room in a way that makes waking up more easier. 

Pay particular attention to how far your alarm is. If you have to physically get out of bed to turn the alarm off, you might find this rather annoying especially if you are still slightly in the slumper of awakening. To counteract this; you might want to position your alarm clock within arms length. 

Or, you might want to invest in an alarm that can be turned off via voice control. By doing this, you will not need to get out of the comfort of your bed or fumble around trying to locate your buzzing alarm. 

Waking up in the morning can have a drastic impact on how you are prepared for the days activities and even the quality of sleep you get that night. 

Perform Daily Activities Which Will Tire You

Preparations for sleep should subconsciously be carried out throughout the day. You should perform tasks or activities that gradually tire you out. Whilst this not only improves your productivity during the day; it helps rest much easier at night. 

It is helpful to participate in some exercise or even perform other physical tasks such as cleaning. 

Whilst mentally tiring tasks can make you feel tired, studies have found that it does not encourage your body to get a good night’s sleep the way physical activities do. 

It is a fine balancing act. Do not overwork yourself. This can lead to fatigue throughout the day and can actually be a detriment to your sleep rather than a helpful advantage. 

Set a Time And Stick To It

Many experts advise you should establish a set time to go to sleep. Habits are one of the most authentic ways to ensure you get the perfect 8 hours of sleep. 

Choosing a selective window to fall asleep in can be potentially problematic. There are numerous ways to counteract this though. Mould the sleeping pattern around your daily schedule. If you need to be at work for 9am and you normally wake up at 7, you can go to sleep as late as 11. 

This can be perfected through trial and error. You might find you prefer going to bed later and waking up later or vice versa. It is of paramount importance to find a pattern that suits you and your busy lifestyle. 

Limit Caffeine Before Bed

Now you have a set sleeping schedule, you know which time to avoid caffeine from. It is recommended that you should stop drinking caffeine 4 to 6 hours before going to sleep. 

Caffeine is obviously a stimulant. Excessive consumption of caffeine can lead to irritability and, more importantly in regards to this list, struggles getting to sleep. 

You should also monitor your general caffeine over the course of your day. Frequently consuming a lot of coffee or tea can lead to alertness for a time but once the effects of caffeine wear off, it can actually make you more tired than usual. 

Relax Your Mind 

Relaxing your mind in anticipation of sleep is easier said than done. There is no set science for putting your mind in a position to carefully away into REM. However, you can try one of the below techniques that have worked for other eager sleep junkie: 

  • Listen to relaxing music before bed
  • Brush your teeth
  • Control How Much Food You Have (You don’t want to wake up hungry but if you are too full you might feel sick)
  • Drink Water (But not too much)
  • Switch Off Your Phone Well Before Bed
  • Avoid Screens (Unless you are watching something that relaxes you) 

 Tidy Your Bed Before Hand

They say a tidy room is a tidy mind. If this common saying rings true then having a clean and tidy room can help to clear and prepare your mind. 

If this is the case; you might want to make your bed, put away any clutter and organise your room so everything is easily accessible and aesthetically pleasing. 

 Still Need Help Getting to Sleep? 

If you still need help getting to sleep, do not hesitate to contact us. You might be in need of some new sleeping arrangements. At UK Bedstore, we have got you covered. From fresh double bed frames to stylish metal beds, we will have something for you. 

Lack of Sleep

Why it is Important to get Your 8 Hours

You have heard the old adage time and time again, you should get between 6-8 hours of sleep. Whilst achieving a minimum of 8 hours seemed all too easy as a child, living a busy adult life makes it increasingly difficult to achieve your targeted shut eye. 

What seems lost on a lot of people is that there are many reasons you should get 8 hours of sleep. 

In fact, around 36% of Adult in the UK struggle to fall asleep at least one night a week. Additionally, 1 in 3 adults unfortunately suffer from insomnia at some point in their lifetime. 

At UK Bedstore, we care about you maximising your sleeping experience. That is why we would like to highlight a few of the key reasons you should get your recommended sleep as well as outlining some of the helpful techniques you can implement to ensure you are falling asleep more efficiently and getting the previously mentioned shut eye for all of the nocturnal people amongst us. 

So have your metal bed, cheap leather bed, day bed or whichever bed of your choosing and get ready to maximise your sleeping pattern. 

