Valentine's Day Bedroom

Ways to Prepare Your Bedroom for Valentine’s Day

The 14th of February, otherwise known as valentine’s day, conjures feelings of panic and stress for many people. 

High streets and online shopping websites will be filled with partners hectically clambering around to try and find that all important last minute gift. Be it a nice bunch of red roses, some deluxe Dutch truffles or jumbo size bathroom gift set, we can be assured that these items will quickly sell out. 

You have no need to worry. We have a fantastic alternative to some of the more traditional gifts listed above. This valentine’s, why don’t you turn your bedroom into a romantic paradise? 

At UK Bedstore, we luckily have you covered, so without further ado let’s take a look at some of best ways you can turn your bedroom into a valentine’s day masterpiece. 

Elegant Decoration 

When conducting your room in a way that would sufficiently showcase your love for your significant other, you will want to consider how the room is decorated. There are many different approaches you can adopt. But we would like to highlight a few ways you can do this whilst simultaneously listing some of the pros and cons. 

Rose Petals Over the Bed:

Pros– Sometimes they say the traditional ways are the best. Scattering red rose petals over your king size mattress might be incredibly stereotypical. However, sometimes the old ways are the best and in this regard it just might be. 

Cons– Because this is just a tradition, the technique can often be seen as a cliché or even sometimes a bit cringey. 

Sophisticated and Stylish Lighting:

Pros- This technique is incredibly easy to feature. If you already have a bedside lamp, this should be even easier. All you require is a few strategically placed light shades and you should be good to go. 

Cons- The only potential downside for this one is you have accidentally overdo the lighting. You have to make sure the lighting remains tasteful and not overbearing. 

Installing a Canopy:

Pros- Installing a canopy is a very effective way to show your special someone that you have gone all out and spared no expense. If you implement this technique there is no doubt your significant other will be impressed. 

Cons- As previously alluded to, installing a canopy can be very costly. Not to mention the fact that installing this extravagant decoration can be very problematic and also quite time consuming. Let’s say you have an upholster bed, trying to erect the canopy over the bed might be more trouble than it’s worth. 

The Swan Towels:

Pros- We have saved potentially the most unique decoration until last. The swan towels is when you expertly fold and mould towels into the shape of two swans touching their beaks. You will definitely get points for originality with this one. If you are having trouble constructing your own swan towels, Wikihow break down step by step how to make your own swan towels masterpiece. 

Cons– The only problem is that the swan towels are not that easy to do, it’s that simple. 

Don’t Neglect the Furnishings 

When putting together your showcase bedroom, you will do well not to neglect the furnishings. Trust us your partner will notice the little touches. 

Whether you have a perfectly lined up set of Birlea tables or one of our Serene Furnishings dining tables, one of these extra little touches will make all the difference. 

Hone Your Scent

The final tip we have is to make sure the scent of the room is just right. Some scented candles or some previously sprayed air freshener would not go amiss here. First impressions are important and if your room smells great then this will give you the best head start. 

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