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The Best In Double Bed Frames

The double bed is one of the most common sizes found in UK homes with more adults opting for a double than any other size. So finding the perfect double bed frame can sometimes be a bit of a minefield. The team here at UK Bed Store have pulled together a collection of their favourites. From the one they have at home, to the ones they wish they had at home.

For The Ladies

Ladies who are picking out a double bed for themselves are more likely to seek out something eye-catching at stylish. After all, if you can’t have style in your bedroom where can you!
Birlea Canterbury – This Victorian-inspired frame offers an air of elegance, with a touch of feeling like a princess.
LPD Florence – This double bed frame increases on the elegance of the Canterbury and includes scrolls featured in the frame, not to mention the large round crystals in pace to complete the look.
Birlea Hannover – Crushed velvet is back in style! It might not be to everyone’s taste, but many of the ladies out there love it! This Birlea Hannover frame offers a stunning space, covered in a steel crushed velvet, perfect to suit any bedroom.

Calling All Bachelors

Some men will seek out the manliest frame they can as a show of masculinity, while others will look for something nice and simple that does the job.
LPD Milton – You cannot get much more simple than the LPD Milton black metal bed frame. Simple shapes and lines keep the frame minimal enough to suit any room and style.
GFW Bed In a Box– This simple leather bed frame encompasses the mattress to give you a completely boxed in finish on every side. Simple yet masculine.
Pippa – The Pippa bed frame boasts an appearance not far dissimilar to pipework. Taking a look at this black metal frame is a must for all bachelors.

A Bed To Share

While many will think that the biggest choice when sharing a bed is the mattress, you also need to consider the bed frame itself. Finding one that both of you like the look and feel of can go a long way.
LPD Prado Plus – When sharing a room (or a bed) space is always key. Our ottoman beds have increased in popularity for this reason. That’s why the Prado Plus is the perfect choice for couples.
Birlea Corona – Many couples sharing a bed look for a sturdy structure that won’t wake the other if you get up in the night. What is better than a high-quality chunky pine bed frame?

A Teenage Touch

Many teenagers are being treated to a double bed as they get older (space permitting) as they no longer need floor space, and some tend to spend a lot of time in bed too! So why not find them a double bed frame they like?
Time Living Waverly – This simple frame boasts a wavey headboard made from simple silver effect metal. Keeping the design simple with a hint of style. Not too much for a teenage room.
GFW Side Lift – All teenagers need that extra storage space, no matter how big their room or wardrobe is. That’s why we have added the ottoman bed to the list. In this can the side lift as we know that there will be a high chance that only one side is accessible.

For more information on finding the perfect double bed frame for you, please get in touch with a member of our team today who will be happy to assist you. You can also head over to our blogs for a range of information and ideas. The majority of our beds are available in multiple sizes to suit your home and space.

Faux Bed

The Best Night’s Sleep on Metal Beds for Over 55’s

Metals beds from UK Bed Store are one of the most popular options for a wide range of customers including children, parents and people over 55 years old.

Here we are going to look at methods to get a better night’s sleep if you’re heading towards retirement age.
Control the Temperature
Sometimes older men and women struggle to settle in bed due to temperature fluctuations, such as getting too warm during the night.
We would recommend wool, alpaca, silk or bamboo duvet covers which will help regulate your body temperature plus a mattress that offers breathable options. If you have a partner who snores and keeps you up at night you could also consider one of our adjustable beds. This sort of bed will mould itself to your individual sleep postures and help combat snoring.

Get into Routine
If you have trouble winding down at night there could be multiple factors for this, including:

Do you watch television late at night?
Are you browsing on your phone in bed?
Do you drink caffeine after 5pm?

These are all common reasons why your body isn’t switching off at bedtime, so here’s some alternatives to gradually wind down peacefully –

  • Try to walk at least 30 minutes per day getting plenty of sunlight
  • Take a nice warm bath
  • Read a book in bed for around half an hour before your usual bedtime to relax

If you need to relax more at night you could consider the 4-7-8 method, which helps focus your breathing patterns.

  • First empty your lungs of air
  • Breathe in quietly through your nose for 4 seconds
  • Now hold your breath for 7 seconds

Exhale forcefully through your mouth, pursing the lips and making the ‘whoosh’ sounds for 8 seconds
Repeat this cycle up to 4 times (if required)

Studies from the Sleep Council have shown men and women over 55 should be aiming to be asleep by 10:30pm and to achieve this you should aim to have your final meal of the evening before 8pm.
Between 9:30pm and 10:30pm is considered the ‘Golden Hour’ where you can undertake one or more of the wind down techniques, we looked at above. With plenty of practice this should ensure you get at least 7 hours of sleep and are refreshed come the morning.

Talk to the Experts for Metal Beds

UK Bed Store has over 40 years of experience providing the finest range of metal beds, mattresses, headboards and other bedroom accessories to customers all over the country.
If you’d like to know more about our range of products please get in touch or come and pay us a visit at our showroom in Leek, Staffordshire.

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Metal Beds are the Functional and Traditional Bedstead

For a traditional and functional bed, look no further than a metal bed frame. A classic design with lasting appeal, metal beds are as popular now as they have ever been. Often referred to as bedsteads, they will never go out of fashion. To ensure we have a bed frame to suit everyone’s taste and decor, here at the UK Bed Store we have a huge range of beds in differing styles, sizes, and colours. Our collection includes some of the UK’s most popular brands including Birlea.

Metal Beds are Here to Stay

The UK Bed Store has over 40 years’ experience providing quality metal bed frames from our location in Staffordshire to homes and bedrooms all over the UK. Metal beds offer a range of benefits that other beds can’t complete with. These brilliant bed frames effortlessly add style and sophistication to any room, regardless of whether you choose a modern or traditional frame.