Helping You Lose Weight and Stay Physically Fit

Has part of your new years resolution been to lose weight or to stay physically fit? Or have you been looking to get in shape more recently? 

If this is the case; you might have overlooked one very simple and effective technique. It might surprise you to know that getting more sleep will drastically improve the chances of your losing or maintaining weight. 

When you have less sleep, you naturally have a lot less energy. Because of this; you will crave food. You will also crave food’s which carry a larger amount of calories, carbonates and sugar to compensate for the lack of energy and alertness. It might go without saying but foods which contain more carbs and sugars will make you put on weight.

Studies have found that adults that have less than 7 hours a night have a 41% increased chance of developing obesity. Also, the same study found a significantly decreased desire to exercise due to the lack of sleep obtained. 

So if you are trying to lose or maintain a healthy weight, you might want to consider hitting the hay and getting your recommended 8 hours. 

Improving Brain Functionality and Productivity

Not getting enough sleep can result in much more than just dizzy moments or being clumsy. Not getting enough sleep can massively affect how your body and more importantly your brain functions on a daily basis. 

A tailored study looking at different physicians illustrated this perfectly. The study found that doctors with very high sleep impairment were 97% more likely to make a clinical medical error. Likewise, sleeping more can improve your memory. 

So next time you are resting your head on your metal bed frame struggling to sleep, remember getting the sleep will be massively important to increase your day to day functionality. 

It May Strengthen Your Heart

Looking after your ticker is one of the most important things you can do. For many of you who thought strengthening your heart was reserved for increasing the amount of cardio you do, however, sleeping an adequate amount of time can improve the health of your heart. 

Studies have found that sleeping more than 6 hours can decrease the chance of heart disease by 4.6 percent. 

Increased heart function can prolong your life. If this is not a good enough reason to start getting your 8 hours, I don’t know what is. 

Improving Your Physical Performance 

As previously touched upon, having an early night can lead to better physical performance especially regarding sports. 

Not even considering the fact that sleeping more improves alertness and your mood, getting at least 8 hours of sleep is vital in your recovery from exercise. 

When you do any exercise but especially sports such as weight lifting, you tear little muscle fibres and when they grow back stronger which makes performing the same exercises a lot easier next time. 

Most of the time the muscle fibres rebuild is during sleep. So if you aren’t sleeping enough, your muscles won’t be rebuilding properly which will lead to you feeling weak and sometimes ill. 

Mental Health 

Mental health awareness month might not be until May but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be taking steps to improve it right now. 

Poor sleeping patterns are heavily linked to depression. Whilst there are many complicated and varied reasons this is the case, having a more structured pattern of sleep as well as generally improving the quality of sed sleep can massively improve your mood or so studies have shown. 

So whilst depression and anxiety can affect your sleep directly, ensuring you get sleep can offer a potential solution to the aforementioned problems. 

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National Bed Month 2022

Ways To Celebrate National Bed Month in 2022

Cheap leather beds to practical high sleeper beds to day beds to special edition Victorian style beds. With so many different beds to enjoy, the ever expanding world of premium sleeping arrangements seems all the appealing. 

Since the year 1990, the month of March has been dubbed national bed month in the UK. The month is dedicated to improving a variety of bedroom features such as the quality and durability of your bed frame, ensuring you have clean and suitable sheets and even reinvesting in bedroom furnishings. 

Above all else, the month pushes you to get a better night’s sleep. There are numerous ways you can do this. 

Celebrating national bed day in 2022 will be very different compared to the celebration in 2021. Casting your minds back to March 2021; many of us were confined to our homes meaning we had to enjoy national bed month in our bedrooms alone. Many bed outlets were shut, making it no easy task to make new bed purchases. 

Luckily, 2022 offers much more variety and openness. So we thought we would why not look at the different ways you can enjoy national bed month in 2022. 

Spend The Whole Day In Bed

In 2021, many of us were forced to take unwarranted and unwanted full days in bed. Since then; many national restrictions have been lifted. You might argue that because of this, there are not as many self proclaimed bed days being had.

This March we employ you to re-establish this tradition. Take a couple of days in bed this month. Just think about it, a full day when all you have to do is lie in bed binge watching that new television series you love. Having breakfast in bed as you snuggle further into your blanket in your fresh clean pyjamas. 

