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Sleeping Comfortably on Bunk Beds for Kids

UK Bed Store is the leading supplier of bunk beds for kids guaranteed to give your little ones the best night’s sleep.
Our range of bunk beds are great choices for both children and teenagers plus they’re a clever space saving solution available in a wide range of widths and lengths.

Plus we work with a range of high profile brands including Julian Bowen, Birlea, Sweet Dreams and Serene Furnishings!
Here we are going to look at how to create the perfect sleeping environment for your children.

Sleep Advice for Kids

The first thing you will need to check is the quality of your child’s mattress, making sure their spine, shoulders and hips are supported properly. If their mattress is showing signs of wear and tear or is over 7 years old, you should consider investing in a new one.
You should also take a look at things from your child’s perspective, so try lying down on their bed and taking a look around to see if there are any things that need changing to create a calm and relaxing environment.

This could include making it feel more homely by adding a picture of the family within eye range of the bed and ensure stimulants such as toys are tidied away before bedtime.
Try to keep the temperature in the bedroom between 16 and 18 degrees and also consider blackout blinds if your child is easily woken or a light sleeper.

When it comes to their sleep routine, 8:30 pm is considered the golden hour where they should begin to wind down, perhaps have a bath or shower 30 minutes before bedtime.
By 9:30 pm they should be tucked up and counting sheep to ensure that they get the recommended amount of sleep.

Order Your Bunk Beds for Kids from UK Bed Store

With over four decades of experience, you won’t find better suppliers of bunk beds for kids than UK Bed Store.

If you’d like to find out more about our bunk bed range please get in touch today.

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