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Choosing The Correct Pillow

Choosing The Perfect Pillow For You

When it comes to choosing a new pillow, if you’re anything like us you may be drawn to the softest, fluffiest pillow you can find! However, it can be important to consider what type of pillow is the best fit for your sleeping style. There are many benefits that come with choosing the right pillow, the most important one being that it helps us to achieve the best night’s sleep possible! So, kick back and relax as we navigate the art of choosing the perfect pillow for you and your sleeping style! 

Sleep Is For The Strong

Firstly, let’s talk about the importance of a good night’s sleep. In total, we spend around twenty-six years of our lives asleep and another seven years trying to get there. That’s a third of your life spent in bed! 

In that time, we could be causing a lot of strain to our neck, resulting in poor posture as well as neck and back pain. Sleep experts have found that using a pillow that correctly supports the head and neck reduces these risks and helps us to get more restful sleep. This can also benefit your overall health in other ways, such as improved mood, reduction in stress and being ill less often.

Sleeping On Cloud Nine

The position we sleep in can often determine what type of pillow is best for us. The aim here is for the alignment of the height of the pillow to match our sleeping position. 

Two of the most common sleeping positions are lying on the back or the side, both of which require different types of support. For those who are most comfortable lying on their back, a lower pillow profile would be the best fit, as there is less space between the mattress and head that needs to be occupied to support the neck. Alternatively, side sleepers would benefit from a higher profile pillow, as there is a greater amount of space between the head and the mattress. Opting for supportive pillows which suit you can be a great investment in your sleep quality and physical well-being.

Material Maketh The Dream

Many materials are utilised when creating pillows, however, certain materials have properties that can improve the quality of a product and pillows. For example, allergy sufferers can benefit from hypoallergenic materials, as pillows made from these are less likely to trigger any allergies. Meanwhile, pillows such as the Mlily Bamboo are also dust mite resistant – perfect if you suffer from asthma and eczema. 

For the warmer months – or if you find yourself constantly flipping your pillow over to the cooler side – a pillow with cooling technology might be right for you, as they provide more breathability. This prevents the body from becoming clammy, allowing you to sleep in your perfect temperature range. 

Dreaming Of Plush Pillows

Hopefully, now you have a clearer idea of just a few of the options available to you when picking your next pillow. Here at the UK Bed Store, we have a variety of pillows to suit any sleeper! 

If you have any questions, get in contact today or just pop down to our shop in Leek and meet our friendly team! 

Winter Bedding

Your Guide To Winter Bedding

Now that winter is here, it’s time to swap your lightweight summer sheets for something thicker and warmer. There is nothing worse than popping into a cold bed on a chilly night. For the best sleep this winter, this article by the UK Bed Store will guide you through everything you need to know about winter bedding.

Electric Blanket

If you enjoy jumping into a warm toasty bed, an electric blanket will be your best friend. Instead of turning on the heating in the bedroom, an electric blanket is designed to heat up your bedding before you head to bed. An electric blanket generates heat directly under you, which is much more energy efficient than heating the whole room. 

Electric blankets are placed under your fitted sheet and contain small heating pads with an insulated wire that starts to heat up when plugged in. For your safety, it’s not recommended to leave an electric blanket turned on overnight. Instead, we suggest you switch it on 30 minutes to an hour before you head to bed and unplug before you fall asleep.

Bed Sheets

Our body temperature can drop by 1 to 2 degrees closer to bedtime. Because of this, we recommend changing your bed linens to 100% cotton bed sheets. Cotton is a very popular material not just used for bedding. Cotton bedsheets are an ideal choice for winter because of their ability to regulate temperatures while you sleep. Their performance, longevity, quality, breathability, and their affordability is second to none, especially when compared to other fabrics. For an extra layer of warmth, add a cotton flat sheet to act as a barrier between you and your duvet.


A warm duvet is a winter essential. Duvet thickness is measured in tog ratings. This means the higher the tog rating, the better its ability to retain heat during the night. The most common tog rating used is 10.5, which is perfect for all year round. However, it is sometimes appropriate to switch their tog rating depending on the season, bed sizes, and the age of the person in question. If you feel the cold more or sweat during the night, you can select a higher or lower tog rating to suit your sleeping requirements.

Duvet tog ratings vary, with the following ratings for a different level of warmth:

  • 1-4.5 is great for summer and warmer days.
  • 7-10.5 is suitable for autumn and spring when temperature can differ.
  • 12-15 is best for chilly nights and winter.

Winter Throws

Finish off by laying a winter throw or blanket of your choice over your duvet. This will prevent heat from escaping. Alternatively, placing the throw or blanket at the foot of the bed will keep your toes toasty and warm during the night. If you tend to feel too hot during the night, you can skip this step altogether. Throw overs are not only useful for extra warmth, but it will give your bedroom a stylish and cosy appearance.

High-Quality Winter Bedding

At the UK Bed Store, we want you to stay comfortable and warm while you sleep during winter. So, we supply high-quality bedding products to our customers including beds, mattresses, duvets, and more! For further information, feel free to visit us in-store or get in touch with us.