Switching From a Bedroom Home Office

As the UK Lockdowns are looking to ease within the coming months, it means that many of us will be back in the office. So we can wave goodbye to the bedroom-come-office and take back the sanctuary of our space.

Bedroom Bliss

Now that we are moving all of our work back to the office we can take back our bedroom and turn it into the sanctuary that we need at the end of a hard day at work.
Your bedroom needs to be the space where you can switch off at the end of the day, away from all the stresses of work and all the noise of the outside world. Once you have used the space for a home office, you can find it harder to switch off at night. So if you are heading back into the office full time, we highly recommend a complete bedroom revamp to remove all that built up work energy in the room.
The main things to consider when reinventing your bedroom are:
Your Bed
The biggest item in your bedroom is usually your bed, so swapping out this key feature alone can make all the difference. Find a new frame that suits your personality to make it a focal point, or opt for a divan for minimal impact. Remember to change up your mattress too as this should be changed at least every 8 years.
Your Storage Solutions
Storage in your bedroom is key. Whether you have a grand wardrobe, or a number of smaller chests of drawers, this is where you can put everything away and remove the clutter from the room. When it comes to new storage, ensure that you have enough to put everything in the room away, without them over powering the room. You can even opt for an ottoman bed, which offers you extra, hidden, storage.
Your Comforts
Each one of us will have a different piece of furniture that we think will add extra comfort to your bedroom. If you have a chair in your room, that you have ended up using while you have been working, it’s time to swap it out. Removing it will help to remove the feeling of work in the room. The same goes for the likes of dressing tables and desks.

Simple Yet Functional

As many places have made a change towards partial home working, you may still be required to work at home from time to time. This means that you will still need to have a workstation somewhere in your home. If the case is that it needs to be in your bedroom, figure out how you can make this look less like a workstation when it comes to night time. This can help you to relax better at bedtime.
A simple yet functional solution, that can still allow your room to look like a bedroom, is to choose a good-sized dressing table. This will allow you to use the space for a laptop during the day, with room to pull up a chair, and use it as intended when you aren’t working.

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