Flexa Nordic Day Bed With Storage

To Daybed Or Not

While daybeds have been around for many many years, we find many people haven’t heard of them, or have, but consider them to be a little less than they actually are. So here’s what you need to know.

What Is A Daybed?

A daybed is typically the same as any other single (or even small single) bed that is on the market, with just one simple added extra. A third side. Instead of just having a headboard and a footboard, a daybed also has a side on one of its longer edges.

Who Uses A Daybed?

We quite often find that many people are under the misconception that daybeds are only for occasional use. As they are actually built onto a full bed frame, pop a decent mattress on and you can certainly use them every night! They may a great bed for children and teenagers alike, thanks to their sofa like functionality. It allows you to offer them somewhere to turn into a sofa, with just a few added cushions, inside their own space (great for teenagers who don’t want to join the family watching Eastenders!). You can also use them as an occasional bed, such as in a spare room as they can just appear as an attractive seat when not in use.

Our Favourite Daybeds

Daybeds are available in a range of styles, so it’s not always just as simple as saying you would like a daybed. Would you like a simple wooden frame, a chunky wooden frame, or a classic metal frame? You also might want to consider the option of having a trundle bed underneath. If the daybed will be used as a child’s bed, chances are they’ll want a sleepover at some point so they come in useful, likewise if it’s in the spare room. However, if it’s somewhere to sit, lay outfits on in your dressing room, you might want the space underneath for storage. So here’s a collection of our favourites with all that in mind.
Flexa Nordic Daybed – The Flexa Nordic Daybed is everything you could need in both a child’s or a spare room. The cute and simple white wooden framed bed comes complete with a trundle bed and storage drawers underneath! Great for sleepovers and storage. This bed has a variety of headboard and footer options including a pink or grey insert or plain white slats.
LPD Florance Daybed – The Florence Daybed is the vision of a classic daybed, with a higher longside than many modern daybeds the ornate metal frame is available in black or classic white. This frame shows the true beauty of a daybed, and with some cushions, the high side makes it a great sofa if needed.
GFW Madrid Daybed – The Madrid Daybed is the ultimate in wooden framed daybeds. Boasting a traditional wooden frame in either plain wood or white this bed can be dressed up to look like just your average simple bed or a plush sofa. However, you would like to use it.

Always remember that when you invest in a new bed, you need to consider the most appropriate mattress for your needs. If you are planning to use the daybed as a nightly sleeper, spend a little more on a high-quality mattress than you would on a sofa for the dressing room. When it comes to mattresses, the quality is in the money.

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