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Since more and more of us, work on a computer, desks have become a much more important item of furniture in the home and office.

UK Bed Store has a variety of desks in lots of different styles to suit your home or office. Browse our selection below - 

About Desks

We use our home office desks for so much, whether it is writing emails, preparing pitches and everything in between - but have you considered upgrading yours?

If you work from home you will spend a lot of your time at your desk, so making sure it is comfortable and fits well in your designated home space is extremely important.

UK Bed Store's range includes smaller office and computer desks plus traditional desks in a variety of materials and colours. 

How to Choose Your New Desk

Choosing your perfect new desk is a big decision, with the main elements to consider being its form, function and brand.

You will need to consider the size of the room you will be putting your new desk. Will it be based in a spacious office space or in a cosy corner? Commercial office desks have more generous proportions such as extra leg-room, multiple drawers and in some cases, an attached bookcase (such as the Julian Bowen Cameo Desk with Hutch Top) giving you ample storage space.

What Will You Use Your Desk For?

If you are a writer or don't like using desktop computers, a writing desk is a functional and pared-down compact office unto itself. A model such as the Julian Bowen Cameo Desk is space-efficient and comes with drawers in order to create a refined, and tidy appearance when not being used. This type of desk allows you plenty of space for your laptop plus enough room for users to be comfortable and stay organised while deep in concentration.

Our range of computer desks are ergonomically designed for people who work for long periods of time at a desk without the fear of lower back injuries. Some computer desks also come with a series of cord ports on top of the desk which helps to manage the flow of cables from the computer to the floor plus it keeps the workspace neat and tidy.

Get in Touch for More Information

If you have any questions about UK Bed Store’s range of home and office desks, please contact us today.


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