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A Guide to Gaming in Your Bedroom

How To Game In The Bedroom

If you have a young child or teenager, there is a decent chance they like to play video games. Whether it is participating in online matches with friends or enjoying an in-depth single player campaign story alone on their Thuka uniquely styled bed. The exciting world of video games seems to be going from strength to strength. 

In fact, back in 2020 it was estimated there are just below 3 billion video game players worldwide. With the apparent success and undeniable reach of the industry; it is not surprising in the slightest that video games will eventually make it into your bedroom. 

A hotly debated topic amongst many gamers is exactly where you should locate your gaming setup. Some say you are better off setting up your gaming masterpiece in the living room or even in the spare unoccupied room. However, there seems to be one clear winner. That of course being the bedroom. 

Many gamers chose to turn their bedroom into a gaming paradise because of the incredible practicality and undeniable comfort offered. There is nothing quite like rolling out of your mid sleeper bed and getting straight into gaming. 

In this blog, we will cover how to turn a bedroom into a gaming room, all of the relevant gaming and bed brands to take note of and why you should do this. 

Identify The Ideal Bed

When thinking of gaming in your bedroom, the bed might not be the first thing that comes to mind. But the bed will be the centrepiece of your masterpiece. Not to mention you might be gaming whilst on your bed so you will require maximum comfort. 

While certain beds are not a wise choice, such as a luxury daybed, bunk beds or even a single Limelight bed, there are some beds which are better than others. 

For example, high sleeper beds are particularly popular in this regard. This is in large part due to the fact high sleeper beds offer elegant space underneath the bed to set a gaming console. When considering high sleepers however, you will want to pay particular attention to the style and size of the bed. Kids high sleepers can be much smaller in stature and definitely not as stylish as most gamers will desire. 

In truth, most types of beds can be turned into gaming beds. From deluxe king size to cheap single beds, with the right attention; they will be the centrepiece of your gaming paradise in no time. 

Gaming Chairs and Desk

During the concept of your gaming bedroom haven; you will need to decide if you are going to lie on your bed gaming or at a desk and chair. Admittedly, gaming on desk and chairs has seen a significant rise over the last few years. 

Some gamers might cite sheer size as being the most important feature of any gaming desk setup. Others might suggest that the practicality or overall quality is more important. 

At the UK Bedstore, we stock luxurious gaming chairs and desks. The two main brands we stock are Birlea and Flair Furnishings. It does not matter if you are a gaming novice or a veteran; you can not go wrong with gaming equipment from Birlea and Flair Furnishings. Rest assured these desks and chairs will have you spending them all important hours gaming with friends and family all night long. 

Other Furniture In Your Gaming Room

Whilst on the topic of furniture, you might want to think about what other furniture will populate your gaming room. You might want a stylish coffee table to rest your coffee or can of energy drink during the longer and more gruelling gaming sessions. Or you might use a sleek bedside cabinet to store the remaining of your physical video game cases.

At UK Bedstore, we have many unique and diverse brands offering exceptional bedroom furniture. One of which includes Serene Furnishings. Serene Furnishings offer fantastic headboards, but probably of more interest to gamers, are their deluxe coffee tables. 

Perfect Your Sound

Gaming is not just purely a visual medium, you will need to perfect the sound in your room to maximise your gaming experience. 

You might choose to invest in a high power surround sound kit which can allow you to fully immerse yourself in the experience. While you might be thinking that sound systems produce the potentially annoying problem of finding a place to store them, most modern day kits are actually very small allowing for ease of use and providing an elegant storage solution. 

Any dedicated gamer will inform you that you can not just have a box standard system however. In order to fully engage yourself into the gaming fantasy you will want to invest in a powerful and high quality system. 

Optimise Your Room For Your Gaming Experience

You will probably have heard the term optimise before, however, you might not have heard it in regards to optimising your bedroom. However to improve the experience of gaming in your bedroom, we employ you to do just that. 

If your gaming set up only has one screen, you might want to consider investing in another. This allows for significantly better performance and better overall vision of the game. If you invest in the previously mentioned surround system, ensure they are strategically placed to get the most out of their sound. Establish a local point to hold your control so you can never lose, damage or have any other mishap. 

There are many ways to optimise your bedroom for gaming. We employ you to try as many ways of optimising as possible as this allows for the best chance of your success. 

Contact Us For Your Child’s Bedroom Needs 

If you are looking to revamp your child’s bedroom or simply building a new room from scratch, please contact us. Not only do we offer some of the previously mentioned Flair and Birlea gaming products; we also offer fantastically stylish children’s beds. 

Getting Your Little Ones To Bed

How To Get Your Little Ones To Bed

If you have children, the chances are you will know that getting them to bed is never as straight forward or as simple as it might first seem. The potential arduous task does not usually go the way you would like it to. The plan usually goes; get your little one to climb up their Thuka high sleeper bed, make sure they have everything they might need; and then hope they drift off. However, this is not always the case. 

