We have a good range of pillows to suit you and your budget. From traditional hollow fibre pillows to pocket sprung pillows and memory foam pillows, you will have a great nights sleep on our pillows at a low, low price.

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About Pillows

Where you rest your head each night significantly affects the quality of your sleep, with pillows playing a crucial part. Here at UK Bed Store, we have a fantastic range of luxury pillows that will provide countless nights of comfort and support.

We are all individual, therefore have individual preferences. A harder or softer pillow, hollow fibre to memory foam, the choice is yours.

There are two main types of pillows, natural and synthetic, which can be categorised by their fillings.

Natural pillows include feather and wool pillows and down pillows. Feather and down combine duck feather and duck down which creates a comfy and supremely luxurious headrest. Wool pillows use thick wool fibres which are slightly firmer than feather down pillows.

The different types of synthetic pillows include hollowfibre pillows, memory foam pillow and anti-allergy pillows. Hollowfibre pillows mix hollow fibres with polyester which make for a bouncy and comfortable pillow. Memory foam pillows contain visco-elastic material that moulds to the contours of your head and assist with neck pain. Anti-allergy pillows are best for those with sensitive skin or who regularly suffer from irritation through the night.

Choosing Your Ideal Pillow 

Pillows differ depending on their filling plus they can also be graded by their comfort. This is similar to mattress comfort grades that can range from a soft/medium pillow (such as feather and down) or a firm pillow. 

If you sleep on your side, it is best to choose a medium or medium/firm pillow which offers optimum support to your head and neck whilst maintaining the natural curve of your spine. 

For those who sleep on their back, medium support pillows is best to avoid craning your neck plus it keeps you gently cushioned. 

People who sleep on their front require a soft/medium pillow which keeps the natural alignment of the spine without raising your head too much.

If you have any questions about our range of pillows, please contact us today.

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