Spending the whole day in bed can drastically improve your general mood and personal wellbeing. 

You might also be surprised to learn that having more days in bed can actually boost productivity as supposed to being to its determinant. This is largely due to the fact that when you are well rested you achieve and accomplish more. 

All this being said, there is not much point in spending the whole day in bed if your bed or subsequent bedroom is not up to scratch. 

Reinvigorate Your Bedding

All this being said, there is not much point in having a bed day if your bed or subsequent bedroom is not up to scratch. 

One of the easiest and effective ways to improve your overall sleeping experience is by regularly changing you bed sheets. Surveys have found that most people in the UK change their bed sheet on a fortnightly basis; however, it is actually recommended to change your sheet on a weekly basis. 

By changing your sheet on a weekly schedule, this ensures that your sheets do not see a build-up of harmful bacteria and germs. Frequently changing your sheets also makes your sheets comfier for just day to day use. 

This national bed month be sure to give your bed sheets some much needed attention. 

Time For A New Mattress?

One of the quintessential components of any bed is of course the mattress. We have recently touched on how an inadequate mattress can lead to potential back problems and other more common discomforts. 

A mattress needs to be comfy and practical. If you do plan on taking some of the aforementioned bed days this national bed month, you won’t want to lie on an uncomfortable and potentially harmful mattress.

If you are showing symptoms of back pain due to a subpar mattress, maybe it is time to invest in a new mattress today. 

Start A Sleep Diary

One of the more unusual ways to celebrate national bed month, maybe you should start a sleep diary. 

Before commissioning a sleep diary, you must ask yourself what are your aims of the sleep diary. Is it merely for novelty or leisurely purposes? Or do you wish to use your findings to improve the quality and amount of sleep you get? 

We are not suggesting that you start a detailed description of your dreams or sleeping pattern that could be published in a high end scientific journal. But a general noting of your daily sleeping routine would be more than sufficient. 

Purchase New Bedroom Furniture

Moving away slightly from the typical talk of bedding and mattresses, this national bed month, perhaps you should purchase new bedroom furniture. 

Whether you are need of a beautiful new serene furnishings oak table or a custom made faux leather headboard, we are sure we will have to fit your requirements. 

Enact A Digital Detox

As previously alluded to, there were varying degrees of restrictions last year meaning collectively; we had to rely on socialising digitally. 

This might have been very enjoyable last year but many scientists empathise the importance of taking time away from your screens. 

Unsurprisingly, the same scientists advocate less screen time as they suggest this improves your quality of sleep as well as making it much easier to fall asleep in the first place. 

How Are You Celebrating National Bed Month? 

How are you celebrating national bed month in 2022? Will you be trying any of our tips or tricks?

If you would like to learn more about our extensive and diverse range of products, please get in touch.  And why don’t you keep posted on our social media throughout this year’s national bed month. 

Your Guest Room Guide

Day Beds or Upholstered Beds: The Guest Bedroom Guide

It has been the topic of much debate for many homeowners; should you have a guest bedroom? Furthermore, what features should be included in this room? Should it have a cosy day bed or a deluxe upholstered bed

Whilst there are many features we know your guest bedroom should not feature. For example, you probably should not install a mid sleeper bed and try to avoid metal beds. There are few features we know for sure should be included. 

At the UK Bed Store, we want to ensure every bedroom in your home is in the shape possible. So before you start work on installing a deluxe metal bed frame, read up on some of our tips. If you follow these tips, we are sure you will have your own guest bedroom masterpiece in no time. 

Why Do You Need a Guest Bedroom? 

Before we delve into what constitutes a successful guest bedroom, we will want to consider why you require one in the first place. 

The guest bedroom used to be reserved for those of us who had the pace or even money to spare. In the early 2020’s, there are a lot of homes that have the guest bedroom as a permanent feature. 

This could be due to the fact that a lot of guest bedrooms were previously children’s rooms. Once your child eventually bucks up the courage to move out, parents are present with a big problem. 

What to do with the recently vacant room. Many parents (more specifically fathers) will turn the room into a games or even trophy room. Arguably, most spare rooms are used as a guest bedroom. In fact, it is estimated that roughly 90% of all so-called spare rooms are now guest bedrooms. 

