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Should You Eat In Bed

The Great Food In The Bedroom Debate

Enjoying a meal or a delightful snack can be done in a number of diverse and exotic locations in a variety of different ways. From enjoying an afternoon bite on a park bench during a glamorously sunny day; to grabbing a conveniently sized breakfast in a pub or local cafe. You can enjoy food anywhere.  

However, one location to enjoy food that has been the topic of much discussion is the bedroom. While some bedrooms are littered with empty plates and/or food packaging as they think nothing of chomping down on a late morning snack; there is a large selection of people that prefer to keep their bedroom and food consumption mutually exclusive.  

Whether you are lazing about on a day bed, relaxing on a mid sleeper bed or watching or watching a television program on your metal bed, enjoying food in your bedroom can happen in a variety of locations and in numerous ways. 

So we thought, why not look at the argument for eating food in the bedroom as well as arguments against it. 

Why Should You Eat In Your Bedroom

There are many reasons to enjoy a relaxing bite to eat in bed. Some of which include but are not limited to: 


There is little doubt, eating in bed can be incredibly convenient. Aside from the fact that you can wake up and start eating pretty much immediately, eating in your bedroom also offers potentially incredible viewing options. A lot of bedrooms come already equipped with televisions, as such, you can enjoy a meal or snack of your choosing as you enjoy watching your preferred TV show. 


At the top of many people’s reasoning for choosing to eat in bed is the fact the experience is comfy and relaxing. Generally speaking, beds are designed to be comfortable. Because of this, you might argue that eating in bed is one of the comfiest places to do so. 

A Variety of Eating Positions

Whilst the traditional eating position of sitting down with your back against a chair might be struggled to achieved; there are many different positions you can adopt when eating in your bedroom. You can lie down, although it is maybe not recommended for conjunction purposes, when tucking into a desert. Or, you can pick at snacks when lying on your side. 

If you feel like being more experimental, you can sit on the edge of a mid sleeper bed as you tuck into a meal. There are a variety of positions for you to explore.

Does It get Any Better Than Breakfast In Bed? 

Without a doubt the most popular meal to eat in your bedroom is breakfast. Nothing says comfort or relaxation like enjoying a spot of breakfast in bed. Whether that be a full English fry up or a simple bowl of cereal. 

You Can Eat In Your Bedroom While Not Being In Bed

A common argument against eating in the bedroom is the mess you will produce on your bed. However, it must be said, your bed is not the only place to eat food in your bedroom. Many people have office desks or conveniently placed bedroom chairs where you can sit down, relax and enjoy a bite to eat. 

Arguments Against Eating In Bed

While we have showcased some convincing arguments for eating in bed, on the other hand; eating in bed does have many detractors. Some of the reasons they cite include: 

Mess, Mess and More Mess!

Depending on the food, eating in bed can be a very messy process. Snacks such as crisps or food such chicken wings can produce an absurd amount of mess. If you are enjoying these foods in a double bed, or single bed for that matter, there is little doubt your covers will be covered in crumbs and sauces alike. 

The Potential for Unwanted Guests

Following on nicely from the mess being created in your bed, mess from food can be a breeding ground for unwanted guests such as ants, cockroaches and a plethora of potentially harmful bacteria. 

Bedbugs or other organisms that can live on your bed sheets will be attracted to the excess food left from your eating. Similarly, unwanted bacteria is attracted to the mess making your sheets the perfect breeding ground for more harmful bacteria. 

It Is Sometimes Impractical

Sometimes, eating in bed can be completely impractical. For example, if you are in a metal bunk bed or even a day bed for that matter, eating is not just extremely difficult but virtually impossible. Likewise, if your bedroom is too small, you might find it incredibly difficult to eat in your room as the room will feel generally cramped and small. 

Encourages Poor Sleep Habits 

At UK Bedstore, we frequently try to encourage good sleep habits. For example, we recently produced a blog highlighting the importance of getting at least 8 hours of sleep. However, many of you might not know that eating in your bed can be to your sleeping pattern detriment. 

By eating in your bed; it tricks your brain into thinking that the bed space is no longer a place for rest and recuperation. As a direct result of this, you might struggle to get to sleep leading to poor quality sleep. 

Regardless of your stance on the matter, why don’t you contact us for all of your new bed queries. Whether you are looking for double bed frames, high quality sofa beds, super king beds, a fantastic range of colours or something else entirely different; we are sure we will be