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Limelight Beds - Jet lag

Combat Jetlag with Limelight Beds from UK Bed Store

Limelight beds from UK Bed Store are one of the best ways to combat jetlag after a long flight.
If you’ve recently had a holiday or mini-break to see out the end of Winter, then jetlag can be one of the travel effects restricting you from getting back into a normal routine.

People who travel regularly for work can often fall into the trap of trying to regulate their sleeping patterns with caffeine and alcohol, whereas a comfortable and relaxing bed is the answer!

Limelight beds in pine, oak veneer or metal with soothing coverings in pink, white or ivory will create a perfect sleeping environment.
Here are some of the tell-tale signs of jet lag –

  • Difficulty sleeping at night and waking up in the morning
  • Tiredness and exhaustion
  • Finding it difficult to stay awake during the day
  • Poor sleep quality
  • Concentration and memory problems

Medically there is no treatment for jet lag so we would recommend undertaking these steps to help:

  • Exercise, whether going for a short walk or jog will release endorphins and stretch out the muscle tightness that can be developed on long haul flights
  • Get as much natural daylight as you can (unless you’ve been up all night!) which gives your body more Vitamin D and will improve energy levels and well-being
  • Re-create your sleeping routine and try to wind down at least an hour before what you would consider your usual bedtime
  • Keep phones, tablets and laptops away from the bedroom, as they will keep your mind ticking over and restrict your sleep

Limelight Beds Lead the Way to Relaxation

Limelight Beds are one of the leading brands we offer here at UK Bed Store, with the option to choose-your-day delivery service.
If you’re based within range of our store in Staffordshire, we also offer you delivery and installation by our dedicated delivery team.
To find out more about all of our products, including Limelight Beds, please get in touch to speak to our customer service team.

Limelight Beds Comfortbale

Limelight Beds one of Britain’s most Loved Brands

Limelight Beds are one of the many brands that we’re proud to supply due to their accomplished name in sleeping support. Here at, the UK Bed Store we have been providing quality beds to our customers for over 40 years. During this time, we have built a fantastic collection of bedroom items, stocking some of Britain’s most loved brands.

Limelight beds provide a solid foundation for whatever mattress you choose available in several styles and sizes! Their fine quality, durable materials, stylish designs, and great value for money make these beds one of our favourites – we guarantee you will love them to!

Sleep Tight with Limelight Beds!

The Limelight range of bed frames and headboards are available in a single size all the way to an impressive super king size. The fantastic space saving single beds are perfect for guests and small children. Or opt for our luxurious super king size bed for extra space and comfort – great to cuddle up on and sleep the night away.

Along with our assortment of sizes we have a range of styles for everyone! To make sure we have a style for you, be sure to browse our website for inspiration.

Whatever you need, we can find the right Limelight Beds product for you.

Currently we stock a diverse range of Limelight beds and headboards at our showroom in Staffordshire and online. In 2007, we opened our showroom in Leek, and it is now one of the largest showrooms in the area! Our range of stunning beds are available for delivery to customers all over the UK.

For more information about our delivery service or our price match guarantee. Speak to one of our team today for helpful and friendly advice.

limelight beds

Put your bed in the spotlight with our fabulous Limelight Beds

Known for their quality and expertise for over 40 years, the UK Bed Store now have the best supply of beds in the UK. Limelight beds in particular have become a favourite amongst our customers as result of their long lasting quality and comfort. We strive to only use the best brands or fabrics so we can give all customers the perfect bed, no matter how big or small your budget may be!

Limelight beds – without a huge price tag!

Our Limelight beds are one of the most popular brands at the UK bed store. They are made from some of the most luxurious fabrics and have exquisite detailing. We supply two brands of these beds that we guarantee will not disappoint you!

Be spoilt for choice with the Epsilon beds. These beds have a high curved headboard and diamond shaped engravements within the fabric to truly give Limelight beds an expensive and grand look. Choose between the show stopping mink velvet or luxury leather to give your bedroom that boost of character it is looking for.
Like the Epsilon brand we have a similar brand called Orbit Limelight beds, these statement beds have a squared headboard and still feature these luxurious details. If these beds weren’t already impressive enough, we even stock them in Super King size to give the room a breath-taking look.

Explore our Limelight Beds today at UK Bed Store

We have the biggest showroom for limelight beds in the area! You can browse our brands and collections in the UK Bed Store and we could even arrange a face-to-face consultation. Working with you our team can help you to pick your favourite bed and then deliver it straight to your home and assemble it for you! If you would like more information or design advice, please contact us and our experienced team will assist you with anything you may need.

Struggling to Choose the Right Bed?

Choosing the right bed can be a big decision! What size? What brand? Which style? Here at UK Bed Store we aim to take all of your stress away with our vast variety of high quality products, ranging from metal head boards to coil spring mattresses. We’ll give your bedroom a fresh, new and much improved look! Our brand list is extensive, so if you have a specific one in mind, then follow this link to see them for yourself. We’ve focused on three of our most popular brands: Verona Design, Serene Furnishings and Limelight Beds to give you more information about our incredible beds and bedroom furniture…

Limelight Beds:

Limelight Beds have been in the industry for 15 years and pride themselves on finding the perfect combination of quality, stylish designs and affordability, producing consistently stunning beds.  You can choose between wooden, leather, metal and upholstered bed frames to suit any bedroom. Whether your room is decorated in a traditional or contemporary style, you’ll find a selection of Limelight beds that will give you the perfect night sleep!

Serene Furnishings:

Serene Furnishings was established in 2005, and has been a popular supplier of beds and bedroom furniture ever since. They integrate the concepts of innovative design and manufacturing excellence into all of their products, producing an extremely diverse range covering all budgets and tastes. We stock a wide selection of their products including metal, wooden, leather and upholstered headboards, bunk beds and super king size beds to ensure that all bases are covered!

Verona Design:

Verona Design’s tag line: ‘A fine line in Pine’, encapsulates the Verona experience. They produce high quality pine bedroom furniture in a range of designs and styles perfectly suited for your kid’s room. They combine bright colours and fun features, to give you a bed that will help to say good bye to difficult bed times! We stock a selection of their expertly crafted pieces, including high sleepers, bunk bed for kids and captains beds. Verona Designs also include extra storage into some of their designs to help you to keep their rooms tidy!