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Choosing The Right Mattress For You

There have been many publications that state that the best mattress is a nice firm, pocket sprung mattress as it supports the back. However, this isn’t entirely true. What is the right mattress for one person, could actually leave another with a bad back.
So how can you determine the perfect mattress for you, without being goldilocks and trying them all out? Simple, by finding the right criteria that suit your body configuration.

Soft, Medium Or Firm?

We’ve all seen that firm mattresses are the perfect choice for those with a bad back. Wrong. It works for some but not all. So how do we know when we need to drop to a medium, or maybe even a soft?
There have been several studies on this in recent years, with one factor playing a huge part in the decision-making process. And you might be surprised to hear, it’s actually your weight. It’s nothing to do with your size impacting your back, it’s simply how firm you need the mattress to be to conform to your body shape as you sleep.
The most supportive mattress moulds itself to your shape, thus supporting you in all the right places.
This means that if you are lighter in weight, it will take a softer mattress to conform to your shape. Whereas a firm mattress will hardly move.
If you are a little heavier, a soft mattress will conform to your shape, but will give you very little by way of support. Meaning you would benefit more from a firmer mattress.

Memory Foam, Or Not?

When memory foam mattresses were first released, there was a lot of noise about how good they are for people who have back or joint issues. However, many people hit back with a few issues they had experienced from using memory foam mattresses.
People weren’t overly fond of how warm the foam can get, particularly in the summer months. And others weren’t a fan of that sinking, stuck feeling that you can experience when you have a soft foam mattress. So which is right for you?
For you to make an informed decision, you need to be aware of a few things for each. And remember, with whichever you choose, both are available in soft, medium and firm (yes, even the memory foam is available in firm now!).

Things to know about memory foam:

  • They are no longer as hot in the summer thanks to advancements in the technology used
  • Many are hypoallergenic, great for those with allergies
  • If there are two of you sharing a bed, memory foam has better motion isolation
  • They hug your shape, great if you like that feeling while sleeping, not so if you like to feel more support

Things to know about pocket sprung:

  • If there are two of you sharing a bed, you might be delighted to hear that the pocket sprung means that you feel the other person moving around less.
  • If you like free movement in your sleep, the springs move freely with you
  • Springs allow the mattress to breathe easily, allowing you to sleep better

Sharing A Bed

Once you’ve picked your double bed frame, it’s time to move on to finding the perfect mattress to suit you both. While ideally, we would each have our own mattresses to suit our own body and sleep style. However, when sharing a bed, you may both have different needs.
The best way to address this is to compromise. This means finding the middle ground with what you both need. For example, if one needs a firm, the other needs a soft, a medium mattress would be the best middle ground.
If you have a light sleeper, and the other moves around a lot during the night, the first option is of course separate rooms! Only joking! A memory foam mattress is better at motion isolation, meaning you are less likely to notice the movement so much.

Picking The Right Frame

Sometimes, it’s easier to find the right mattress before the frame itself. This also allows you to choose whether you are heading for a single, queen, double or even kingsized.
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For more information on choosing the right mattress for you, and to fit your metal bed frame, please get in touch with the team today who will be happy to help, and arrange delivery to suit you.