Bedroom Productivity

Bedroom Ideas To Increase Productivity

When it comes to spaces that inspire productivity, your bedroom might not be the first place that comes to mind. However, since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, there seems to be a much higher demand to turn domestic spaces such as bedrooms into hotbeds of productivity. Because of this, more and more people have been converting their bedrooms into unique homemade work spaces. 

In order for a space to engage productivity, it requires more than a simple place to sit and a desk to rest a work computer or laptop on. It is all about constructing a space which encourages concentration and productivity. 

At UK Bedstore, we want you to be able to construct your bedroom into any form you so desire. That is why we have decided to detail a few simple but effective techniques you can implement to ensure your bedroom will be a workspace hotspot. 

Add Plants To Your Room

We start with potentially one of the most unusual techniques on this list. While offices up and down the UK have elegant and stylish office plants populating desk and printer tops alike; it might surprise you to learn that implementing plants into your home is an interesting way to help you increase your productivity. 

Many studies have found that plants increase concentration, focus and overall well being. This is essential because establishing a healthy and positive mindset is essential when trying to be more productive. 

Because plants create more oxygen, this means oxygen will be more readily available. Increasing your oxygen intake has proven to have many potential health benefits. One of which is increasing focus and subsequently; productivity. 

Plants also help to create clean air as well as the dispersing of pollutants and bad odours. All of these could potentially be seen as hindrances to concentration. 

Ensure You Have The Right Bed For The Job

While a lot of bedroom workers choose to opt for a traditional desk and chair, some prefer the comfort of their own bed. Beds are often preferred for people lying down, but beds actually create all manner of potential working positions. 

You can obviously sit up with your back rested against the bed frame as well as lying down with your laptop to your side. There are all manner positions you can adopt. The important thing is that you feel comfortable enough to work. No matter how you like to work, you will find a position that suits you when working on your bed. 

All of this being said, if you plan on working in bed, you will require a bed that is fit for purpose. For example, cheap leather beds, Thuka branded children’s beds or even a day bed might not fit this purpose. Not to say that it is impossible to feel productive in the aforementioned bed types, but usually beds such as day beds require extra attention and more setup to ensure they highlight your productivity. 

Certain beds are definitely more practical than others when it comes to showcasing your productivity. For example, deluxe super king sized beds, high sleepers and mid sleeper beds offer much more practicality. A deluxe super king bed offers significantly more space meaning you have more room for stationery and/or working tools.  

Similarly, mid sleeper beds offer unique storage solutions for typically considered productive tools such as books, notepads and all manner of computer accessories. High sleeper beds go one step further. They offer room for a whole office desk set up underneath the bed; fantastically blurring the line office space and place of rest and recuperation. 

Declutter And Organise

In many of our previous blogs, we have touched on how tidying your room can help you to keep a tidy mind. This rings even more true for being productive in your bedroom. If you declutter and organise your bedroom it does not just offer you a fantastic piece of mind, it also makes things much easier to locate as well as move. 

Going even further into this, many studies have shown that messy and cluttered desks can lead to anxiety and stress, two things which can cause you great discomfort and severely hinder your ability to get things done. 

Remove Any Distractions

When trying to work in your bedroom, there are many potential distractions. From buzzing phones, to the sudden urge to sort out your draws to glances over at the pile of laundry you know you will have to do sooner or later. 

In order for you to concentrate on the tasks, it is important you minimise distractions. Whether this be putting your phone on silent, closing your curtains to avoid seeing the happenings outside, turning your television off or ensuring your room is in a clean and tidy state, you must ensure there are no distractions present. 

Utilise Natural Light 

When working on a laptop or any other electronic device, you will be exposed to a lot of different lights. Some of which can be harmful to your eyes. Without question, the best form of light for your eyes, and your overall mood for that matter, is natural light. 

Natural light is not just better for your eyes, but many studies have shown that exposure to natural light can drastically increase your productivity. The sun’s natural light provides you with the all important vitamin D, which helps you to sleep better at night and concentrate more in the day. 

Motivate Yourself

One of the more unusual techniques, an easy way to improve your productivity is by simply motivating yourself. While motivating yourself might seem rather difficult, there are a few ways to do this that people find particularly helpful. 

You can hang pictures or plaques of a motivational or inspiring speech. Instead, you could opt to have an object of your desire just insight. Whether that be a chocolate bar you can dig into once you have finished your work, or an item from a recent inspiring adventure you went on. To put it simply, there are many ways you can motivate yourself. 

Make The Room Unique To You

A happy and satisfied mind leads to better concentration and therefore, productivity. By making the room unique and special to you, this will allow you to feel relaxed, at home and ultimately start you on your path to higher achievements. 

We Supply High Quality Bedroom Products

At UK Bedstore, we supply an array of unique bedroom products which will be able to help you with constructing the best room for productivity you could have imagined. We offer all manner of high-quality beds. From day beds to loft beds, we will have something to meet your own specific requirements.