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How often should I change my mattress?

How often should I change my mattress?

Everyone has their own ideas and thoughts about how often they should change their bed or mattress.

There are a few things to consider when you start thinking about when to change your mattress. How long have you had it Have you cared for your it to the makers recommendations? And the most important one is, are you still comfortable? If you wake up aching, or are rolling together in the dip in the middle, then it’s definitely time to change.

A good mattress should last around seven years, or a bit more, depending on the quality and how it’s been cared for, although we have personally heard of people having the same one for over 40 years.

The construction is quite varied, from traditional coil springs, to pocket springs, to full foam mattresses, to combinations of springs and foam, latex, traditional white fillings or top of the range wools, silks and cottons. The construction can make a difference to how long your mattress will last.

A cheap mattress with lower priced fillings SHOULD last a lot less than one with top quality fillings and materials. But, if the cheaper mattress is cared for better than the expensive one, ie turned or rotated regularly and is covered with a good quality protector, then this COULD last longer than an uncared for expensive mattress.

Another thing to consider. As in any household, we all have visitors. We have microscopic visitors who don’t like to leave. Bugs and mites like to live in mattresses due to them being a safe place to live, and the never ending supply of food. Our sweat and dead skin cells are a feast for them. Yuk!! This is why it is vitally important to have a good mattress protector. The mites and bugs can’t survive, as nothing gets through to them.

Our advice. Purchase the best quality mattress that you can afford, and look after it too. Cover it with a good quality mattress protector and follow the manufacturers caring guidelines on turning or rotating. Do these little things regularly, and you will get great life from your mattress.



Headboards can make all the difference to the look of your bed.

When buying a beautiful and comfortable divan bed, don’t just leave it there. You can finish it off with a stunning headboard.

Headboards come in a variety of styles and materials, such as wooden, metal, fabric upholstered and faux leather headboards.

Headboards also come in all sizes for beds, such as single, double, kingsize and super kingsize.

A beautiful headboard completes the look of your bed and, indeed, your bedroom too. From traditional metal bedstead headboards to the most modern of comfortable fabric upholstered headboards, they can certainly make a statement.

Here at UK Bed Store we sell a huge variety of headboards. You’ll be sure to find a headboard to suit you.

Whether your headboard is for decorative purposes, or to finish your bed to your own particular style, or (the best one in our eyes) comfort, your headboard will say more about you than you think.

There’s nothing better than sitting up in bed on a Sunday (or any other) morning, with your favourite mug, perhaps reading the paper or watching the TV, leaning against a beautifully upholstered, padded headboard. It’s your very own little bit of heaven.

Sealy Headboards


Good Customer Service

Customers. We are all customers to somebody, every day of our lives.

From buying food to car fuel, to household fuels and even buying our homes, we are all someone’s customers, every day of the week.

Most of the time, we don’t notice or even seem to require much customer service at all. We’ll pop out to the shop or supermarket and even ‘beep’ our own groceries through these days and not need any customer service.

We can pay bills over the phone or over the web, without the need to speak to anyone. More and more of us buy our goods and run our day to day lives over the internet. Sorting out so much of our busy lives over the internet is so convenient, but it is also the yardstick from which good customer service can be judged.

Many online companies promise the earth with good customer service, but once you’ve ordered, the only port of call if you have any problems is by email. Then you have to wait for a response, then wait for the problem to be resolved, and so on and so forth. All this can take days to sort out and you just feel like a number instead of a valued customer.

Here at we value good customer service. In fact, we pride ourselves upon it.  At UK Bed Store we have years of face to face customer service experience in the bed industry, we still have a large retail outlet too, and once we decided to open our online stores, we made a concerted effort to replicate our face to face customer service experience with every online customer who chooses us. We have fantastic working relationships with the biggest and best known manufacturers in the industry.

Once an order, or even just an enquiry, has been placed with the customer is welcome to call us and speak directly with one of our fantastic team to get advice on your delivery, bed, mattress or furniture. Our team also follow orders every step along the way, so if we see a potential problem arising, we will deal with it and keep the customer fully updated by email AND phone.

For great products AND customer service, come to the best in the business

Sealy beds

Here at UK Bed Store, we have a fantastic working relationship from one of the biggest mattress and bed experts in the industry. Sealy.

A Sealy bed is sold somewhere in the world every 3 seconds!! And, no, it’s not the same one , over and over 😉

The Sealy brand started in the small town of Sealy, Texas, when a cotton gin builder and operator named Daniel Haynes fulfilled a request from a neighbour to build a cotton filled mattress in 1881.