If you do not have one already, you might be missing out. 


One of the many reasons people choose to have a guest bedroom is because of the incredible feeling of functionality they offer. The frequently mentioned room can be used to house family members and friends alike. 

This is perfect if you have had some family members over around Christmas time and it is too late for them to get a taxi so they can simply stay over in the guest bedroom. 

Additionally, though you might not like to admit it, you can use it too. For example, if your significant other is snoring rather loudly making it increasingly difficult to sleep, you can just climb into the guest bed. Well that is assuming the bed is already vacant. 

The guest bedroom can also be used as a fantastic way to store household items and even clothes. 

Make Luxurious But Not Too Luxurious

When constructing your guest room masterpiece, you want to make the room spacious and luxurious. But not too luxurious though. 

Whilst this approach might seem rather counterintuitive, if you perfect this approach, you will have the perfect guest bedroom. When you think about it, you will want to promote an element of luxury to your would be guest.

However, if the bedroom closely resembles a five star hotel, your guest might think you are over compensating. Or potentially worse, they will think you are trying too hard. 

Ways to make your room more tasteful could include: 

  • Ensuring you do not overspend on accessories such cushions or bedroom ornaments 
  • Identify the best size bed
  • Do not overcrowd your room with blankets or excessive curtains
  • Change potentially flashy light fittings
  • Do not overspend on duvets, pillows and mattresses
  • Do not make the bed frame inconvenient for your guest


Often overlooked when constructing any room, the general decor of the room. Arguably the biggest feature in this regard is the subsequent furniture. 

Bedroom furniture can cause quite the conundrum. Whilst it seems pretty obvious that you will require cupboards and drawers for storage, is any other furniture required? For example; you could include a coffee table, bedside draws or even a drinks holders. 

Then you might have to ask, where do you get the furniture from? Luckily, Serene Furnishings offer unique and high quality furniture perfectly suited to your bedroom. They offer exceptional bed frames, deluxe drawers and expertly crafted dining tables. 

One of our personal favourite products is the guest bed underbed trundle bed. Besides having guest in it’s title, they also fit perfectly next to a daybed as well as offering more sleeping space. 

Choosing the Right Bed

Potentially the centrepiece of your soon to be masterpiece, the bed is quintessential when it comes to the success of your room. With so many options available, it can be difficult when navigating this potential mind field. 

Luckily, we are here to help break down which bed will best suit you: 

Daybed– Day beds are many peoples first choice when it comes to your guest bedroom’s bed. This is largely due to it’s incredible versatility. The bed can be simultaneously used as a simple sofa whilst still not losing any comfort for the end user. 

Upholstered Beds– Less practical but arguably more luxurious. Upholstered beds offer a great range of comfort unrivalled by many of its competitors.  

Wooden Beds- Often a cheaper alternative to metal beds, wooden framed beds offer a homely bed whilst not breaking the bank. 

Metal Beds– Definitely more durable than their wooden counterparts, but potentially more expensive. Metal beds are a great choice for your guest bed as they are very strong and are surprisingly quite light making them easy to move. 

French Beds– This rather unique style of bed is undoubtedly stylish and not that common. They can often be seen as quite extravagant but because of this, the bed can come across a bit showy and even over the top. 

Fold Out Beds– Arguably the most practical bed out of this list, the fold out does not offer incredible re-use value like some of the options listed above. 

What to Populate Your Bedroom With? 

Guest satisfaction should be at the forefront when it comes to how best to tailor your guest bedroom. To ensure they are satisfied with their stay, you will want to ensure they have everything they might need. These are some of the things every guest bedroom should have: 

  • Ample room for luggage and bags
  • A diverse range of toiletries
  • Water bottle and drinking glasses
  • Conveniently located power sockets so they can charge their electronic devices
  • A bedside table and accompanying reading lamp
  • Comfy covers and pillow cases (because who doesn’t want that) 
  • Wardrobes and cupboards

Construct Your Guest Bedroom Masterpiece Today!

So what are you waiting for? Why don’t you get to work on your guest bedroom showcase today? 

You might want to browse our extensive range of guest and normal bedroom products. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us. 

Valentine's Day Bedroom

Ways to Prepare Your Bedroom for Valentine’s Day

The 14th of February, otherwise known as valentine’s day, conjures feelings of panic and stress for many people. 

