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TV Stands

TV stands come in all shapes and sizes now. With the advent of flat-screen televisions as big as a wall and DVD players, Blu Ray players, game consoles and surround sound systems to tuck away tidily, a good TV stand does a lot more than stand your TV on. 

Here at UK Bed Store, we stock a wide range of TV stands to suit your needs. Browse our selection below 

About TV Stands

Televisions are often a focal point for many people's living rooms, which means you will want to make sure you choose a TV stand that matches your established interior decor. Whether you are looking for minimalism or enough space to put all of your gadgets, you are bound to find the right TV stand at UK Bed Store!

Traditional wooden TV stands are a sturdy choice, especially if you have younger children running around your home. The beauty of these units is they can double up as a cupboard or drawers if you need extra storage for DVDs and Blu Rays. 

If you are planning to mount your TV on the wall, you should consider a TV wall bracket, whether you go for a tilt and swivel option (for flexibility) or a flat-to-wall bracket for the cinematic feel. Our range of glossy LED TV units complements mounted televisions, freeing up space on your living room space, making it easier to keep this area clean too.

Choose the Right Design for You

Think of your TV cabinet as a contributing piece of furniture that will complement your own personal style. This is why we stock many different colours, styles and sizes of TV stands. From classic white and black units to solid oaks units plus slick LED wall units

Ask yourself, does my new furniture arrangement work? Once your TV unit has arrived this could be the perfect time to freshen up your living room design. 

Be aware it is healthier to have some illumination placed on the left and right of your TV screen, but remember not to place your stand directly in front of the windows as the sunlight will blind you. Position your TV in a spot where sunlight is not shining directly behind you either as it will reflect on the screen and spoil your viewing experience.

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