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Sealy Portia 3ft Single Posturetech Mattress With Bugshield

The Sealy Posturetech Portia mattress with bugshield. The guaranteed skin-safe fibres will kill 100% of bedbugs A fantastic bedstead mattress from the worlds largest bed manufacturer.

  • Sealy 5 Star
  • Medium support mattress
  • Posturepedic
  • White Fillings

The Portia 3ft Single Mattress from Sealy.

The Portia mattress is part of Sealys Bedstead Mattress Collection.  These fabulous Sealy mattresses are ideal for your bed frame.

This sumptuous desinged mattress is then finished with guaranteed skin - friendly bed bug killing fibres. 100% motality rate for bed bugs, 90% killed off within 24 hours.  This then combined with Sealys famous patented Posture Tech 660 response spring system and zonal support system helps to ensure even weight distribution for the sleeper. The bed also features Purotex Smart Fibres which helps to elimate house dust mites.

The bug killing properties in this Sealy Portia mattress makes this an ideal choice for people who suffer from allergic reactions to dust mites.

  • Sealy Portia
  • Bedstead mattress collection
  • Micro quilted
  • Sealy edge guard support
  • Posture Tech 660 Spring System
  • Zonal support system
  • Medium
  • Tencel Smart Fibres
  • Bugshield

The Sealy Portia 3ft single mattress can be a fantastic benefit for allegy sufferers and its zonal support sytem aids spinal alignment during sleep.

Headboard and Accessories not included. Mattress only.


PLEASE NOTE: This price is for the Sealy Portia single mattress only and does not include the base or accessories. Please take into account that our mattress firmness ratings are based on our personal opinions only. A mattress feel is very individual to each customers personal opinions of firmness, ie. a firm mattress to one person my feel like a medium mattress to another.

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Sealy Posturetech Portia 3ft (90cm) Single Mattress

Mattress Depth: 30cm
Width: 90cm
Length: 190cm

All dimensions are approximate.

Product Discontinued

Sorry, this product has been discontinued.

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