High streets and online shopping websites will be filled with partners hectically clambering around to try and find that all important last minute gift. Be it a nice bunch of red roses, some deluxe Dutch truffles or jumbo size bathroom gift set, we can be assured that these items will quickly sell out. 

You have no need to worry. We have a fantastic alternative to some of the more traditional gifts listed above. This valentine’s, why don’t you turn your bedroom into a romantic paradise? 

At UK Bedstore, we luckily have you covered, so without further ado let’s take a look at some of best ways you can turn your bedroom into a valentine’s day masterpiece. 

Elegant Decoration 

When conducting your room in a way that would sufficiently showcase your love for your significant other, you will want to consider how the room is decorated. There are many different approaches you can adopt. But we would like to highlight a few ways you can do this whilst simultaneously listing some of the pros and cons. 

Rose Petals Over the Bed:

Pros– Sometimes they say the traditional ways are the best. Scattering red rose petals over your king size mattress might be incredibly stereotypical. However, sometimes the old ways are the best and in this regard it just might be. 

Cons– Because this is just a tradition, the technique can often be seen as a cliché or even sometimes a bit cringey. 

Sophisticated and Stylish Lighting:

Pros- This technique is incredibly easy to feature. If you already have a bedside lamp, this should be even easier. All you require is a few strategically placed light shades and you should be good to go. 

Cons- The only potential downside for this one is you have accidentally overdo the lighting. You have to make sure the lighting remains tasteful and not overbearing. 

Installing a Canopy:

Pros- Installing a canopy is a very effective way to show your special someone that you have gone all out and spared no expense. If you implement this technique there is no doubt your significant other will be impressed. 

Cons- As previously alluded to, installing a canopy can be very costly. Not to mention the fact that installing this extravagant decoration can be very problematic and also quite time consuming. Let’s say you have an upholster bed, trying to erect the canopy over the bed might be more trouble than it’s worth. 

The Swan Towels:

Pros- We have saved potentially the most unique decoration until last. The swan towels is when you expertly fold and mould towels into the shape of two swans touching their beaks. You will definitely get points for originality with this one. If you are having trouble constructing your own swan towels, Wikihow break down step by step how to make your own swan towels masterpiece. 

Cons– The only problem is that the swan towels are not that easy to do, it’s that simple. 

Don’t Neglect the Furnishings 

When putting together your showcase bedroom, you will do well not to neglect the furnishings. Trust us your partner will notice the little touches. 

Whether you have a perfectly lined up set of Birlea tables or one of our Serene Furnishings dining tables, one of these extra little touches will make all the difference. 

Hone Your Scent

The final tip we have is to make sure the scent of the room is just right. Some scented candles or some previously sprayed air freshener would not go amiss here. First impressions are important and if your room smells great then this will give you the best head start. 

Contact Us 

If you have any other questions regarding how to make your bedroom extra special this valentine’s day, do not hesitate to contact us

Bed Sharing

The Unspoken Rules of Bed Sharing

So you have recently picked up one of our double bed frames and accompanying mattress, you are ready to share the all important mattress but you don’t know what the exact rules are. There is so many unspoken rules and procedures, you are trying your best to understand it all. 

If this is you, you need not worry. We have taken them unspoken rules and compiled them into an easily digestible list for you to take from and study. 

Be Generous With the Covers

When it comes to bed sharing, first on the agenda has to be sharing the covers. 

When you are sharing a bed with someone in the winter, how often have you woke up freezing cold because your fellow bed sharer has borrowed (or should say stolen) the majority of the covers. Likewise, in the summer, have you ever had you bed partner dump all the bed covers on you and you have woke up in a puddle of sweat. 

This is a perfect example of why you should always be generous when it comes to cover sharing. No matter what, no one likes a cover hogger or cover dumper. 

Beware of the Snorer

There are approximately 15 million identified snorers in the UK. Subsequently, it is estimated that the 15 million snorers directly affect 30 million partners.  

Because of this, you might be asking; can snoring be cured? 

