Bedroom Oasis

How To Create A Bedroom Oasis

At UK Bed store, we have touched on all manner of bedroom etiquette. From how to prepare for a great night’s sleep to keeping cool during the summer; we have covered some of the most interesting and enthralling bedroom topics imaginable.

Although we have touched on many different topics, we noticed we have not yet covered how to create a relaxing bedroom oasis. In order to establish a perfect bedroom oasis; there are a few essential bedroom furnishings and items you will require. So, we thought it paramount to detail them. 

Whether you have a cheap leather bed, large double bed frames, a Limelight bed or a divan bed; there are a few interesting and simple techniques you can implement. So, let’s take a look at ways to create your new bedroom oasis. 

Comfy Mattress

Potentially the most important element in your bedroom is a comfy and appropriately sized mattress. While the bed structure itself is rather important, the mattress is where you will be sleeping on. This means you should pay particular attention to identifying whether a mattress is extremely comfortable and incredibly versatile. 

With so many potential mattresses to choose from, it can seem like an impossible task. Whether you decide to opt for an elegant memory foam mattress or even a firmer super king mattress. The most important thing is choosing a mattress that best suits your unique needs and requirements. 

For example, you might have a back problem, this means you will need to prioritise comfort and support when choosing a mattress. If your bedroom is not that big, you will require a slightly smaller mattress and bed frame so the structure can actually fit in efficiently. 

Bed Frame and Headboards

Now you have the mattress that best suits you, you will need to have somewhere to put it. For this, you will want a stylish and sleek bed frame and accompanying headboard. 

Similar to your mattress choice, practicality will need to be a consideration. Where your bed will be positioned will determine the size of the frame as well as what kind of styling will best fit the décor. You would not buy a double bed frame if the room only accommodates a single bed for example. 

Drawers and Wardrobe  

Any bedroom will need somewhere to store and organise everyday items. The items can include just about anything from clothes (which are the main items stored in drawers), a hair dryer and other helpful bedroom items. 

Some people require more than just one storage solution. This is usually because they have many items or belongings they need to store. As such, multiple drawers or wardrobes may be required. All of this said, just remember that no matter what, you will still need to accommodate for it. 

Bedside Cabinets

Following on nicely from having drawers and cupboards, is a bedside cabinet. A bedside cabinet is an extremely useful tool which can be used for more than just the storing of clothes. The top of bedside cabinets can be used to store certain items you might require while in bed. 

The biggest advantage of having these items bedside is the fact you do not need to disturb yourself from a slumber by leaving your bed. If you are a reader, this is extremely helpful. Because once you have finished reading, you do not need to get out of bed to place the book back where it came from. You can leave it on your side. 

Bedside Lamp

While on the topic of items you should have on your bedside cabinet, it is all but essential that you have a lamp. A bedside lamp is not just essential for reading but extremely useful for helping you find your way to bed when lighting is less than stellar. 

If your light switch is further away from your bed than you would like or if you have to walk a  considerable distance from the light switch to your bed then you will probably want to invest in a bedside lamp. 

Duvet and Subsequent Cover 

Firmly in the category of being an absolute necessity, you will require a duvet to be able to sleep. Some people advise they need a duvet otherwise sleeping feels uncomfortable while others advise that without a duvet, they feel cold no matter what. 

Depending on the season, you might want to change the tog of your duvet. During the summertime you are advised to have a 2.5-4.5 tog duvet and something in the region of 10.5 in the winter period. 

To accompany your duvet you might want to have a duvet cover. Not only will this protect your duvet from any potential mishaps and spills but it will also make your duvet feel more comfortable. 

Additional Accessories 

For our final must haves to create a bedroom oasis, we have decided to look at accessories more broadly. The added accessories in your bedroom can be just about anything. Arguably the most important thing about the accessories is they are unique to you. 

Some people, especially younger boys, choose to have team football pictures hanging from their walls while middle aged people might choose to have diverse and unique wall art. Similarly, you might choose to install a unique and specific wallpaper that best fits your room’s aesthetic requirements. 

We Can Help You Construct A Bedroom Oasis

At UK Bed store, we want you to feel comfortable and happy in your bedroom. As such, we want to help you construct your next bedroom oasis. We stock many of the aforementioned products above. From Kaydian king sized beds to memory foam mattresses, to faux leather beds, We stock an incredible selection of bedroom items.