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Essential Sleeping Tips with UK Bed Store

Here at UK Bed Store, we offer a fantastic range of beds and mattresses to help you get the best night’s sleep possible.

As the Dalia Lama once said,
“Sleep is the best meditation.”

If you are struggling with either waking up in the night or just not getting enough sleep which leads to fatigue during the day, why not read some of our essential sleeping tips below.

Six Tips for Creating Perfect Bedroom for Sleep

1. Forget About Work – The purpose of your bedroom is to relax, so try to keep any reminders of work in another room.
2. Serene Space – The more pleasing environment, the better night’s sleep you will get. If you are thinking of re-decorating, then consider soothing colours such as blue or putting tranquil pictures around the room.
3. De-Clutter – Having clutter everywhere will destroy any relaxing vibe in your bedroom. You could choose one of our divan beds which are a perfect storage solution for clutter.
4. Keep the Noise Down – Even in sleep we still process background noises, so leaving a TV on standby or your phone on will only act as distractions to sleep. Creating an environment where there is minimal noise will help switch your mind off ready for sleep.
5. A Comfortable Bed – Having a comfortable bed is a must but also carefully choose your sheets, pillows and mattress will create the most relaxing sleep space.
6. Make Your Bed Every day – According to a survey from the National Sleep Foundation, those who make their beds every day generally slept better than those who don’t.

Get the Bedroom of Your Dreams with UK Bed Store

UK Bed Store have been providing the finest bed frames, mattresses and bedroom furniture plus we work with renowned brands like Silentnight, Birlea and Serene Furnishings.

If you’d like to know more about our product range, please get in touch today and speak to our team of specialists or come and pay our showroom in Staffordshire a visit.

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