Sleeping next to a snorer can be quite detrimental to you making the most out of your night sleep. There are quite a few tricks you can do to either stop or limit the amount of snoring you do in one night. From raising the metal bed frame to quitting smoking, we would like to highlight a few steps you can take: 

  • Use nasal spray to ensure you have a clear nasal passage
  • Sleep on your side
  • Raise the head of your bed
  • Quit smoking (if you are a smoker)
  • Stay hydrated
  • Change your pillow regularly
  • Get more sleep in general

If you implement any of the above, it might lead to you stopping snoring and trust us, your bed sharing partner will thank us. 

Watch the Space

Similar to sharing the covers, you might want to ensure you are not hogging the mattress. If you have just bought a brand new double faux leather bed, there is nothing more annoying than only being granted a very small section to sleep. 

When sharing a mattress, there can be unofficial lines drawn. Imagine drawing county lines, but in your bedroom. Normally, people who share beds pick a side of the bed they prefer and stick to it. 

This is not to say your lines can not be crossed for special occasions like cuddling but for most part, you should stick to your chosen side. 

The Cuddle Conundrum 

As previously touched upon, if you are sharing a bed with someone you might be tempted to cuddle. 

There is nothing that would enhance the experience of your cheap leather bed than to share a cuddle with someone close to you. However, not cuddling in the correct manner to dead arms and poor night’s sleep for you and your partner. Three helpful tips we would like to highlight are: 

  1. Ensure your partner is comfortable in the position– just because you feel comfortable in a certain snuggle position does not mean your partner is. 
  2. Know when to call it a day– whilst you might have enjoyed a cuddle for 20 minutes or so, please recognise that sometimes you have to stop cuddling otherwise it can lead to the dreaded dead arm. 
  3. Be careful in the summer– when temperatures sky rocket in the summer, you might not want to cuddle.

We hope these 3 tips are helpful regarding you maximising your cuddling experience.

Ensure Your Bed is the Correct Size

When it comes to bed sharing, you will always make  sure you have ample space when trying to go to sleep. Arguably the best way to do this is by ensuring you have the correct size bed. 

Before making your bed purchase you will have to evaluate what kind of sleeper you are. Are you a starfish sleeper? In that case you might need a king or a super king to allow for the extra room. 

Do you sleep in the fetal position? In that case you might be able to get away with a standard double or even a small double.

Are you both tall? If both of you are well over 6 feet you might need a larger bed. Likewise, if both of you are under 5 feet you might not need such a massive bed. 

One of the quintessential tips for bed sharing is ensuring you have the correct size bed for you and your bed sharing partner or partners. 

Coordinate Your Sleeping Times

If you have had a long hard day or even week, the last thing you want is the person sleeping next to you keeping you awake.

Even if you are a late night reader or have to watch a video before falling asleep, be sure to be considerate to your partner. They might be wanting to get that all important shut eye but if you have your bedside light on whispering to yourself, this will make getting your 8 hours very difficult. 

The same goes for going to bed at different times. If you are working late or if you have been out late with your friends, and clambering into bed in the early hours, make sure you do not wake your already sleeping bed sharer 

A good way of ensuring you do not disturb each other’s sleep is coordinating your sleeping times. Try to share a set bedtime. Also come up with unofficial rules, like no lights on after 11 pm or something like that. 

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Which Bed is Best for Your Age?

Some people say age is just a number and whilst it might be, certain products are definitely catered to specific age groups. You wouldn’t see adults aged 40 playing with nerf guns for example. 

What we would like to know however is; does this apply to beds? From comfy day beds to luxury upholstered beds, are these beds meant to be for specific ages or can they be enjoyed by anyone?

Firstly, there are particular beds that are just impractical for certain age groups. If you are over the age of 65 you might not want to climb up a high rise bed. Similarly, if you have a 5 year old child you wouldn’t want to see them in a limited edition king size with a tailor made headboard. 

So, if you are thinking of making a bed purchase in early 2022 and are struggling to decide which is best for you and more specifically your age, we’ve got you covered. 

High Sleeper and Mid Sleeper Beds

These little gems are perfect for children but you might not know, high sleepers in particular are becoming increasingly popular with teenagers and even young professionals. 

Mid sleeper beds are very popular with younger children. The slightly elevated beds offer ample storage underneath for toys and smaller clothing making them perfect for children aged 4-12. In addition, the bed being slightly off the ground gives younger children an element of fun as they think the bed has a little bit of something special.  

