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The Hevea Wood Collection brought to you by Serene Furnishings

Welcome to the Hevea Collection, opening the door to a new world of imaginative bedroom design.

The environmentally-friendly Hevea Collection has quickly established itself as one of Serene Furnishings best-selling ranges. Produced using Hevea wood from the Brasiliensis tree, each piece presents stunning grain detail and craftsmanship of the highest order.

Brasiliensis trees are grown in tropical locations for rubber production. It is only when they reach the end of their natural rubber producing life that they are felled for use in making outstanding furniture.

Serene Furnishings Hevea Collection has been inspired by the Shakers. The movement’s design principles are clearly evident throughout the range, with no detail extravagant or superfluous and lines that are clean and orderly, proportions simple and correct.

Immerse yourself in this charming collection of designs that capture the imagination and open the door to a new world of breathtakingly versatile, affordable bedroom design.


Hevea Wood
Hevea wood is a hardwood that is made from natural rubber producing brasiliensis tree.  Hevea wood is grown in tropicial locations usually located within 15o latitude north or south of the equator.

Regions where brasiliensis trees are found include: South America, India, Sri Lanka, Southeast Asia and tropical Africa where they are grown on tree farms for rubber production.

The brasiliensis tree is grown primarily for the natual rubber it produces.  After reaching maturity, the tree will produce natural rubber for approximately 38 years.

Hevea wood is one of the common names for the wood from brasiliensis tree.  Other common names are rubberwood, parawood, white teak and Malaysian oak.  It is a common misconception that the brasiliensis tree is in the same family as Maple - a misunderstanding that results from Hevea wood being comparable to Maple in colour, hardness and its ability to stain.

Hevea wood is considered one of the most environmentally-friendly woods with only trees at the end of their life cycle being processed for production.  The utilisation of brasilienesis trees for lumber keeps carbon stored in the wood, thereby avoiding carbon release inthe atmosphere.  New plantings replace felled trees and so the cycle continues.

Care for your wooden bed frame
Your luxury wooden bed frame is handcrafted from carefully selected timber, obtained from sustainable worldwide sources.  Each piece is individual, and over time aspects of the surface or colour may alter.


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