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Why Mirrors are Essential Bedroom Furniture

One piece of bedroom furniture that you’re guaranteed to use daily is a mirror.
Here at the UK Bed Store we supply a wide variety of mirrors, from vanity mirrors that will fit snugly on your dressing table, to full-length mirrors which are perfect for those that like to take their time getting ready in the morning.

Enhance your bedroom with mirrors from the UK Bed Store

While mirrors are functional, they are also an item of elegance and beauty; enriching the overall aesthetics of your bedroom. Here are some great reasons for purchasing a new mirror for your bedroom today –

  • Make a statement – Mirrors can be a pivotal part of any room by placing them on visually prominent walls or tables. Large mirrors will decorative frames will naturally attract attention.
  • Reflect Elegance – Increase your room’s appeal by using your mirror’s reflection to bring attention to attractive features in your room such as classy ornaments.
  • Maximise Lighting – Hanging mirrors across from your bedroom window will bring more natural light into the room.
  • Create the illusion of space – The bigger your mirror the more space it will create, so think carefully about the angle of your room when considering where to add your mirror.
  • Improve Bedroom Feng Shui – Mirrors represent water and help to balance and accentuate the purpose of a room.
  • Look Sharp – You can maintain your personal image by checking your reflection first thing in the morning or before heading out or after coming in from bad weather outside.

Choose Mirrors From Leading Brands

As one of the Midlands leading bedroom furniture stores, we supply products from some of the UK best-loved brands, from Birlea and Julian Bowen to Sweet Dreams or Core; whether you want something modern and sleek or something traditional, we’ve got you covered. If you’re looking for something simple and elegant, our Core Pine Single Mirror offers an elegant and simplistic look that will fit with any style of dressing table or chest of drawers. If you’re looking for a touch of glamour and glitz, the Birlea Valencia Wall Mirror is a must thanks to it’s flawless mirrored finish and bevelled edges.

You can browse our current range online here.

Visit Our Store or Order Online Today

Since 1975 the UK Bed Store has been the leading provider of a host of bedroom furniture from our base in Leek, Staffordshire.
Our tailored customer care is the reason we have been going for nearly 45 years, so if you’ve got any questions about any of our stock please get in touch today and we’re sure we will be able to help.
If you’re looking for a bargain to complement your new mirrors, we have a number of clearance items on sale including a host of different styles of chests of drawers.

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