High sleeper beds are again popular with younger children as they enjoy the novelty of being high up in their room. However, we have found these beds can be even more popular with teenagers and, rather surprisingly, young adults. 

This is because high rise beds provide a fantastic opportunity to install an office desk setup which is perfect for giving your bed a sense of functionality. Teenagers love spending hours gaming with their friends whilst young professionals love the practicality of being able to roll out of bed and log straight onto their work laptop. 

This is particularly beneficial for young professionals who live in a house share or in a city apartment where there is not an over abundance of space available. So if you are in these age categories and are looking for a new bed, high and mid sleeper beds might be ideal for you.

The Thuka Range

Whilst we are on the topic of beds for younger children, we would like to highlight our Thuka range. For many of your little ones, the joy of Christmas has now worn off. Their bedroom floors are being scattered with the toys they were looking forward to all year and their beds are being slowly filled with more and more blankets as the colder nights draw in. 

You might not be thinking it now but this is the perfect time to treat them to a new bed. This is where Thuka comes in. Thuka offers funky and vibrant beds ideally suited to younger children and teenagers. 

Thuka is a Danish brand that caters their beds specifically to children. They offer hip and trendy designs, a fantastic degree of flexibility and a brilliant opportunity for your young ones to grow with them. How the bed looks is very important to younger children. If they happen to be showcasing one of the many stylish Thuka designed beds when their friends come for a sleepover, there is no doubt they will be jealous. 

Adult Beds, Where to Start?

Whilst there are vast opportunities available for teenagers, kids and even young adults, this is nothing compared to options available for adults. 

To clarify, when I refer to adults, I am referring to 25-45 year olds. Adults want beds that can usually be described as sleek, homely and traditional. From faux leather beds to unique wooden bed frame beds to even coil memory foam mattresses, the possibilities are endless. 

If you have ever browsed our extensive catalogue, you might have garnered that beds tailored to adults are most of the beds we supply. We would like to take this opportunity to highlight a few stand outs. 


Even though beds catered to children offer fantastic customisation, this is nothing compared to what is on offer for adults. 

When you are thinking of constructing your bed, you might want to start with what frame you want. Do you want a metal frame? Do you need a double bed frame? Are you thinking of upgrading to a king size or is a single more than sufficient? 

Then, after you have decided on the best bed frame for you, you will need to make the decision on your mattress. 

Serene Furnishings 

Whilst on the topic of having a plethora of options, we would like to highlight serene furnishings. 

Founded back in 2005, Serene Furnishings have quickly become one of the UK’s leading brands for beds. They offer contemporary designs, sleek fittings and all of their products are of exceptional quality. 

Mattresses for Seniors 

Beds are important for seniors but arguably the more important aspect of your bed is the accompanying mattress. 

Although many of us love a comfy mattress. When seniors are enquiring about a new bed, they will want to pay particular attention to the mattress. The right mattress has to be comfy, help relieve stress and also be aesthetically pleasing. A fantastic example of a mattress that perfectly fits this criteria is one of our deluxe feather mattresses. Be sure to check out our full range of mattresses on our mattresses page. 

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We hope you now have a better understanding of how even though any bed can be enjoyed by anyone. There are certain beds that might be better suited to you. 

So why don’t you contact us for more information today regarding beds for all ages today!


Welcome to 2022!

Happy New Year to all our customers both new and old! We hope you all had the best festive period!
Now that 2022 is with us, it’s time to start thinking about transforming your bedroom! We’re pretty sure that it’s been a while since you treated yourself to some new bedroom furniture or even a new bed. So why not make 2022 the year you make the change. So get out the paint testers, find yourself a nice new colour, then take a look at our collections for the right bedroom furniture for your new space!

Following The Trends

One of the biggest projected trends in the bedroom this year is dark furniture and light walls. While many people have avoided dark furniture previously for fear of making the room feel smaller, pairing them with lighter, or even white walls makes them truly stand out and gives you a great look in your room. You can even mix and match between light and dark bedding to find what works for you.
For this trend, we love the LPD Delta Bedroom Set In Black, paired with the Birlea Berlin Crushed Velvet double bed frame.
The other trend that’s on the cards this year is the complete opposite. Dark walls, with pure white furniture. While many are taking this as every wall goes dark, we like it with a bit of a twist. 3 dark walls, with white bedroom furniture, such as the Panama 4 piece bedroom set, with your bed on the fourth wall, which is white. Make your bed stand out by opting for a black metal bed, such as the Birlea Emily.