Metal bed frames are also very durable and certain to be long-lasting. Within our current range, there is also a fabulous collection of modern and contemporary designs and colours for children to choose from. From pretty pink bed frames for a little princess to fun football beds for your rising global superstar. Whatever your style or budget, we guarantee to have a metal bed frame that you’ll love.

For Metal Beds Speak to one of our Team

We know what makes a great metal bed, if you require more information about any of our beds please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our team today. At UK Bed Store, we have a stunning range of bed frames from many big brands such as Bentley Designs, Limelight and Birlea. With competitive prices, free UK delivery where possible and a price match guarantee, why look anywhere else?

Metal bed Frames Perfect

Perfect Metal Bed Frames

Is it time that your bedroom undergoes a redecoration? Then one of our quality metal bed frames might be just what your bedroom needs this year…

Here at the UK Bed Store we’ve been providing customers all over the United Kingdom with the beds of their dreams and our metal bed frames have always been a popular hit. It’s not hard to see why though – our metal beds are sturdy, durable, and also very fashionable for any modern or traditional home!

Simply come to our showroom and discover a versatility of styles and sizes to suit all ages.

Advantages of Metal Bed Frames

From footy mad metal bed frames to princess pink bed, we have a bed for everyone’s budget, and taste. Here are some tips as to why our range of metal bed frames are one of the best on the market;

  • Metal beds are more affordable than their alternatives
  • Metal beds are light and easier to manoeuvre – especially with wheel attachments
  • Often the frame features a centre support to provide extra back support on the mattress – creating a comfier frame
  • Metal beds are more durable and practical – an excellent solution for landlords or for student properties
  • Depending on the bed frame, some metal beds can be adjusted to hold a bigger mattress
  • Metal is less affected by, fire damage, water damage or bug damage
  • Great versatility in styling over alternatives

Get in Touch for Metal Bed Frames

If you would like to know more about our metal bed frames, please do not wait around to get in touch. We have been providing high quality beds for over 40 years, so you’ll guaranteed to find a bed that suits your style and budget at the UK Bed Store.

Additionally, if you find one of our beds cheaper elsewhere, we promise a price match guarantee at UK Bed Store! We can offer you the best possible bed at the best possible price!

stylish metal bed frames

The place to go for metal bed frames

At the UK Bed Store, we strongly believe that a well-styled metal bed frame makes for the perfect centrepiece in any bedroom. For this reason, we stock and supply a wide range of metal bed frames in a range of colours and styles to ensure that we really do have something for everyone! Our goal is to help you to find the bed of your dreams. In fact, we will even deliver your bed to you so you can rest easy knowing that your bed will make it to your door safe and sound.

We know what makes for truly great metal frame beds

With more than 40 years worth of experience within our market, we know a thing or two about metal bed frames. We are one of the UK’s leading metal frame bed suppliers and we pride ourselves on supplying products from only the very best brands and manufacturers. Our metal bed frames come in any shape, size, colour and with a plethora of styles available, we are confident that we have a bed to suit your needs. The UK Bed Store is home to some of the UK’s most loved brands from Bentley Beds who capture the very best and latest market trends, to Limelight Beds who take classic styles and add a distinctive and modern feel to them.

If it’s not enough that we offer the best brands, we also offer a range of sizes from the 2’ 6” small single for your princes and princesses all the way to the 6’ super king size metal frame bed that is fit for the king and queen of the house.

Why buy metal bed frames from us?

The traditional metal frame bed is still extremely popular. In fact, metal frames beds will never go out of fashion from the minimalist, to the football fanatic, a metal bed compliments any and all types of bedroom. Our experienced staff are focused on making the you happy, using face-to-face sales consultants, your requirements will always be taken on-board to deliver the best experience and enhance any future experience. To find out more about our beds, or to view some of our products in person, please do not hesitate to visit our showroom. You can also shop online here.

metal beds

Traditional Metal Beds from the UK Bed Store

Metal beds are hugely popular in the UK and here at the UK Bed Store, we’re not at all surprised as to why. Timeless, elegant, practical and often very budget friendly, metal beds offer excellent quality and value. We love a good metal bed which is why we are home to a fantastic range of metal bed frames from leading brands such as Limelight, Bentley Designs, Serene and more. For over four decades we have been supplying home owners across the UK with metal bed frames which are built to last; to find the bed of your dreams today, look no further!

Metal Beds: Beautifully Practical

Metal bed frames are undoubtedly the most practical choice when it comes to bed frames. Not only are they easy to assemble and dismantle but they’re also very durable. Unlike wooden bed frames, metal frames can withstand knocks and bangs without showing damage.

In addition to being very practical, metal beds also make for beautiful centerpieces in any bedroom. At the UK Bed Store, we stock a huge range of metals beds from classically beautiful Victorian bedsteads for adults, to charming and colourful metal bed frames for children. Unlike wooden bed frames, metal frames allow you to truly personalise your bedroom with almost any colour that you can think of.

Currently, we are loving the Limelight Musca Double Black Metal Bed Frame with its elegant and ornate flowing curves in a flawless black finish. As beautiful as it is practical, this bed is easy to assemble and also features a sprung slatted base for extra comfort.

Browse Our Metal Beds Online Today

At the UK Bed Store we are renowned for delivering an excellent service and equally excellent products. From children’s beds, to contemporary bedsteads and traditional Victorian bedsteads for adults, we guarantee to have something to suit every taste and budget. To browse our complete range of metal beds online, click here. You can also contact us directly to find out more.  We offer free delivery where eligible and our delivery team will even assemble your bed for you should you require it!