TV Beds

TV beds are the ultimate in relaxing and unwinding. Treat yourself to a bit of luxury and make a great lie in even greater in your very own TV bed. No need to have your television fitted to your bedroom wall or on a dressing table. With the touch of a button your TV will effortlessly pop up and drop down to be concealed within a compartment in the foot end.

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About TV Beds

UK Bed Store offer a wide assortment of TV beds in various fabrics, colours and sizes that will fit effortlessly into any bedroom design. The cutting edge technology behind our range of TV beds allows our customers to enjoy instant satisfaction and comfort with your TV contained in the footboard of your bed. 

Our TV beds feature a safety system which cuts off power and voltage to the TV when it is lowered into the foot of the bed. This is to save energy and limit unnecessary use of electricity and also for the safety of the users of the bed.

Controlled and lifted electronically from within the base of the bed means you don't have to lift a finger or even get out of your warm and cosy bed. Many of our range of TV beds come with Ottoman storage which allows you extensive storage under your mattress which is a great space saver.

One factor to consider when choosing whether a TV bed is the right solution for you, is if you have enough space for it to fit comfortably in your bedroom. As this sort of bed contains a TV, they have a deeper footer than most beds, so for example, a double bed with a TV will feel considerably bigger than a regular double bed. However if you have enough space to fit a TV bed comfortably, it can save you lots of room elsewhere and become a real investment piece.

If you have any questions about UK Bed Store’s TV beds, please contact us today. 

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