Welcome to 2022!

Happy New Year to all our customers both new and old! We hope you all had the best festive period!
Now that 2022 is with us, it’s time to start thinking about transforming your bedroom! We’re pretty sure that it’s been a while since you treated yourself to some new bedroom furniture or even a new bed. So why not make 2022 the year you make the change. So get out the paint testers, find yourself a nice new colour, then take a look at our collections for the right bedroom furniture for your new space!

Following The Trends

One of the biggest projected trends in the bedroom this year is dark furniture and light walls. While many people have avoided dark furniture previously for fear of making the room feel smaller, pairing them with lighter, or even white walls makes them truly stand out and gives you a great look in your room. You can even mix and match between light and dark bedding to find what works for you.
For this trend, we love the LPD Delta Bedroom Set In Black, paired with the Birlea Berlin Crushed Velvet double bed frame.
The other trend that’s on the cards this year is the complete opposite. Dark walls, with pure white furniture. While many are taking this as every wall goes dark, we like it with a bit of a twist. 3 dark walls, with white bedroom furniture, such as the Panama 4 piece bedroom set, with your bed on the fourth wall, which is white. Make your bed stand out by opting for a black metal bed, such as the Birlea Emily.

For Extra Storage

For many people, one of the biggest reasons that they start to consider re-doing their bedroom isn’t because it looks a bit tatty, or the fact that the same furniture has been in the room for over 15 years, it’s actually because they need more storage.
Without building an extension on your bedroom, there is very little you can do to increase the space in your room. You just have to become a little savvier with your space by investing in furniture with increased levels of storage space.
Start with your bed. While a divan may have previously been shown to offer hidden under bed storage, you also lose a fair amount of the space where the drawer or shelf doesn’t extend to. That’s why it’s now time to look at ottoman beds. This style of the bed allows you to lift your mattress with ease thanks to gas struts and use the whole underneath of your bed, without worrying that it looks untidy from the side.
The Birlea Berlin Ottoman is the perfect faux leather double bed frame to help increase the storage space in your room.

Just A Small Change

Sometimes the smallest change can make the biggest difference. You may already have a bed that you love, complete with a brand new mattress and not want to change. But by simply changing your headboard (and maybe your bedsheets) you can make a bigger impact on your room than you realise.
We have a great range of headboards available, everything from stunning designs in wooden headboards such as the Serene Furnishings Autumn, to coloured fabric options, allowing you to customise your bed to your room and style. Take a look at the Sweet Dreams Glamour for a great range of colours.

If it’s time to get changing up your bedroom, take a look at our bedroom furniture collection for the complete range.
If you are swapping out your mattress, remember to take a look at our blog “Choosing the right Mattress” or get in touch with the team today for more information.