Requests for mattresses from Sealy grew and grew, as did the Sealy mattress reputation, so much that in 1906, Haynes sold his patents and expertise to a Texas company which took the Sealy name. After registering the Sealy name, advertising with the slogan of “sleeping on a Sealy is like sleeping on a cloud” followed.

In 1950, the Sealy Posturepedic brand mattress was introduced, and in 1956, Sealy became the first company to display and advertise king size bedding. In 1967, Sealy had another first, with prime time commercials for the Sealy Posturepedic brand.

Today, Sealy are the biggest bed manufacturer in the world, with manufacturing and marketing operations throughout the world, and have the industry’s biggest research and development facility in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The Sealy mattresses and beds you buy from us are made right here in the UK and are NBF (Nation Bed Federation) approved.

You’ll soon be a deeper sleeper by choosing to sleep on a Sealy Posturepedic bed or mattress.


The benefits of a pocket spring mattress

Your mattress is your essential accessory to get a great nights sleep.

And there’s nothing better than a great nights sleep on a quality pocket spring mattress.

But what are the benefits of a pocket spring mattress? Don’t be scared by the price of a pocket spring mattress, as they tend to last a lot longer (when cared for in the right way) than probably buying 2 or 3 cheap mattresses.

Lets look at the workings of a pocket spring mattress. Instead of the classic coil spring mattress, which is essentially one continuous wire structure, coiling around to produce the springs, a pocket spring mattress is filled with individual springs, each sitting in its own fabric pocket.

The number of pocket springs varies greatly, from around 300 to around 10 thousand. The finish of the pocket spring mattress can vary with the addition of a layer of memory foam, or gel or latex for a final contour moulding to your body.

Another of the main benefits of a pocket spring mattress is that it helps greatly with eliminating “roll together” between you and your partner, which is excellent if there is a weight difference between you and your partner, as the individual springs support your body in a much better way than a traditional coil spring mattress.

So, the benefits of a pocket spring mattress are many. Value for money in the long term, as the pocket spring mattress will (with the right care) last longer than a mattress from a different construction. Little to no roll together between you and your partner. Many variations on the number of pocket springs help you choose your perfect mattress with firmness ratings and individual comfort preference. Different finishes too, for individual preference. Eg memory foam, latex, gel or a simple fibre on top of the springs.

One thing you can be sure of though, that the main benefit of a pocket spring mattress is a great nights sleep.

Our pocket spring mattresses. Pocket springs with memory foam.  Pocket springs with latex or gel.



Sliding door wardrobes

Wardrobes. Just somewhere to hang your clothes, right? Well, yes, strictly speaking, that’s true enough. But there’s much more to a wardrobe than storage.

When choosing a wardrobe, or wardrobes, there are a few things to consider. What colour do you want? How much do you want to spend? What colour and style wardrobe do you like? From a single wardrobe to 2 doors, to 3 doors, to 4 doors, to fully fitted wardrobes, you can get a wardrobe to suit your style, space and budget.

If you need a lot of storage space, but are quite limited for space in your bedroom, then a sliding door wardrobe can be the perfect solution. A sliding door wardrobe immediately cuts down on the amount of space you need for a wardrobe of similar size which has normally opening doors. If you’re a little cramped for space, a sliding door wardrobe can help greatly. Simply slide the easy glide door open and hang, or choose your clothes.

There are different styles of sliding door wardrobe too. From simple, wooden sliding doors, to a sliding door wardrobe complete with a full mirrored door, in a variety of colours too.

Here at UK Bed Store, we stock some beautiful sliding door wardrobes, with or without mirror doors, in a variety of colours, from Birlea, in their glossy Lynx range. They are unbelievably low in price, and have free delivery too. Just perfect.

4686-birlea-lynx-white-with-white-gloss-sliding-door-wardrobe-with-mirror (1) 4687-birlea-lynx-white-with-white-gloss-sliding-door-wardrobe-with-mirror

Ottoman Storage Beds

We all have lots of clutter, clothes, books, magazines lying around, but what can we do about all of this stuff when our wardrobes and drawers are full to bursting?

An excellent solution to all this clutter is to have an ottoman storage bed. Ottoman storage beds come in single, small double, kingsize and super kingsize, so they are great for any room such as kids bedrooms and adult bedrooms alike. You can even have a divan too.

Ottoman storage beds are available in a variety of materials too. You can have an ottoman storage bed made from wood, such as oak, leather and faux leather, and fabric upholstered as well. Whatever your taste, you will find an ottoman storage bed which is right for you.

We sell a beautiful collection from Emporia beds, who design and supply a fabulous range of quality ottoman storage beds, such as this stunning Sovereign sleigh style fabric upholstered bed, finished in charcoal.

