Millbrook Beds

Millbrook produce a beautiful collection of hand crafted mattresses and divan beds. Millbrook pocket spring mattresses and beds contain the finest materials, including cashmere, silk, lambs wool, cotton and pashmina. Your luxury Millbrook mattress is then surrounded by a beautifully luxurious cotton cover. All Millbrook mattresses are then skillfully put together by skilled craftspeople to give you a splendid nights sleep.

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About Millbrook Beds

In 1946 when Walter Croll opened his small upholstery and bedding workshop in the Millbrook area of Southampton, majestic ships from such famous lines as Cunard, P & O and Union Castle daily sailed into Southampton Water. The superb interiors of these vessels, which had made Britain’s passenger fleet a byword for luxury and elegance, demanded the highest standard of workmanship. The craftsmanship of Walter Croll’s workshop soon began to win it a growing number of orders from discerning customers, and when the Union Castle Line awarded Millbrook a contract to refurnish and carpet their entire fleet, the success of the young Company was assured.

It is very reassuring in these days of mass production, to find a company totally committed to the traditional ideals of quality and craftsmanship.
Millbrook beds is the perfect reflection of these traditions highlighted in the elegance and sumptuous qualities of our bed collections.
It has been recognised for many years that sleep in its finest form is a vital part of a healthy life, promoting a well-being both physical and mental.
There has never been a better time to experience the luxury of sleeping in our beautifully created handmade beds.
Relax, wake up and benefit from the most comfortable sleep you have ever enjoyed.
Millbrook beds are traditionally upholstered using only the finest natural fillings.
By using natural fillings such as British wool, silk, pashmina, cashmere and cotton in our mattresses, we create a mattress which is truly sumptuous and luxurious.
With the return of good craftsmanship growing, the demand for true quality is becoming more popular.
Your Millbrook bed should therefore be treasured as an investment, not only for its inherent quality, but also for the luxurious comfort you will enjoy – allowing you to awaken relaxed and refreshed.

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