Decoration around your metal bed

Decorating Your Bedroom Around A Metal Bed

So you have just purchased a new metal bed for your bedroom and you want it to blend nicely with the rest of your bedroom’s décor. Or perhaps, you kept your metal bed and you want to transform your bedroom. What is the best way of going about this? We all know the main part of any bedroom is the bed. In this case, it’s important to remember your metal bed should act as the main focal point of your bedroom. By starting with your metal bed and decorating around it, this creates a natural emphasis and the addition of new elements will complement your metal bed appropriately. This article will cover colour schemes to finishing touches and everything else in between.

Pick A Colour Scheme

If colour schemes are important to you, then the first thing to do is pick one based on the colour of your metal bed. As a guideline, for a black or dark metal bed frame go for a lighter colour scheme and for a white or cream metal bed frame go for a darker colour scheme. Of course, there is nothing stopping you from choosing a lighter colour scheme with a white metal bed frame or vice versa . By picking contrasting colours for the rest of your bedroom, your metal bed will stand out more and remain the focal point, no matter what way you decorate it. 

Depending on your chosen colour scheme, we also recommend sticking to two or three other shades within the same warm or cool colour palette for a monochromatic monochromatic colour scheme throughout the room. We don’t want to overpower the space with mismatched colours. Again, there is nothing stopping you from picking grey (cool toned) as your secondary colour and mustard (warm toned) as your accent colour.

Fill It With Furniture

Once you have decided on a colour scheme, you can move on to picking out bedroom furniture to match your metal bed. For starters, you will need a wardrobe or a chest of drawers to store your belongings. Wooden elements go really well with metal beds as they add a different texture to the mix. For a rustic and industrial style, our LPD Hoxton 3 Piece Bedroom Furniture Set is ideal with a black metal bed as it has black metal handles and accompanying framework. Generally, two bedside cabinets, a wardrobe and a chest of drawers are the basic essentials of any bedroom, however, you can add a dressing table like the Birlea Urban Rustic Finish Dressing Table which also comes with a mirror or the Core Corona Pine Ottoman Blanket Box for extra storage space. 

On the other hand, if you have a white metal bed frame, go for a white furniture set such as our GFW Panama 4 Piece Bedroom Set or LPD Antoinette Dressing Table Set for a French chic style. 

Accessorise Your Metal Bed

Now that you have ticked bedroom furniture off your list, you need to accessorise your metal bed. This is where you can add your own signature through finishing touches. First, putting wallpaper or a large printing above your metal bed will use up this space and add character to the room. Next, a large rug underneath your metal bed will add comfort and softness, you can either go for one with your chosen accent colour or something with a subtle pattern. 

To complete your metal bed, dress it in luxury bedding and bed linen. With a black metal bed frame, opt for off-white bedding for a clean and contrasting look. For a white metal bed frame, you can opt for off-white, blush or floral bedding for a feminine feel, or go darker with navy or purple bedding. Finally,  matching cushions or throws add softness, texture and a cosy feel to 

Metal Beds And More At The UK Bed Store

We hope you achieve your desired look from reading this article. At the UK Bed Store, we understand the difficulty of making a metal bed blend in perfectly with the rest of a bedroom. If you are finding it difficult, it’s worth speaking to an expert. Besides metal bed frames, we also supply mattresses for support while you sleep and metal headboards for whenever you want to change up your metal bed frame. To shop our full range, visit our website or visit us in-store in Leek for interior design advice. For any queries on our products, please send us an online enquiry and we will get back to you as soon as possible.