Your Guest Room Guide

Day Beds or Upholstered Beds: The Guest Bedroom Guide

It has been the topic of much debate for many homeowners; should you have a guest bedroom? Furthermore, what features should be included in this room? Should it have a cosy day bed or a deluxe upholstered bed

Whilst there are many features we know your guest bedroom should not feature. For example, you probably should not install a mid sleeper bed and try to avoid metal beds. There are few features we know for sure should be included. 

At the UK Bed Store, we want to ensure every bedroom in your home is in the shape possible. So before you start work on installing a deluxe metal bed frame, read up on some of our tips. If you follow these tips, we are sure you will have your own guest bedroom masterpiece in no time. 

Why Do You Need a Guest Bedroom? 

Before we delve into what constitutes a successful guest bedroom, we will want to consider why you require one in the first place. 

The guest bedroom used to be reserved for those of us who had the pace or even money to spare. In the early 2020’s, there are a lot of homes that have the guest bedroom as a permanent feature. 

This could be due to the fact that a lot of guest bedrooms were previously children’s rooms. Once your child eventually bucks up the courage to move out, parents are present with a big problem. 

What to do with the recently vacant room. Many parents (more specifically fathers) will turn the room into a games or even trophy room. Arguably, most spare rooms are used as a guest bedroom. In fact, it is estimated that roughly 90% of all so-called spare rooms are now guest bedrooms. 

If you do not have one already, you might be missing out. 


One of the many reasons people choose to have a guest bedroom is because of the incredible feeling of functionality they offer. The frequently mentioned room can be used to house family members and friends alike. 

This is perfect if you have had some family members over around Christmas time and it is too late for them to get a taxi so they can simply stay over in the guest bedroom. 

Additionally, though you might not like to admit it, you can use it too. For example, if your significant other is snoring rather loudly making it increasingly difficult to sleep, you can just climb into the guest bed. Well that is assuming the bed is already vacant. 

The guest bedroom can also be used as a fantastic way to store household items and even clothes. 

Make Luxurious But Not Too Luxurious

When constructing your guest room masterpiece, you want to make the room spacious and luxurious. But not too luxurious though. 

Whilst this approach might seem rather counterintuitive, if you perfect this approach, you will have the perfect guest bedroom. When you think about it, you will want to promote an element of luxury to your would be guest.

However, if the bedroom closely resembles a five star hotel, your guest might think you are over compensating. Or potentially worse, they will think you are trying too hard. 

Ways to make your room more tasteful could include: 

  • Ensuring you do not overspend on accessories such cushions or bedroom ornaments 
  • Identify the best size bed
  • Do not overcrowd your room with blankets or excessive curtains
  • Change potentially flashy light fittings
  • Do not overspend on duvets, pillows and mattresses
  • Do not make the bed frame inconvenient for your guest


Often overlooked when constructing any room, the general decor of the room. Arguably the biggest feature in this regard is the subsequent furniture. 

Bedroom furniture can cause quite the conundrum. Whilst it seems pretty obvious that you will require cupboards and drawers for storage, is any other furniture required? For example; you could include a coffee table, bedside draws or even a drinks holders. 

Then you might have to ask, where do you get the furniture from? Luckily, Serene Furnishings offer unique and high quality furniture perfectly suited to your bedroom. They offer exceptional bed frames, deluxe drawers and expertly crafted dining tables. 

One of our personal favourite products is the guest bed underbed trundle bed. Besides having guest in it’s title, they also fit perfectly next to a daybed as well as offering more sleeping space. 

Choosing the Right Bed

Potentially the centrepiece of your soon to be masterpiece, the bed is quintessential when it comes to the success of your room. With so many options available, it can be difficult when navigating this potential mind field. 

Luckily, we are here to help break down which bed will best suit you: 

Daybed– Day beds are many peoples first choice when it comes to your guest bedroom’s bed. This is largely due to it’s incredible versatility. The bed can be simultaneously used as a simple sofa whilst still not losing any comfort for the end user. 

Upholstered Beds– Less practical but arguably more luxurious. Upholstered beds offer a great range of comfort unrivalled by many of its competitors.  

Wooden Beds- Often a cheaper alternative to metal beds, wooden framed beds offer a homely bed whilst not breaking the bank. 

Metal Beds– Definitely more durable than their wooden counterparts, but potentially more expensive. Metal beds are a great choice for your guest bed as they are very strong and are surprisingly quite light making them easy to move. 

French Beds– This rather unique style of bed is undoubtedly stylish and not that common. They can often be seen as quite extravagant but because of this, the bed can come across a bit showy and even over the top. 

Fold Out Beds– Arguably the most practical bed out of this list, the fold out does not offer incredible re-use value like some of the options listed above. 

What to Populate Your Bedroom With? 

Guest satisfaction should be at the forefront when it comes to how best to tailor your guest bedroom. To ensure they are satisfied with their stay, you will want to ensure they have everything they might need. These are some of the things every guest bedroom should have: 

  • Ample room for luggage and bags
  • A diverse range of toiletries
  • Water bottle and drinking glasses
  • Conveniently located power sockets so they can charge their electronic devices
  • A bedside table and accompanying reading lamp
  • Comfy covers and pillow cases (because who doesn’t want that) 
  • Wardrobes and cupboards

Construct Your Guest Bedroom Masterpiece Today!

So what are you waiting for? Why don’t you get to work on your guest bedroom showcase today? 

You might want to browse our extensive range of guest and normal bedroom products. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us.