Sliding door wardrobes

Wardrobes. Just somewhere to hang your clothes, right? Well, yes, strictly speaking, that’s true enough. But there’s much more to a wardrobe than storage.

When choosing a wardrobe, or wardrobes, there are a few things to consider. What colour do you want? How much do you want to spend? What colour and style wardrobe do you like? From a single wardrobe to 2 doors, to 3 doors, to 4 doors, to fully fitted wardrobes, you can get a wardrobe to suit your style, space and budget.

If you need a lot of storage space, but are quite limited for space in your bedroom, then a sliding door wardrobe can be the perfect solution. A sliding door wardrobe immediately cuts down on the amount of space you need for a wardrobe of similar size which has normally opening doors. If you’re a little cramped for space, a sliding door wardrobe can help greatly. Simply slide the easy glide door open and hang, or choose your clothes.

There are different styles of sliding door wardrobe too. From simple, wooden sliding doors, to a sliding door wardrobe complete with a full mirrored door, in a variety of colours too.

Here at UK Bed Store, we stock some beautiful sliding door wardrobes, with or without mirror doors, in a variety of colours, from Birlea, in their glossy Lynx range. They are unbelievably low in price, and have free delivery too. Just perfect.

4686-birlea-lynx-white-with-white-gloss-sliding-door-wardrobe-with-mirror (1) 4687-birlea-lynx-white-with-white-gloss-sliding-door-wardrobe-with-mirror