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Are Divan Beds the Right Fit For You?

Sealy Pearl Wool 3ft Single MattressDivan Bed Buying Guide

Here at UK Bed Store, we have a wide range of divan beds from a number of top manufacturers. Maybe you’re considering changing to a divan bed, wondering about whether to return to one or just stuck at what to get altogether. Don’t worry, as we’ve got you covered with a five step guide on what to consider before you buy.

Do You Need More Space?

How much space do you have in your room? If you find yourself struggling for space, divan beds can be a great fit for your room. With storage built into the panels underneath, the divan can quickly de-clutter your room, giving you an extra set of drawers, without needing to compromise any free space in your bedroom. Not only that, but whereas with some frame beds, they can stick out further than the mattress, a divan frame is aligned perfectly with its mattress.

What Would You Store In It?

One of the divan’s key features is the built-in under bed storage so it would be silly not to consider what you would actually use it for. Most commonly used for bedding, excess clothes and towels, the divan could free up a cupboard, wardrobe or if you’re a little bit more swept off your feet, a ‘floordrobe.’

Are You Buying the Divan Bed Base On Its Own Or With a Mattress?

Here at UK Bed Store, we have a range of divan beds, both with and without a mattress. If you’re replacing your divan, but the mattress is still ok, you may want to browse our range of divan bed bases. However, if you’re completely replacing your bed, we advise that you purchase your divan bed from our options with a mattress included.

Which Mattress Should I Choose For My Divan Bed?

This is often the big question. Our range of divan beds can be bought with a variety of mattresses. They can include options such as Coil Spring or Pocket Spring, both with added options in Memory Foam and Latex or Gel. When picking your mattress, it’s important to consider your budget, your desired firmness and any physical needs that you may need to bring into consideration.

Decide On Your Divan With UK Bed Store

Once you’ve gone through this guide and feel confident that divan beds might be the right fit for you, start to browse our range. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. From our store in Leek, Staffordshire, you can rely on UK Bed Stores to provide the best divan beds to your door.

How often should I change my mattress?

How often should I change my mattress?

Everyone has their own ideas and thoughts about how often they should change their bed or mattress.

There are a few things to consider when you start thinking about when to change your mattress. How long have you had it Have you cared for your it to the makers recommendations? And the most important one is, are you still comfortable? If you wake up aching, or are rolling together in the dip in the middle, then it’s definitely time to change.

A good mattress should last around seven years, or a bit more, depending on the quality and how it’s been cared for, although we have personally heard of people having the same one for over 40 years.

The construction is quite varied, from traditional coil springs, to pocket springs, to full foam mattresses, to combinations of springs and foam, latex, traditional white fillings or top of the range wools, silks and cottons. The construction can make a difference to how long your mattress will last.

A cheap mattress with lower priced fillings SHOULD last a lot less than one with top quality fillings and materials. But, if the cheaper mattress is cared for better than the expensive one, ie turned or rotated regularly and is covered with a good quality protector, then this COULD last longer than an uncared for expensive mattress.

Another thing to consider. As in any household, we all have visitors. We have microscopic visitors who don’t like to leave. Bugs and mites like to live in mattresses due to them being a safe place to live, and the never ending supply of food. Our sweat and dead skin cells are a feast for them. Yuk!! This is why it is vitally important to have a good mattress protector. The mites and bugs can’t survive, as nothing gets through to them.

Our advice. Purchase the best quality mattress that you can afford, and look after it too. Cover it with a good quality mattress protector and follow the manufacturers caring guidelines on turning or rotating. Do these little things regularly, and you will get great life from your mattress.


The benefits of a pocket spring mattress

Your mattress is your essential accessory to get a great nights sleep.

And there’s nothing better than a great nights sleep on a quality pocket spring mattress.

But what are the benefits of a pocket spring mattress? Don’t be scared by the price of a pocket spring mattress, as they tend to last a lot longer (when cared for in the right way) than probably buying 2 or 3 cheap mattresses.

Lets look at the workings of a pocket spring mattress. Instead of the classic coil spring mattress, which is essentially one continuous wire structure, coiling around to produce the springs, a pocket spring mattress is filled with individual springs, each sitting in its own fabric pocket.

The number of pocket springs varies greatly, from around 300 to around 10 thousand. The finish of the pocket spring mattress can vary with the addition of a layer of memory foam, or gel or latex for a final contour moulding to your body.

Another of the main benefits of a pocket spring mattress is that it helps greatly with eliminating “roll together” between you and your partner, which is excellent if there is a weight difference between you and your partner, as the individual springs support your body in a much better way than a traditional coil spring mattress.

So, the benefits of a pocket spring mattress are many. Value for money in the long term, as the pocket spring mattress will (with the right care) last longer than a mattress from a different construction. Little to no roll together between you and your partner. Many variations on the number of pocket springs help you choose your perfect mattress with firmness ratings and individual comfort preference. Different finishes too, for individual preference. Eg memory foam, latex, gel or a simple fibre on top of the springs.

One thing you can be sure of though, that the main benefit of a pocket spring mattress is a great nights sleep.

Our pocket spring mattresses. Pocket springs with memory foam.  Pocket springs with latex or gel.



Welcome to our wonderful world of beds

We’ve finally had the chance to put fingers-to-keyboard and come up with our very own blog all about beds, frames and mattresses.  So (ahem) drum-roll please… Welcome to UK Bed Store’s blog!!

Of course our blog will be focusing on our top selling products but we’d like to blog about everything and anything to do with furniture and home deco.  We want this to be a very informal blog that will keep our customers up to date with all our latest news, and any current events in the world of beds that we’d basically like to have a chat about.

This blog should also be a great opportunity for us to post photos and information about any events.

We are looking forward to hearing from all those looking for or who have found their perfect bed, and interacting with any other similar bloggers out there.  If there’s anything that you’d like to hear more about, feel free to leave a comment.