For Extra Storage

For many people, one of the biggest reasons that they start to consider re-doing their bedroom isn’t because it looks a bit tatty, or the fact that the same furniture has been in the room for over 15 years, it’s actually because they need more storage.
Without building an extension on your bedroom, there is very little you can do to increase the space in your room. You just have to become a little savvier with your space by investing in furniture with increased levels of storage space.
Start with your bed. While a divan may have previously been shown to offer hidden under bed storage, you also lose a fair amount of the space where the drawer or shelf doesn’t extend to. That’s why it’s now time to look at ottoman beds. This style of the bed allows you to lift your mattress with ease thanks to gas struts and use the whole underneath of your bed, without worrying that it looks untidy from the side.
The Birlea Berlin Ottoman is the perfect faux leather double bed frame to help increase the storage space in your room.

Just A Small Change

Sometimes the smallest change can make the biggest difference. You may already have a bed that you love, complete with a brand new mattress and not want to change. But by simply changing your headboard (and maybe your bedsheets) you can make a bigger impact on your room than you realise.
We have a great range of headboards available, everything from stunning designs in wooden headboards such as the Serene Furnishings Autumn, to coloured fabric options, allowing you to customise your bed to your room and style. Take a look at the Sweet Dreams Glamour for a great range of colours.

If it’s time to get changing up your bedroom, take a look at our bedroom furniture collection for the complete range.
If you are swapping out your mattress, remember to take a look at our blog “Choosing the right Mattress” or get in touch with the team today for more information.


New Bed In Time For Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner, you might think that the last thing on your mind is treating yourself to a new bed. But why should that be the case! It’s Christmas for you too!

Treating Yourself

At Christmas time, we know that most people will focus on treating others. Spoiling them with presents, festive dinners and plenty to drink. So when it comes to treating yourself, it may feel like a strange concept. Particularly when it comes to a whole new bed.
However, here at UK Bed Store, we believe that you need a good treat too. And there’s nothing better than the gift of a good nights sleep.
Treating yourself starts with finding the perfect frame, before choosing the mattress that will offer you the bed nights sleep possible.

The Perfect Frame

Everyone has a different idea of the perfect frame, from faux leather beds, to luxury upholstered beds and even a stunning, intricate metal bed. Choosing the right double bed frame is as simple as deciding on your style.
Sleek and stylish – Faux leather beds make for a great addition to your room if you are looking for an excellent sleek style. Consider the Texas double bed frame from Metal Beds, one of our personal favourites.
Plush and comfortable – Upholstered beds are a great choice if you are looking for a soft comfortable finish to your bed. The rust-red colouring of the Time Living Hamburg double bed frame stands out as a statement piece in your room while offering complete comfort.
Elegant and decadent – if your bedroom has an air of elegance, you might want to consider a metal bed frame. The Birlea Bronte is a stunning Victorian classic shape.
Simple and classic – If you are looking for a simple double bed frame, a wooden bed might be just what you are looking for. The Birlea Rio is the perfect understated bed, with matching furniture available.

Good Nights Sleep

Getting a good nights sleep isn’t actually about the bed itself, more the mattress than anything. So once you’ve chosen your new frame, it’s time to make sure that you are getting the right mattress for you.
Head over to our recent blog on “Choosing The Right Mattress For You” for more information on finding the right mattress to give you a good nights sleep.

Treat The Kids

Now we aren’t saying that you need to buy the kids a new bed as part of their Christmas present. Although some of our kid’s range are great fun, so they might enjoy it more than some toys!
We’re thinking practical kids and teens beds. As our kids get older, they might need more space, or storage in their room. So why not consider high sleeper beds? Or even mid sleeper beds?
The Thuka Hit collection offers a selection of high sleeper beds, complete with a desk and a fold out chair bed. Perfect for sleepovers!
For extra storage in a mid sleeper bed, take a look at the LPD Rocco, this will give your little pirates the perfect pirate ship vibes, not to mention storage below deck!

For more information on ordering your new bed in time for Christmas, get in touch with a member of the team here at UK Bed Store who will be happy to help you. Visit our delivery page for more information on delivery.