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Put your bed in the spotlight with our fabulous Limelight Beds

Known for their quality and expertise for over 40 years, the UK Bed Store now have the best supply of beds in the UK. Limelight beds in particular have become a favourite amongst our customers as result of their long lasting quality and comfort. We strive to only use the best brands or fabrics so we can give all customers the perfect bed, no matter how big or small your budget may be!

Limelight beds – without a huge price tag!

Our Limelight beds are one of the most popular brands at the UK bed store. They are made from some of the most luxurious fabrics and have exquisite detailing. We supply two brands of these beds that we guarantee will not disappoint you!

Be spoilt for choice with the Epsilon beds. These beds have a high curved headboard and diamond shaped engravements within the fabric to truly give Limelight beds an expensive and grand look. Choose between the show stopping mink velvet or luxury leather to give your bedroom that boost of character it is looking for.
Like the Epsilon brand we have a similar brand called Orbit Limelight beds, these statement beds have a squared headboard and still feature these luxurious details. If these beds weren’t already impressive enough, we even stock them in Super King size to give the room a breath-taking look.

Explore our Limelight Beds today at UK Bed Store

We have the biggest showroom for limelight beds in the area! You can browse our brands and collections in the UK Bed Store and we could even arrange a face-to-face consultation. Working with you our team can help you to pick your favourite bed and then deliver it straight to your home and assemble it for you! If you would like more information or design advice, please contact us and our experienced team will assist you with anything you may need.

Fabric Upholstered Beds

The popularity of fabric upholstered beds has increased dramatically over the last year or so. At UK Bed Store, we are not at all surprised as a plush, fabric upholstered bed frame feels both comfortable and cosy. Almost like having your favourite couch or sofa turned into a bed! What’s more, fabric upholstered beds come in a range of styles and colours too. From neutral beige and light browns, to opulent and sumptuous mink, fabric upholstered bed frames are both a fashionable and practical piece of furniture.

Stylish Upholstered Beds To Suit All Budgets

You can have a beautiful fabric upholstered bed frame for an unbelievably low price too. The cost of a fabric bed frame is a lot less than you think. Fabric upholstered bed frames look very expensive, but can be purchased for a cheap bed frame price. A great example of a fabric upholstered bed frame is the stunning Limelight Epsilon, here in Mink.


Find The Upholstered Bed of Your Dreams

Why not view our full range of fabric upholstered bed frames? If you would like to speak to us in person or drop us an email to find out more about our fabulous, low cost fabric beds range, contact us.