National Bed Month 2022

Ways To Celebrate National Bed Month in 2022

Cheap leather beds to practical high sleeper beds to day beds to special edition Victorian style beds. With so many different beds to enjoy, the ever expanding world of premium sleeping arrangements seems all the appealing. 

Since the year 1990, the month of March has been dubbed national bed month in the UK. The month is dedicated to improving a variety of bedroom features such as the quality and durability of your bed frame, ensuring you have clean and suitable sheets and even reinvesting in bedroom furnishings. 

Above all else, the month pushes you to get a better night’s sleep. There are numerous ways you can do this. 

Celebrating national bed day in 2022 will be very different compared to the celebration in 2021. Casting your minds back to March 2021; many of us were confined to our homes meaning we had to enjoy national bed month in our bedrooms alone. Many bed outlets were shut, making it no easy task to make new bed purchases. 

Luckily, 2022 offers much more variety and openness. So we thought we would why not look at the different ways you can enjoy national bed month in 2022. 

Spend The Whole Day In Bed

In 2021, many of us were forced to take unwarranted and unwanted full days in bed. Since then; many national restrictions have been lifted. You might argue that because of this, there are not as many self proclaimed bed days being had.

This March we employ you to re-establish this tradition. Take a couple of days in bed this month. Just think about it, a full day when all you have to do is lie in bed binge watching that new television series you love. Having breakfast in bed as you snuggle further into your blanket in your fresh clean pyjamas. 

Spending the whole day in bed can drastically improve your general mood and personal wellbeing. 

You might also be surprised to learn that having more days in bed can actually boost productivity as supposed to being to its determinant. This is largely due to the fact that when you are well rested you achieve and accomplish more. 

All this being said, there is not much point in spending the whole day in bed if your bed or subsequent bedroom is not up to scratch. 

Reinvigorate Your Bedding

All this being said, there is not much point in having a bed day if your bed or subsequent bedroom is not up to scratch. 

One of the easiest and effective ways to improve your overall sleeping experience is by regularly changing you bed sheets. Surveys have found that most people in the UK change their bed sheet on a fortnightly basis; however, it is actually recommended to change your sheet on a weekly basis. 

By changing your sheet on a weekly schedule, this ensures that your sheets do not see a build-up of harmful bacteria and germs. Frequently changing your sheets also makes your sheets comfier for just day to day use. 

This national bed month be sure to give your bed sheets some much needed attention. 

Time For A New Mattress?

One of the quintessential components of any bed is of course the mattress. We have recently touched on how an inadequate mattress can lead to potential back problems and other more common discomforts. 

A mattress needs to be comfy and practical. If you do plan on taking some of the aforementioned bed days this national bed month, you won’t want to lie on an uncomfortable and potentially harmful mattress.

If you are showing symptoms of back pain due to a subpar mattress, maybe it is time to invest in a new mattress today. 

Start A Sleep Diary

One of the more unusual ways to celebrate national bed month, maybe you should start a sleep diary. 

Before commissioning a sleep diary, you must ask yourself what are your aims of the sleep diary. Is it merely for novelty or leisurely purposes? Or do you wish to use your findings to improve the quality and amount of sleep you get? 

We are not suggesting that you start a detailed description of your dreams or sleeping pattern that could be published in a high end scientific journal. But a general noting of your daily sleeping routine would be more than sufficient. 

Purchase New Bedroom Furniture

Moving away slightly from the typical talk of bedding and mattresses, this national bed month, perhaps you should purchase new bedroom furniture. 

Whether you are need of a beautiful new serene furnishings oak table or a custom made faux leather headboard, we are sure we will have to fit your requirements. 

Enact A Digital Detox

As previously alluded to, there were varying degrees of restrictions last year meaning collectively; we had to rely on socialising digitally. 

This might have been very enjoyable last year but many scientists empathise the importance of taking time away from your screens. 

Unsurprisingly, the same scientists advocate less screen time as they suggest this improves your quality of sleep as well as making it much easier to fall asleep in the first place. 

How Are You Celebrating National Bed Month? 

How are you celebrating national bed month in 2022? Will you be trying any of our tips or tricks?

If you would like to learn more about our extensive and diverse range of products, please get in touch.  And why don’t you keep posted on our social media throughout this year’s national bed month.