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mid sleeper beds

Fun mid sleeper beds for kids!

What could be more appealing to a child than a fun mid sleeper bed which they can clamber into after a day spent playing in and around it? At the UK Bed Store, we understand that a child’s expectations of a bed can be totally different to an adult, that’s why we stock and supply a range of mid sleeper beds which are as cosy and comfortable as they are fun! Perfect for children that feel that sleeping in a higher bunk may be too much for them, we have a fantastic range of mid sleepers and bedroom furniture to suit every budget and style.

mid sleeper beds

Maximise space and storage potential with our mid sleeper beds

Apart from being fun, our mid sleeper beds can also be purchased with a view of maximising space within a room. Aimed at children and early teens, we stock a range of beds which boast unique space saving qualities, from built in cupboards and wardrobes to fun play dens with castle towers and slides!

If you’re looking for something for older children, you’ll love our GFW Ottawa 2 tone gloss bed frame which features a 2-door cupboard, 3 drawer chest, 3 shelf bookcase and a handy pull out desk which is perfect for studying and gaming.

For younger children, we particularly love the Thuka Hit 13 childrens’ mid sleeper bed. This mid sleeper delivers a fun and practical space beneath the bed frame which can be used as a magical den or storage all for as little as £249.

Purchase your mid sleeper bed with confidence

Your child adapting to a new bed can be a stressful exercise, that’s why our mid sleepers are designed with a fun aspect in mind! We want to reduce the stress involved for all parties which is why we offer an extensive range of beds all at competitive prices. What’s more, we also offer a fantastic Price Match Promise and can arrange delivery and assembly for those relatively local to our showroom. To find out more about our children’s beds, please feel free to contact us today, a member of our team will be more than happy to help!

Good Customer Service

Customers. We are all customers to somebody, every day of our lives.

From buying food to car fuel, to household fuels and even buying our homes, we are all someone’s customers, every day of the week.

Most of the time, we don’t notice or even seem to require much customer service at all. We’ll pop out to the shop or supermarket and even ‘beep’ our own groceries through these days and not need any customer service.

We can pay bills over the phone or over the web, without the need to speak to anyone. More and more of us buy our goods and run our day to day lives over the internet. Sorting out so much of our busy lives over the internet is so convenient, but it is also the yardstick from which good customer service can be judged.

Many online companies promise the earth with good customer service, but once you’ve ordered, the only port of call if you have any problems is by email. Then you have to wait for a response, then wait for the problem to be resolved, and so on and so forth. All this can take days to sort out and you just feel like a number instead of a valued customer.

Here at www.ukbedstore.com we value good customer service. In fact, we pride ourselves upon it.  At UK Bed Store we have years of face to face customer service experience in the bed industry, we still have a large retail outlet too, and once we decided to open our online stores, we made a concerted effort to replicate our face to face customer service experience with every online customer who chooses us. We have fantastic working relationships with the biggest and best known manufacturers in the industry.

Once an order, or even just an enquiry, has been placed with www.ukbedstore.com the customer is welcome to call us and speak directly with one of our fantastic team to get advice on your delivery, bed, mattress or furniture. Our team also follow orders every step along the way, so if we see a potential problem arising, we will deal with it and keep the customer fully updated by email AND phone.

For great products AND customer service, come to the best in the business www.ukbedstore.com

Children’s mid sleeper beds

Mid sleeper beds for children are fantastic and fun. Here at UK Bed Store, we stock and supply a huge range of mid sleepers from the very best manufacturers. We stock mid sleeper beds from Parisot, Thuka, Verona, Sweet Dreams, Julian Bowen and Birlea.

Our mid sleeper beds are lots of fun, with a huge collection of themed beds, including space, princess, football, pirates and many more. All in a range of colour choices and build your own packages, with add on lamps, shelves and more.

Our childrens beds collection is massive and will have something your little one will love.

Mid Sleeper Children's Beds from UK Bed Store