Sovereign Sleigh Charcoal Up

Victorian Bed Frames



Victorian bed frames are as popular now as they’ve ever been. Some of the endearing qualities of Victorian bed frames is that they never go out of fashion, the style and detailing is always pleasing on the eye and the quality of build can be amazing.

Choosing the right Victorian bed frame for you is something to consider carefully. Do you want your Victorian bed frame to be an exact replica from days gone by? Or do you want your bed to be Victorian in style, but a with little more of a modern twist?

Here at UK Bed Store, we sell a fabulous collection of Victorian style bed frames by the Original Bedstead Company (OBC). They create fabulous reproductions of genuine beds of old from the very best cast metals. The weight of them gives the quality away immediately.

A beautiful example of a Victorian bed frame is above, the Ardmore from OBC. This amazing bed frame has ornate cast detailing and will last you for years to come.

Click here to view the Original Bedstead Company Ardmore

Fabric Upholstered Beds

The popularity of fabric upholstered beds has increased dramatically over the last year or so. At UK Bed Store, we are not at all surprised as a plush, fabric upholstered bed frame feels both comfortable and cosy. Almost like having your favourite couch or sofa turned into a bed! What’s more, fabric upholstered beds come in a range of styles and colours too. From neutral beige and light browns, to opulent and sumptuous mink, fabric upholstered bed frames are both a fashionable and practical piece of furniture.

Stylish Upholstered Beds To Suit All Budgets

You can have a beautiful fabric upholstered bed frame for an unbelievably low price too. The cost of a fabric bed frame is a lot less than you think. Fabric upholstered bed frames look very expensive, but can be purchased for a cheap bed frame price. A great example of a fabric upholstered bed frame is the stunning Limelight Epsilon, here in Mink.


Find The Upholstered Bed of Your Dreams

Why not view our full range of fabric upholstered bed frames? If you would like to speak to us in person or drop us an email to find out more about our fabulous, low cost fabric beds range, contact us.

The Parent’s Guide To Mid Sleeper Beds

As a parent, you want your little one’s to sleep peacefully. You may think this solely depends on how much sugar they’ve had during the day, but the choice of bed also comes into play. Every child gets to a certain age where they grow out of their toddler bed (even though you wish they could stop growing up so fast!)

If you’re a parent and looking to promote your child to a bigger bed, but they are not quite ready for a single bed yet, the mid sleeper bed is the ideal choice. In this guide, we will look at why you should choose one for your child and list the differences between them and bunk beds, a bed which they are commonly confused with.

Why Choose A Mid Sleeper Bed For Your Child?

There are many reasons why you should choose a mid sleeper bed for your child over other types of children’s beds. These include:

Space-Saving – One of the best features is their space-saving design. Unlike a traditional single bed that rests directly on the floor, mid sleeper beds provide valuable space underneath for a cosy play area or additional storage. This is ideal for bedrooms with limited space.

Versatile – Mid sleeper beds are incredibly versatile and adaptable to the developing and growing needs of your child. As they grow, the under-bed space can be repurposed into a study nook for doing homework. This makes it a long-term investment that evolves with your child’s needs.

Suitable For Various Age Groups – Thanks to its unique design, the mid sleeper bed is suitable for various age groups. From toddler years when safety rails are a priority to pre-teen years when the under-bed space can be transformed into a functional area, providing a seamless and cost-effective transition.

What is The Difference Between Bunk Beds and Mid Sleeper Beds?

Bunk beds are another popular choice for children’s bedrooms. Some parents may find it hard to decide between bunk beds or mid sleeper beds. The main differences between bunk beds and mid sleeper beds include:

Design – At a glance, bunk beds are designed with two stacked beds, one above the other. Making them ideal for two siblings or children. As we have learned earlier, mid sleeper beds consist of one bed elevated at a moderate height and equipped with a safe ladder for access, providing more under-bed space.

Adaptability – Bunk beds and mid sleeper beds are both suitable for various ages. However, children may reach an age in their pre-teens where they desire their own bedroom and bed, making mid sleeper beds more adaptable as your child grows.

Browse Our Range of Mid Sleeper Beds From the UK Bed Store

The range of mid sleeper beds from the UK Bed Store is functional yet fun. Providing peaceful sleep in a choice of colours such as blue, pink, white and grey as well as additional features such as a pull out desk, shelves and drawers.

We stock and supply a huge range of mid sleepers beds from the very best manufacturers such as Parisot, Thuka, Flair Furnishings, Julian Bowen and Kids Avenue. Feel free to browse our online range today or visit our showroom in Leek. If you have any questions, please contact us and a member of our team will be happy to assist you.

Mid Sleeper Children's Beds from UK Bed Store