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Helping New Parents Grab a Moment of Sleep!

Having a comfortable and high-quality bed is essential for new parents. Babies have been stealing the headlines lately. The new Royal arrival, full name Archibald Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor was born on Monday 6th May to national adoration.

Becoming a parent can be a rude awakening, excuse the pun, for couples who previously enjoyed peaceful sleep routines. All new parents, including Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex, need to make sure they get their 40 winks as much as baby Archie!

Sleeping Tips for New Parents

So, if you’ve recently had a newborn here are some essential tips to help the whole family sleep comfortably –
Sleep When Your Baby Sleeps – Although they wake frequently, babies do cram in lots of sleep during the day, so we’d recommend trying to snooze when they do if possible.
Share Night Time Responsibilities – If your partner can help out with nappy changes and bottle feeding this will help share tasks and free up time for you to sleep.
Create a Sleeping Environment – Make sure your bedroom is cool, quiet, dark and clutter free and most importantly your bed is comfortable. If you’ve had your mattress for over 7 years you may need to consider replacing it. With all the focus and excitement on your newborn, don’t forget to be kind to yourself, a new bed or mattress is something to aid those much needed moments of rest and sleep.
Treat Yourself – If you want a complete change to prepare for parenthood, investing in a new bed could be the best money you spend this year. UK Bed Store is the leading providers of all different kinds of upholstered, leather and adjustable beds.
Get Rid of Distractions – We know you’re probably too busy! But avoid having TV, laptops, tablets and mobile phones in the bedroom and try not to have ‘screen time’ an hour before you’d like to sleep. If you’re not feeling tired within an hour of this, we’d recommend getting up until you feel sleepy; then return to bed.

Perfect Bed Range for New Parents

Since we started trading in 1975, UK Bed Store has been the leading provider of beds, mattresses and bedroom furniture across the country.
We have plenty of new parents visit us and call regularly looking for new beds for themselves, so if you’d like to know more about our products please get in touch today…and congratulations to all new parents from everyone at UK Bedstore!

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