Getting your little ones to bed can produce many problems and if not handled correctly, it can give you a real headache. 

At UK Bedstore, we value you and your children’s sleep. As such, we have constructed a checklist to ensure that your little ones get to bed on time and don’t give you the aforementioned headache. 

Avoid Caffeine Related Products

For most adults, caffeine consumption seems to be an integral part of everyday life. In fact, to many it can seem essential to our functionality and we feel like we need this energy as we get older. However, there is more than a good argument to be had for them to limit, or cut out completely, their consumption of caffeine. 

While many children or teenagers do not drink coffee or tea on a regular basis, caffeine related products such as coke or energy drinks are quickly creeping into their diets. Excess consumption of caffeine at a younger age can produce many potentially harmful health problems. One such adverse effect is the direct effect on their sleep. 

If your child or teenager consumes a lot of caffeine, they might develop various sleep problems. We would recommend either cutting out or severely limiting the amount of caffeine they consume on a daily basis. 

Keep Older Children’s Naps Short

When your child is younger than 3 years old, frequent long naps is never a problem. However, as they get older you will want to make sure their naps are not too long. 

It is very tempting to let your child climb into their mid sleeper bed and sleep for an hour or two. But most experts advise that the optimal time for a nap is between 15-20 minutes. This is because the longer you sleep the deeper the sleep becomes making it increasingly harder to wake up from. This means that later you might struggle to get shut eye during the night time. 

Ensure You Have The Correct Bed

When it comes to making that all important bed purchase, you of course will want to compliment comfort and functionality and not just pure aesthetic. For example; a deluxe upholstered bed might look amazing and be the perfect fit for you but it won’t be the best fit for your little ones. 

There are many great bedding options for children. Some of the fantastic brands that cater for children we have at UK Bedstore include the delight Thuka collection. The Thuka collection includes style and funky bedding options that offer unbelievable comfort for your little ones as well as not compromising on style. 

Another potentially great option for your little ones is the all encompassing day beds. Day beds offer a sense of practicality as well as enabling maximum comfort for your little ones. When it comes to purchasing day beds; you will notice they are not usually a full size bed but this does not normally matter as your little one does not need an overabundance of room. 

Turn Off Screens At Least 2 Hours Before Bed

In many of our previous blogs, we have covered some of the many benefits of turning off screens and devices before bed. And this remains especially true for younger children. 

Studies have shown that if your child is playing video games, watching television or performing another activity which involves screen time; they will be kept up an extra 30 to 60 minutes. The blue light emitted by screens can interfere with the retina making it significantly harder to produce the hormone melatonin and subsequently fall asleep. 

We would suggest trying to make your child’s bedroom a screen free zone and at least 2 hours before bedtime.

Establish A Set Bedtime

Younger children should have a set bedtime regardless of the circumstances. But when it comes to getting your little ones to bed, establishing a bedtime routine is even more paramount. 

When you are younger, you establish habits and routines which become commonplace as you start your journey into adulthood. So setting a bedtime routine will help you get to sleep faster and more effectively. 

Address Your Little One’s Fears

If you ever had any fears as a child (statistically it is very likely that you did), then you will know it can be increasingly difficult to go to bed when you have different anxieties and worries on your mind. 

It is estimated that in the UK alone, almost 75% of children are scared of the dark. Accompanying this is the fact that your child might have a plethora of other fears. These fears can include: being scared of hypothetical monsters, nervous to sleep alone or fearing for the general security of the home. 

Your best bet to get your little ones to sleep is helping to alleviate these fears. Afterall, they will not be all of the anxiety going around in their head. 

As their parent, you are best addressing the issue in question. Be it reinforcing the idea that imagery monsters are not real or; if they are scared of the dark, maybe provide them with a night light. Your children will no longer lose sleep to irrational fears. 

Keep The Room Cool

It might seem pretty obvious to keep the room dark to help your child sleep, however; did you know you should also keep their room cool as this helps them sleep. 

As you might already know, it can be extremely frustrating if you are trying to go to sleep but, no matter how hard you try; you can’t go to sleep because you are too warm. Well this remains even more true for your little ones. 

In fact, many studies have found that your child sleeping in a cool environment has many other fantastic health benefits beyond just helping them to fall asleep. 

Read Them A Story

We finish with arguably the most obvious and traditional technique to try and get your children to bed. We are obviously referring to reading your little one a story before bed. 

The intention of reading your child a story before bed is to spark imagination and, more importantly, help them relax. As such, the perfect bedtime story should be a family friendly tale filled with imaginative and complex characters. 

Do You Have A Children’s Bed Enquiry 

At UK Bedstore, we supply some of the very best children’s beds. Whether you are looking for luxury bunk beds or kids mid sleeper beds, which offer a fantastic potential storage solution; we are sure we will have something to suit you.